Saturday, December 17, 2022

We Invite You To Take A Look Around With Eyes That See


We live in a quantum world. 

This means that the observer affects what is.

It all has to do with perception.

And for the last twelve years, I've been raising my vibration, blogging, guiding others, even going to Cobra conferences in the past, to help navigate my way through the 'end times' through 'Ascension' KNOW what to expect and how to prepare others as a guide.

If you think about it, we are transitioning from a place where time exists to a place where it doesn't. 

So it's a very slippery thing, here, spiritually, what we are talking about. It's kind of like looking for ultraviolet light when our eyes can't really see it. You'd need some external monitor to detect it, where as for a bee it would be totally easy to see with their own eyes. 

Recently I took a business trip to New York City.

The place was different! Different from any time I have ever been! The people were different. They were kind, open, chatty, pleasant, and thankful. 

Was it the aftermath of the devastation of Covid?

Was it me, and my perception helping me to see only the good?

Had my vibration increased to have a positive effect on others?

I don't know.

But when people used to ignore one another, passing by, even in the hotel elevator, now they would chit chat and acknowledge the presence. 

Even in the thickest of crowds, I felt joyful, and full of life!

Yes, I know the city is 'dangerous', and I know there's been lots of changes that I had to be mindful about. I don't live in a 'dream world'.

But...NewYork was different. The airports were different. Even right now, my work is different. People are happy and kind and appreciative and supportive. 

What if we are already at our spiritual destination?

Think about it.

If we reach 'there', are we going to hear it on the news? Heck no! They didn't tell the slaves from Africa they were free until months later. For us spiritual livestock on this Quarantine Planet, are they going to tell us? I doubt it.

John Smallman says the changes are 'imminent'. Actually Jesus tells John that. 

What if the changes are here and we just need to realize they are here?

Life is tough, I know, I get it. I hate the prices at the gas pump and my energy bill and at the restaurant just as much as anyone. Life is indeed hard.

But the people?

They are different.

And hopefully when enough hold and sustain that feeling of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion like I am feeling at home and when I travel, the 'done deal' will be complete enough for others to experience it.

It's something to think about...

Ross nods his head in agreement. He points to his heart and says, 'heart is everything!'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins