Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Message From Our Lady--July 14, 2013

My Beautiful Children,

Everything happens for the best. Even 'this'.

I want you to remember this in the coming hours, days, weeks, and months; no matter what you see with your two eyes (points to her eyes), always remind yourself to add 'what your heart sees' (points to her chest) to 'go along with it'.

Without this important information that is issued from your Heart, where Truth is always evident, it is easy to get 'swept up' in the fray of 'what is going on everywhere'. There are those who are counting on this natural phenomenon of humanity and are planning to exploit it in you and all of my children that are dear to me and walk upon the planet earth that I call Gaia when I come and talk with you.

I want you to ask yourself the following two questions when you 'see' something with your eyes and heart:

  1. Is FEAR a component of anything that is being 'interpreted' by my five senses? There is a fine difference between 'acknowledging danger to myself and to others' like with a physical threat, a gun perhaps, or a sharp cliff that is high up over everything and you are at the precipice. The need to protect is eminent, and the need to protect one's self is of highest importance at this time. After this danger is met, fear goes away naturally. It is like a wave that comes in from the ocean. One wave, CRASH, and that's it.
  2. Is DREAD based on CUMULATIVE PAST EXPERIENCES behind the interpretation of what you see and know to be 'true' in your heart center? For example, the price of gasoline fuel for your vehicle is always going higher. You notice this and then you project for yourself how your budget is going to be affected, and you send out worry 'I can't do this!' vibrations out from your head to the entire Universe that is listening to you, waiting for your desire to manifest! So from 'I want more abundance so that I can pay for this awful expensive gasoline', which is a 'healthier' way to approach this 'danger' that is perceived by the mind and soul experience,  the 'message' that is sent to the Universe is 'I can't afford this' and an air of defeat is projected from the mind. Guess what the Universe produces in response to this 'cause and effect'? That is correct--more and more fiscal hardship!
The Universe is on your side if you are willing to follow the science behind the 'art of manifesting'.
It is a very simple 'art'--allow yourself to feel the wonder and the pleasure of what you wish to come true--almost like Cinderella and her floor washing and her dancing with the animals, always keeping in mind the wonder-filled magic of dancing with her Prince. Against overwhelming adversity, she rose above the situation and had her dreams come true, or  as we say it here in the Higher Realms, 'manifest'.

Always watch who is making your thoughts that you are projecting into the Universe.

If the answer to question 1 is yes and 2 is no, then you are on the 'right path' so to speak, and no one is 'hijacking' your power to 'co-create' and 'manifest'. 

If the answer to 2 is 'yes' at any time, worry not! Have faith! Now that you are awakened to the honesty of how the news is designed to create a 'fear response' in you in order to 'co-create' what it is that THEY who run the society themselves desire to benefit themselves, you are best able to 'defend yourselves' and 'take back what is OURS'.

You have a birth right to 'co-create the BEST' for your growth and personal development.

I want you to start practicing with the little things. Whenever you go to look for a parking spot, a little in advance, ask you guides and deceased Loved Ones to help make one opening for your vehicle. Always ask them for the Highest Good and For (what you want) or SOMETHING BETTER. They will be delighted to co-create with you and help in this manifestation.

Once you get the 'hang of it' you will be well on your way to a wonderful art of 'manifesting' what is desired. Once again, I remind you to add the terms to what you wish, 'For the Highest Good' and 'for THIS or Something BETTER.'

The ability to co-create with pleasure is one of the gifts I am offering you today. It is exactly like Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers. She always had the ability to go back to Kansas the entire time she was in Oz! But with the ability to manifest, it doesn't even take one click of the heels, never mind three! (she is laughing and has the most beautiful laughter that is filled with Joy and Light.)

The power to co-create is FUN! I want you to have a good time with it. Start with the beautiful parking spaces, and take your own steps 'up' from there!

I love you and I want all of my children to be happy in the coming times! (she kisses the tops of all of our heads).

Love and Light and Always Have Fortitude! 
Mother Mary

This was channelled by Reiki Doc. All rights reserved and protected. Permission is given to share this in the original form with all wording intact.


Reiki Doc