Saturday, December 3, 2022

Nifty Shades of Grey


I chose today's title to take an absolutely dreadful topic, and make it a little lighter and fun, so that we know we can handle it!

Remember the inversion theme of yesterday?

The Shark with the fake JC the inverted copy of the real JC, isn't happy with only inversion upside down of things that give hope and faith and strength too many. No...not at all...

He sits on a throne of Lies. 

And to that Shark, spiritual Truth is called a Lie. And spiritual Lies are touted as Truths!

Black is White, and White is Black.

Hence the checkerboard floor motifs.

Black is, in his shark view, whatever the hell he wants to be Black, and White is whatever he wants to promote that will lead to spiritual death, decay, loss of growth, bad karma, etc. 

It's a very twisted, sick consciousness that comes up with all of this!

So we need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves as we and others navigate this playing field!

Magenta Pixie said recently, that we are heading to a time where the MSM will promote untruths, and what they say is untrue is actually truth.  As we know, MSM is extremely worldly and is controlled by governments and the current power structure which is in turn controlled by El Sharko. 

There is an excellent John Smallman article here. There's a point I'd like to elaborate upon. The hurt and pain of people who have suffered at the hands of the sick and twisted, who cry out for justice to Creator. According to the article, justice and punishment doesn't exist, only love. However, I have seen, with my own eyes, the darkest of souls going into the Galactic Central sun on a conveyor belt, flipping off Creator and being unrepentant to the bitter end. These souls have been offered healing or to merge with Creator. They declined healing. I believe in my esoteric studies, the dark ones have a philosophy of after attaining their highest levels (of depravity, I may add!) that merging with fiery white light is what follows next. So, it's a thing. But it only happens to those who are deeply disturbed, and reject expert healing that has been offered to them.

I hope this gives consolation to the victims of these monsters.

I know in Heaven, once people have near death experiences, the only thing most people feel is Love and Happiness. Peace that is beyond words. 

So, in a way, perhaps, the cry for vengeance and justice is a plea to make it stop happening, and to never let it happen to anyone again. If Earth flips and becomes the frequency of Heaven, this is a certainty. Even more so because people will be able to intuit the intentions of others and never be fooled again. 

As you go through your day, look for examples of inversion, as well as color inversion between truth and lies. This will develop and strengthen your intuition. Continue your daily quiet time connecting to Source, as well. This is highly important for our spirits and souls to be able to help us navigate whatever is coming down the road ahead.

I remember the Bible verse where a loaf of bread could buy a bag of gold. When I was at the organic/vegan store I saw five pound sacks of flour ON SALE for ten dollars! Yes it was organic but still the prices have been creeping up. The bagels Anthony enjoys in the morning now are seven dollars a package of five bagels! At that store. But when I went to a different store, later, I looked. That same brand of non-organic flour is six dollars for five pounds, and the bargain brand is just under four dollars for five pounds. 

Remember to get your skills up. Baking, food preparation, growing food, are important. And being able to share these skills, such as food preservation, will be our way through hardship. If that hardship is to be, I don't know. My mother grew up during world war two in Italy, she was always hungry, so was her family, and the shortages were extreme. At my work, now, a surgical tech has been bringing in crates of citrus for all of us to enjoy. This kind of generosity is vital during hard times. I brought in some dehydrated fruit, and everyone loved it and asked how I made it?

Always live YOUR truth! And do your best to align it with the truth of our planet and of Divine Creator.


I want to say something very gently:  never fear.

You will always have us.

You will always be able to find your angels who are hidden in plain sight. There are multitudes of them. Some to this day do not even know they are angels yet. Some to this day! But they will when it is their time to shine and help the planet.

Your teams are as close as your breath and your heart. Call! We will listen and you will find answers in ways that make sense to you and you will understand!

Always leave the door open for Heaven to come inside!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are always fighting injustice every way possible