Monday, July 29, 2013

First Contact 'Test'

Today I was watering the garden in the evening.

I felt a familiar presence in 'Spirit'. It was a Pleiadean I know. We 'spoke' telepathically.

He asked me 'are you doing good?'. I didn't understand. I recall I made a promise once to serve the Light. I assured him, 'yes' and listed the activities I had done for the Resistance Movement.

He introduced me to five humanoids to see my reaction. They were:

  • The 'Megamind' in silver: this one was same height as us, big head, nice smile, normal body. Energy was quiet, receptive. It did not communicate with me besides a smile and a nod.
  • The Equine: Horse head, brown, same size as horse, human-like body. Walked on two legs. I thought, 'I always wanted a horse!' then remembered how the Unicorn I once 'met' reacted to my wanting to fly on him. Very curt, very politely upset. I didn't want a 'repeat' and made my thoughts 'blank' on 'judgement' from that point. Energy was intelligent, approachable.
  • The Butterfly:  kind of 'different'. Big head, like in the movie 'The Fly'. Thin body, humanoid enough, kind of like 'Stitch' but very thin. Big wings in back, iridescent and taller than 'him'. The energy was kind of apprehensive of my reaction. I played it cool and thought, 'Hey, I bet someone I know is one of you--you look alike!' It worked. I felt them relax and be glad to have it over.
  • The Dolphin: Looked like a Dolphin and was upright, about as tall as the rest of us. The energy was quiet, polite, and curious about me. I wasted my 'meet and greet' trying to figure out how it embarrassing. I was told I would get to see that 'next time'.
  • Jabba The Hut:  I asked to see the hardest one to look at. Big bug eyes, sort of frog like, sort of green complexion, I had a visceral reaction. I was acutely aware of his feelings when I looked at him and reacted. I didn't want to hurt its feelings, but I was so shocked by its appearance that I did. It understands, but I still feel bad about it.
Then the Pleiadian stepped aside. I met many I had seen before. It had been a long time since the last I saw them. They are the ones that sit at the control panel, but they stood up. They wear ivory suits trimmed in gold and gold boots (kind of like a wrestler would wear, the boots. The rest is more fashionable, kind of like the nineties' clean lines.)

I was delighted to see them! I relaxed completely, and agreed, 'It's been a long time!' I asked if everyone was doing okay? We hugged each other, and smiled. It felt good to be in their presence.

I had a one-on-one meeting with one who stood behind them. This is confidential between me and this one.

Before it was time to go, I made a small speech. I knew they 'understood without my saying' but I wanted to express my gratitude to them on behalf of their work, to the Pleiadian, and to the 'other' for helping to support me in my assignment. I asked them to keep up the good work. I spoke slowly and simply, but it was important to me that I did.

(I was watering the garden the whole time. And my son interrupted and gave me a banana peel for the compost pile. It really is like when you are watching a movie, and someone interrupts. You can 'switch' back and forth just the same as at the theater. Your 'focus' of attention simply diverts and comes back.)

I was asked to share this by the Pleiadian, so I am. (I also checked with my Pendulum for accuracy that this message was from the Light before I wrote any of this down, as well.)


Reiki Doc