Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just Almost There! -- Gaia News Brief 15 October 2015

The Tractor Beam

This morning it was as if there was a force field keeping me away from 'the office'.

It's hard to explain, but I hit traffic where I usually wouldn't, and every red light there could possibly be, I had to stop.  I was going to be majorly late--again--and worked hard to get my consciousness focused in a positive way...

It's not that I NEED a lot of time to prepare for an anesthesia case when I am in outpatient procedures.  There's not a lot to prepare when you are just giving propofol throughout the day, you know?

But there is much politics and they want it see my face bright and early, thirty minutes--when in fact I only need to be there ten.

I n the car, I drove to work in a zone, a mental stamina zone, a spiritual 'balance' zone, accepting What Is, realizing Some Days Are Like This, and at the same time, the Possibility This Is A Spiritual Test.

Ross is really coming to my support, in a nice way. He did most of the Reiki this morning, and said I could put my name on it too. We are a team <3.  We both did the Divine Peace Healing, though.

As it turned out, instead of case begin at 0800, it was at 0805.  And that was with a computer that didn't work and needed to be swapped out for a functioning one!

The surgeon was extremely nice. I promised him I will work hard, I'm very good at the computer record, and I will keep things running smoothly for him all day.

I did.

He actually had to slow us down so he could document everything.

This was a very bizarre test, where I refused to let it push my buttons, and I 'turned a negative into a positive' by focusing on the desired outcome as best I could.


I got called to an urgent procedure somewhere else, in a not anesthesia 'territory' location. So I brought the 'tackle box'. This is our 'mobile unit'--airway stuff and emergency drugs.

You can imagine my surprise that because of the recent survey--there were NO emergency drugs in the drug compartments inside the tackle box!

I had to wing it.


The crash cart was in the room and that was about it.

I'm pretty good with my propofol. I know just how much to give and when. I titrate it.

And I got away with it!

Next time I'll bring my OWN box, like I normally do...

Angel of God, Guardian Dear, but for whose Love commends me here--ever this day be at my side, to Light and to Guard, to Rule and to Guide.   

Awakening Further

Why do people discount angels? Why is everyone so surprised when one is seen? Or when a miracle takes place--like a horrible accident is avoided, or if in one that totals the car one simply walks away unscathed?

Your guardian angel knows you better than ANYONE!

It's important to take this into consideration...

Our angels, guides, and deceased loved ones, in a way, are 'smarter' than us!

How can this be?  They are outside the Illusion. They can see the Big Picture, and the timelines, and how this affects us.

There was a time where I used to rant and chew out Ashtar and Ross--how could you be so stupid and not KNOW what is going on down here and how stinky and awful it is?!?! I would say. I wanted OUT!

I think at the time, when I did it, possibly, they KNEW more than me, but didn't let on.

I had to figure it out for myself.

So for the record--the only thing you can count on in this incarnation--is YOU. You will be alive one way or another, again and again, taking different forms, possibly something more than 'reincarnation' back here, once you leave this reality, this incarnation, this role that is being played by YOU.

From what I understand, we can have parallel lives, and exist in more than one place at once.

For Angels, and guides, and deceased loved ones, this is NORMAL.

We are the ones inside the Illusion, not them.

I know this sounds basic, but it's worth a thought. (Ross waves, as in, 'I'm over here!--ed)

Tonight, on the way home, I told Ross, 'I don't know what is coming or going in the future, but I do want to say I'm glad we are friends'

He said, 'You don't know how much that means to me...'

I said, 'Is it a big thing? A Ross thing I can't understand? Then I know to put it in the Ross 'box'--with all the other big things I can't grasp but know are important...'

I also, earlier earlier on my commute home, was overwhelmed with how he didn't give up on me. I wanted to hurt myself, to be gone from him forever, in my pain and anguish over his loss. He was so patient, and now here I am, after all his hard work--and the team.  I had tears in my eyes, and just kissed his feet, kneeling and adoring him for his kindness to my soul...

That meant a lot to him too.

We have so much to be thankful for, with the love of our guides, our Twins, our guardian angels, and our deceased loved ones...for all their beautiful, loving commitment to our well-being, our future, our lessons, and our hope.

This is not a closed-book test, on your lessons.

It is okay to ask for help. And the best help you can ever imagine is just a short wish from your heart away...sometimes I used to ask God to answer the prayers I have unspoken in my heart--the ones I can't even find the words to describe so I can ask...

In Nature

I have been drawing angel cards with Anthony over breakfast. He is THRILLED and absolutely loves hearing the meaning of each one.

I've drawn the Nature card, the first draw, two days in a row.

So with a gap, I walked one lap around the hospital.

I saw SO many beautiful things--plants, flowers, berries, sorrel mushrooms...I took pictures too!

It made a huge difference for me.

I wonder what card I will get next time?

It Works

Today one of the people who skipped out of the O.R. on me yesterday, tried to steal a high-paying case.

I fought back.

I was first call. I had the upper hand.

The nurses, fearful, told me, 'You tell him!'

His case wasn't finished, the patient was on the table, and he said, 'I will do that case'.

I said, 'I am free, I will do it'

He said, "I had a patient that old who had cardiac arrest from this procedure!'--he was trying to scare me.  I wasn't buying it. I have a cardiothoracic fellowship for my training. What else is new?

Then he said, 'I will do that case.'

I asked, incredulous, 'You want me to sit around until six thirty just because you want to do this case at five? And do NOTHING? I want to work!'

I said firmly and politely that I am first call, this is my wish, and if he wants to relieve someone else he can, or else go home. I have two cases to do and I will do them, thank you very much.

So I did.

Everything was fine with the patient.

I didn't back down.

All the things yesterday--the tube to take the stuff going into Gaia and kicking it out like exhaust fumes back to Creator--is working BEAUTIFULLY. So is any Reiki that you have been sending too.

Lady Gaia Sophia

Today I saw a number of distressing things online. I wanted to know. I read an article about Valentin, the orca, at Marineland Antibes.  And his mom, Freya.

I saw horrible video on the French vegetarian site--they eat horsemeat there in Europe. I saw how it's done.  I won't forget it.  I chose not to watch the pork or beef videos.

I saw Anti GMO posts.

And I chose not to pass them along.

I take it as a 'data point' of what I have to work with, with the energies.

And I am going to let you know a secret--about your two eyes, and what they see--compared to your third eye, to helping Gaia, and what it, your third eye,  can 'see'...

Your two eyes entrap you more and more into 3D with the horrors in the physical, and the destruction of the mountains and the pollution and the animals being mistreated.

So you act.

You fight.

You seek to overpower the 'evildoers' to 'make right'.

It won't work.  Those 'evildoers' have roots back to the Archons--who are from off-planet--and are as wicked as it gets.

How can you fight that?  Especially if you're not in tight with your angels, guides, deceased loved ones, and your own direct connection to Source?

It would be YOU who is incarnate against a Big Business with Backers who are really messed up. Even a whole group of like-minded people--using the system to fix itself is rather at poor odds, don't you think?

Here's for the Bigger Secret--the one only your heart and your third eye can see--every negative thought, every cruelty, every hatred, every conflict, every war, every abuse, every taking advantage of someone or hurting Nature--leaves a mark on Gaia's ethereal plane, her 'surface' if you will, of Her 'emotional' body...and it never goes away.

Gaia is more filled with craters than the moon--and she almost died--because of the powerful layers upon layers of Negative Imprints across her space and time--because of the actions of humans and the archons and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

This is why meditation is taught, and encouraged--love yourself, Heal Gaia.

Love yourself--stop making new craters in her emotional/ethereal body.

Love yourself--it is contagious--and others will stop making these horrific energy scars on her too.

Creator has been working every day, for years, along with Ross and his teams, to 'free Gaia up'--to get everything into position for her to be rid of these heavy, negative imprints.

All of the Divine Peace Healers also work to remover layers upon layers of low energy imprints in certain places on her surface too.

So don't look with your eyes, like you always have heal Gaia and her people.

Look with your heart and know that what you can't see with your two eyes--is far more important in the grand scheme of things--than you would ever guess.  (I tap my third eye, for emphasis, and then my heart center--just to make a point)

It is what you feel and know with your inner knowing that is accurate in this case!

Each one of you is like a Lightning Rod, taking in Light through your Crown Chakra, and anchoring it on Gaia surface to form a web network, of Like-Minded 'hubs'. You were picked for your assignment, and also, thrust into some of the darkest places on earth--both to 'hide' you from Those Who Do Not Have Your Best Interest At Heart until you could be here to this day--and also, to 'help heal as one last chance' to those who filled your early years with darkness and Low vibration.

The more you get in 'touch' with who you are, and why just being ALIVE and PRESENT is a huge achievement to assist Gaia in her Ascension and for all life upon her--not a whole lot more needs to be done.

Know yourself.

Be your own Best Friend.

And you will do more to save the world than any hero or heroine in any action movie blockbuster that ever his the big screen.



If a cactus can have such beautiful flowers, so can you.

What is your focus in your life as a 'cactus'?

Is it the thorns to 'protect'--although it is only an illusion?

Is it the adaptation to go without water for a long time?

Is it the photosynthesis and growth of the plant that is your concern?

Or the very beautiful, delicate flower that looks almost 'out of place' in the thorns?

All of it is beautiful, together,  the cactus is with all its contrasts, isn't it?

That is why we 'here' all love YOU.

You are beautiful, perfect, and healing, 'any way you slice it' (again, he's pleased with himself to know the slang and use it correctly--LOL on my part--ed)

(he claps twice--it's time to go--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple