Friday, December 2, 2022



Remember that blog post I wrote about that easy old shark?

Here he is again, in what looks like a badly photoshopped image. There's no splash around the head going into the water. But this image also serves a purpose...

That 'shark' has this weird propensity to invert things. Especially symbols. Symbols that mean all is right with the world.

For example, take the Wiccan symbol of the Pentacle--for people who worship God as Nature:

There's a crude star made of sticks and twine, but it's point up.

It's supposed to represent man and the elements:

Basically the metaphysical world as Creator intends it.

Well...look at what sharky here does with it:

Flips it upside down. And slaps an ugly horny goat on it, as if to say, 'The Greatest of All Time'.

Even in the 'shark worship' ceremonies you will find the cross inverted, the mass said backwards, objects of sacred reverence desecrated, and blatant ritualized actions to disobey the commandment 'thou shall not kill'...and other commandments too.

So, just for today, we are going to explore pattern recognition, especially, for inversion of things made as creator designed them. 

This one is tricky.

I noticed it the other day. 

Yes the colors are in the order of the rainbow--ROY G BIV--red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.

This flag in this photo is upside down. The one for Pride has the red UP at the top.

Here again are the colors above and below is how I see the pattern:

Here is the science:

So the colors go from lower frequency up to higher frequency with the human chakras.

Yes, in the sky, the rainbow has red on top, because the lower frequency bends less and the higher frequency bends more, and yes, the rainbow is a sign from God that he will not flood the earth again.

Incidentally, the flood was to cleanse the earth of ancient practitioners of Babylonian sex magic/Baal worship. And here we are today with Baalenciaga, which, Baal enci aga, translated from Latin to English means Baal is king.

Well, this shark 'king' is very intent on making everyone agree with that assertion. He and his fallen angels might 'rule the world' but there's like, all of Heaven and the rest of the Universe out there under the rule of Divine Creator. Just for perspective...

This is not saying anything about the MOVEMENT that uses that particular symbol. These are beautiful people with their purpose and they are expressing it. That's good! But it's the particular orientation of the symbol when compared to the chakra system that I went, 'hmmmm?' and asked myself if there could be any shark influence in the inversion piggybacking onto that movement's chosen symbol?

Here is another inversion that is getting 'popular'--the inverted Christmas tree.

I've seen some at the hardware store, artificial ones, made to be displayed upside down with the tip on the ground in some holder. 

I recognize the shark behind it.

I think it's sad.

So, true to form, I'm putting you through your paces, helping you to recognize patterns and help you enjoy the beautiful complexity of the symbolism going on and add to your enjoyment of the show going on right around us!

clap! clap!

(Ross is smiling big. )

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