Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Heaven's Best -- Gaia News Brief 14 October 2015

Heaven's Best

That is the name of a carpet cleaning company. I saw the name on a truck. And it made me feel better.

I had been weeping in sorrow in my heart all day over something a reader posted in Spa 5D.

I won't even't go into it.

It was just one of many comments made by people who are spiritually 'out of it'--that are rude and hurtful--as Gaia patiently is waiting for people to 'wake the heck up'.  The offenders don't mean anything by it...they are trying as hard as they can to wake up. But Gaia is sick and tired of the status quo.

If you wish to help Gaia--in anything--look into your heart.  Offer it to Source. Offer everything.

Ask for help.

Gaia asks you to do this:

So, every day, please, enter your inner sanctuary, that holy of holies within each one of you where the flame of divine Love burns continuously, and refresh yourselves with the loving embrace that awaits you there. By doing that you move ever closer to awakening, and as you do the energy field of Love that you are expands and flows outwards to all others within the illusion bringing them also ever closer to awakening.
You are all One, utterly inseparable from one another or God, but you have forgotten this, and within the illusion that seems to be a weird concept, an insane idea that a few weirdos cling to because they are unable to cope with life and death in the “real world.” Well, the weirdos are those who are desperately clinging to that “real world” in which conflict, suffering, betrayal, and “death” are endemic and real!
As divine beings, eternally at One with God, but apparently living long and stressful lives alone as humans, you each do have, deep within you, an inner self or space – containing intimations of the Real You – where you have instant access to us in the spiritual realms. We watch over you constantly, and we constantly await any calls you may make to us – by any name you use to call on us – for assistance. We are always available, there is never a moment when you could call on us and not receive an immediate answer.
Unfortunately, by the time you have called on us, you have mostly decided what the answer is that you wish to hear and you have acted upon it, and so you frequently do not hear our response to your call, and believe yourselves to have been unheard. That is why practising listening as you meditate or sit silently in that inner space is so important.
You can hear us. Often you choose not to, because, having considered and judged the situation with which you need our assistance, you choose to follow a less wise course of action, and when the results are less than you had hoped for you decide that you are indeed on your own – separated, which is an absolute impossibility – and that seeking assistance from us is useless because we obviously have either not heard you, have chosen not to respond, have misunderstood you, or do not exist.
I assure you that we truly are with you in every moment, that you are never alone, abandoned, unseen, or unloved. When you experience those sensations it is because you have chosen to shut yourselves off from Love because you fear that you are unworthy of It. As children of God there is never a moment when you are unworthy of His infinite Love for you. Go within, ask for a Love squeeze, and let us show you how dearly loved you are! You need that reassurance, you are entitled to it, and we are here to give it to you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

'Fighting for Gaia' or 'Mother Earth' for whatever reason only makes the situation worse--the energy of conflict is perpetuated within the Illusion and no one 'wakes up'.

'Grounding your troubles into Gaia' also lowers her vibration. From this sharing of this practice 'people on FB' were telling the reader to do, Gaia figured out why she is so encumbered. Now, effective yesterday, anything 'Given to Gaia for Transmutation' is going to go into a pipe and be sent straight to Creator where it is actually Transmuted.  This is a defensive step to allow the awakening to begin. The energy of surface Gaia needs to go continually higher for the awakening to begin. This is how the vibration will be raised once and for all.

'Grounding'--both bare feet on Gaia, and metaphysically 'hanging on' to her for dear life, are welcome. This can be done any time. I have lain on the grass, face down, sobbing, because I had no where else to turn, and it helped.  Gaia will console you., that is no problem.
But she is not a trash can--for the physical or the spiritual--so do your best to put everything where it belongs and in this case with your negative habits, experiences, and patterns you wish to separate from (which is admirable in and of itself!)  Gaia asks you to give it to your angels--and send it UP--where there is facility to properly dispose of it.

Meditation is best done alone, every day.  With group meditation, you are at risk of 'picking up' the energies of the group.  If you are a team of dedicated meditators and know one another well, it is a consideration. This is an 'extra' and not a 'substitute' for doing your own 'sacred work' in your 'inner sacred space' of meditation.

Love is the only thing there is, and it will overcome everything, for Love is all there is.

These are the kind of situations that Lady Gaia Sophia wishes there to be no more:
  • It is on call. The O.R. has been working hard all day, non-stop, with no breaks. The surgeon notices it.  He offers to bring food for the team before his next case. He finds a Mexican restaurant. He takes orders from the team. He drives to the restaurant, which is some distance away. He buys the food. He drives back and carries it all the way to the O.R. He is a vegetarian but he buys meat for people who want it.  Once the food arrives, the team, who is starving, eats quickly. They are delighted by the 'extras'--the horchata, the chips and salsa.  The surgeon wishes to enjoy his meal after the case--and leaves the food there to wait for him on the break room table.  When he returns everything is gone! Someone has taken everything. They assumed the meal was over, and since it was on the table--'rules are rules'--it was free for the taking.  The surgeon takes it in stride, and seeks food elsewhere. The surgeon was hungry and never got one bite of his food .
  • Five people are working at the surgery center. They are two who permanently work there, and three who are 'low on the list' and expected to have a short day. The calls are ten, eleven, and twelve.  Twelve goes home first. This is because call twelve has the longest assignment the next day. Four of the workers are men, three are males from Egypt, who have different upbringing about how to treat women in the workplace.  Call twelve is a single mom who needs to pick her son up from school.  At some point in the day, both the permanent employees approach her TOGETHER and say, 'here the rules are the last room out has to stay the extra hour (without pay) to watch the patients until they go home'.  Call ten and eleven leave the facility and never say a peep to call twelve. There is no offer to relieve her like in the main O.R.  This is the last bastion of the Old Boy's Club--they have a token woman on the schedule assignment every day 'take up the slack' for the others to 'go home on time'; there is no respect for the needs of the family at the end of the day, or for the 'team'. Everyone is in it for themselves. She knows her room has the lowest earning potential in the whole facility. She realizes she has to 'take it' and 'not make waves'. Fortunately, she calls the school, alerts her son, who doesn't worry, and does his homework to make use of his time.

The meek shall take over the earth! They are the only ones who will love and care for Gaia and not make it be about themselves.  Those who hug trees, are kind to animals, and  who are as loving to one another as they are to themselves.  Self-love is important. Self-love to the exclusion of the needs of others is not welcome here on this planet.  Gaia wants peace!

Open your hearts to Source--Creator--and allow the Love that fills the Universe to flow through your hearts, out every chakra, to fill this world with Universal Love Energy...for that is what Reiki is all about.

It's not a mental practice.  It's a spiritual one. It's working with things that we don't have the ability to describe, or see.  Reiki is felt. Reiki is experienced.  And Reiki works beautifully whether it is 'understood by the mind' or not.

Approach your spiritual experiences with an open heart, and allow The Divine to be a part of you. For actually, you ARE Divine...on the inside...and you always were before you were born <3



Carla is working hard. Soon she will wake Anthony and the two will begin their day.

Carla is pushing those of you who are not accustomed to doing so, to look and search within the heart.

All of you have them, and take it for granted that the warm, loving feelings that emit from your hearts are a 'fluke' in this otherwise 'dog eat dog' world in which we live.

It is the opposite.

It is the 'dog eat dog'--for all it's appearances as REAL--that is the FLUKE.

It is the 'warm feeling' in the heart center that is REAL.

Furthermore, Gaia has her wishes and would like them to be respected by all.

There is no government on all the Earth who can surpass Her Will and Her Destiny.

All of Gaia Sophia, including her inhabitants, are on course and making incredible headway to AWAKEN!

(points to his belly button--ed)  It starts HERE--right in the gut and the 'feelings' and the emotions--with YOU.

It starts in the heart, in the general understanding, of 'what is important' and 'what is not'.

Your daily time to explore your inner self in the Awakening IS definitely important.

Everything else, even your hunger and your illness, is of second priority to this.

Ten minutes a day at a minimum, is all that is asked for you to meditate. And this ISN'T ten minutes total cumulative time spent waiting at the stoplights! (he laughs--and smiles--ed)

This is ten minutes of quiet time in the car with the radio off, or ten minutes in the garden pulling weeds, or ten minutes in the bathtub relaxing...ten minutes walking on the beach--or imagining to--ten minutes from your busy day that are going to make the whole thing better.

Once we are awake, the money frees up and abundance is plentiful.

Once we our eyes are opened, radically beautiful forms of health improvement shall be commonplace!

The only way OUT of your common situation is UP! (he points up--ed) and that is not as in dying 'up'!!!

It's opening up ever so gradually to the Divine which is in YOU.  All over the planet. Everyone you meet has a little big of Heaven in them!

It's not only you and me and Carla.

It's everyone.

Even the ones who make the choices like those who ate the surgeon's food and those who shortchanged Carla at the end of her day.  They are Divine On Steroids and are going to kick themselves once they awaken and see the karma they have piled up...while they were sleeping.

And that karma needs to be repaid!

All is forgiven--you are love and love is you--but the habitually taking advantage of the others is going to stop. Whether it is them on you, or you who is taking advantage of them, and definitely those who are taking advantage of our planet...

All will end.

You will see.

In time.

When the time is right you will notice it; it will be so obvious it will be a log sticking out of your eye!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc family