Friday, July 12, 2013

Please Place Your Seat Backs And Your Tray Tables In The Upright Position

Does this post resonate with you? There is a chance it will. If you are of a Very High Vibration, inside, this is a 'welcome to the Higher Dimensions' message for you. 
These are how we looked at pictures in the 1970's--they are Viewmasters

How can I tell if I am Very High Vibration on the INSIDE??? You may ask?
Here are some clues:
  • You feel 'better' with animals, small children, and Nature than you do with most people.
  • Animals, small children and Nature 'likes' you and is 'attracted' to you. For example, I just spoke with a professional surfer, who shared that 'dolphins come up to him and surf but not other people. They can feel it, that you have love for them. They know.' (He also says on a calm water day, the dolphins surf the incoming wave towards you, and you pass as you dive under them. And dolphins like to catch air. <3)
  • When you work, you do it for the love and for the 'good feeling' you get after. It might not be your 'employment', but whatever it is that is your 'passion' you do it because it makes you feel 'energized'. Writing is like this for me, as well as giving anesthesia.
  • As a child, you may not have enjoyed meat and dairy. You may have had to learn to accept it.
  • Your intuition is better than most. You may have had 'experiences' like feeling the presence of a deceased loved one, having 'deja vu', or vivid, life-like dreams that foretell a future event. My mom is like this--she knows there is a plane crash the day before it happens, and this makes her very sad.
  • You have an overwhelming desire to go home. You might not be sure where home is, but you know on some level that this place here is not HOME. Earth is like, 'different'.
  • If you do energy work, the higher your vibration, the better you feel. When I took Karuna Reiki classes, my 'cleanse' was atypical. It usually 'throws' people for a loop, like, really tweaked and confused. For weeks. This is because of the assimilation and adapting to the Higher Energies. I felt like I was the ugly duckling that learned I was a swan and found my purpose. It felt BETTER for me. I felt 'normal' for the first time in my life.

hmmmm...where are YOU from?

Here is an article by Ariel De Angelis:

This is important because it establishes the following pattern:
  • Self-esteem issues based on early childhood experiences around the age of four.
  • Body image concerns, as well as feelings of being 'unloveable'
  • A general sense of 'not fitting in' with family of origin and early social structures.
  • Intense love of Nature.
  • Ability to interact with angels.
  • Comfort more from Heaven than Earth; there is a perceived 'lack of support' in everyday situation.
  • This comfort comes in one-on-one, very close interaction with Angelic beings (for example, she rubs her face in Archangel Michael's robes).

I have experienced a similar pattern recently in my own life. I have been searching for 'someone like me' since I asked my parents for a sister when I was four. I felt there was no one to 'share' with me on a close, intimate, comfortable level.

I have been searching for that sense of 'connection' ever since. When I did enter relationship, it would typically be marked with my abandonment 'baggage' as well as a desire for a close interpersonal relationship that was often perceived as 'needy'.

It also typically happened that my own personal growth and development outpaced my 'partner', and incompatibility would result.

Either way it was a no-win for me. I also recently have been searching for 'evolved' friendships with men. One with KP met with disaster. He asked for healing for a sore foot. I sent it. He didn't understand that I do my distance healing through energy work. He forbid me to work with his energy. So here I was, looking for someone to 'show me the ropes' as a blogger, perhaps encouraging me, and I get beaten down emotionally to a pulp.

Although the latest 'Very High Vibration' friendship I have found makes me think of the stamp above as the result of it, I think in his eyes, I seem more like this:

What can you do?

There is a reason for this disharmony. It is not of Gaia. It is of the ankle-biters. They do not want a Twin-Flame reunion at any cost. The enlightened soul is subject to harsh realities in childhood. Read my blog to find out what happened to me at age four, that turned me into a 'Jenny' from the movie Forrest Gump. My 'drug' was excellence in academics. But the feelings of being unloved and further being 'unlovable' have plagued me until just last week. My friend 'Pluto' was the right energy pattern to establish Trust in my heart. I emailed EVERYTHING to him. I didn't care if he didn't read it. I just wanted access to HEAL. The drive to personal 'whole-ness' is compelling. I wanted a safe place to heal, a cheer leader, and lovingkindness from this friend.

Well, it's DONE now. Literally. Back on my feet, no time to mope, no time to discuss anything.

There is technology to create misunderstandings in close relationships. The cabal uses it. There is also technology to make people gain weight, to die of heart attacks. It's not just the HAARP they have access to. There is time-travel as well.

My theory is that if TWO of the most beaten-down Lightworkers, who blog and talk to angels, had major life issues suddenly 'lift' and 'resolve' in the last week, there must be an important energy shift out there that is happening. It might just be the work of 'free and nomadic' KP doing his 'assignments' on Turtle Island (America). I know all the other portals he has opened have been something I could feel energy wise over here in Los Angeles. Anyhow, KP wasn't the man for me, for good reason! I understand and appreciate his unique qualities as a fellow blogger and Lightworker. I let it go.

I understand as a soul, I play by different 'rules' than most people I would end up in relationship with. I see the beauty of the soul and look past the body. I see the quality of the Light work done (that impresses me!) more so than money and status symbols. Like a puppy, I love everyone unconditionally, and since I am telepathic and empathic and a medium, I do not perceive 'boundaries' that are considered 'important'--I already KNOW people's secrets and their heart because I pick up on it with my intuition. In the higher dimensions (vibrations), everybody knows everything, just like they used to in an old village...but instead of shunning people, they are all loved and appreciated for their special gifts of Light.

Thank you Ariel De Angelis for helpimg me understand who I am and why I am 'different'. Now I accept that my path is not going to lead to happiness by the 'conventional means'. I can't because I recall too much of where my soul is from, and the ways. For example, with my very first boyfriend Tom, after we had our first kiss, I wanted to have my spirit climb into a spirit hole in his chest near his heart, and 'swim around' energetically inside of him. It felt like a very normal and natural thing to do.

Where would this come from? Well, in the higher realms, there are even MORE ways to make love, and be intimate, and I think this might have been one of them. It's not just a bump and a squirt, although from what I understand higher souls do have incarnations in the lower vibrations to enjoy that kind of lovemaking too.

I further contend that Disclosure is going to be more of an unmasking of the Ground Crew at first than of starships landings in masses all over the globe.

Yes, that is right. People like me and Ariel and others are going to say, 'We have a lot in common, perhaps all of us need to band together and discover who we are.'

This is going to be more than 'coming out' as gay or psychic or angelic...this is going to be the Truth about US, all of us, who are starseeds here from the Higher Realms and dedicated to the Liberation of the Planet. When the ankle biters are out of the picture with their dark technology, we Ground Crew will be free to assemble and 'figure things out'.

As I figure more out, you will be the first ones to know!


Reiki Doc