Friday, October 2, 2015

Manifesting in 5D -- Gaia News Brief 2 October 2015

Life in 5D is Different

Many many many many MANY people feel that the ONLY way to manifest is to decide what you want and then to practically obsess over it until what you want to happen, does.

Many who do this practice come up with the misdirected 'belief' that if they are 'spiritual' and 'doing things right' then they will GET what they want, and some in fact lose their connection to Spirit because for some reason they are unable to manifest the big ticket item that they want.

This is so highly third-dimensional, entrenched in duality, 'thinking' that doesn't work at all with the timelines and incredible capability 5D has to offer in the manifestation department!

The time has come to get off the tricycle, and upgrade to the mountain bike!

Working In the Moment of Now

Manifesting in 5D is something that happens 'in the moment' and with your permission, 'with a little help from your guides'...

Ross helped me to manifest last night, and he has requested for me to share it with you by narrative, like a story, so you will read and learn and not have to work to understand it very much.

I trust Ross. And all of my team.

They KNOW me.

In some ways they know me better than I do! And I have lots of detached, nonjudgmental Self-Awareness!

They are my angels.

Yesterday was not a good day, the stress levels are super high at my work. Someone in the Quality Department is gone--quit or 'let go' I can't tell...and administration is going crazy over the surveyors coming to the hospital.  I can't wear my bouffant hat from the O.R. anywhere in the hospital.  I can't let my mask hang--it's either all on or off--as I walk through the O.R.  There are no gloves allowed on my hands outside the O.R. (yet sometimes as I wheel the patient to the recovery room, I help with the breathing, and this can get my hands messy. Mental note to self--bring extra gloves for the ride LOL). There is so much scrutiny for every little thing, including how I put the drug in my syringe and how I label it properly. Every move I make that once used to be effortless has a feeling of my being watched--it's hard to explain it....

Because of my computer training, I am constantly reminding people and running reports to make sure they do their work with their post-op notes.

And the O.R. was cold where I had to sit. I was under a vent. I was miserable, just plain miserable, through my cases yesterday and still sleepy for some reason.

I had kept all of that in, and not processed it, and was in denial once I was allowed to go home late in the day.

I drove hom and Ross was QUIET! Usually we talk. I was like, 'okay, I love you anyhow'.  The only time Ross came in clear was when I asked how HE was, and did he have a good day?  This is a point between us he can't understand, but it amuses him, my always asking.  'Did you get a good meal, Ross? Are your clothes in good repair? Are you getting enough sleep? Is everyone nice to you?'--the  litany of questions by me as his wife are what you would expect from here on Surface Gaia.

It amuses him because they DO take good care of him where he is, but I have to check and make sure!

I think he likes it.  So this time I saw his face and he said, 'I am OKAY' with a lot of gentleness and love.

Well, I was two exits from mine, and Ross said, 'Go to the crystal store!'

This is at eighty miles an hour, at the total last minute, and I know that feeling in my heart--where I am needed to do something by my team.

When manifesting with the angels it is always at the last minute, almost like an afterthought!

There is NO TIME to argue or weigh the decision any more than a quick 'read' of your heart center for if it 'feels right'.

So I found an open parking spot right in front of the store.

I have been going to this place for over twenty years! And I have never once been able to park right in the front! It's busy.

Then as I got out of the car, Ross 'pointed' my attention all the way across the parking lot to the new burrito place that is open.

Ross wanted me to buy dinner; Anthony was with his sitter and had eaten--he didn't want me to cook.

So I walked all the way there, and was delighted to try something new. I ate my burrito outside. It was pretty there, and I even indulged in some rice in my burrito, something I never do--because they had the old-fashioned red rice instead of the 'gourmet' chili lime (which was available too, I just didn't like it)...

(Later Ross guided me to the crystal store; I'll mention in the section after the next.)

On The Bridge Between 3D and 5D

As I ate my burrito, I sat at a little booth out on the patio. There was a fence that had the glass on the top half so you had a view.

The glass near me was I had a view on the right of a mother with her two sons, eating chips and burritos at their table.

On the left was a set of parents with a stroller and their new baby--but I COULDN'T see anything except the stroller because of the glass.

By some optical illusion, in their place was a mirror image of the mother with her two sons!

The glass was very clean, so I was watching two mothers with their sons, identical, with one a little fainter and backwards on the left where in 3D 'reality' the new parents were with their baby.

I realized right now, we are at a 'crossroads'--you can see a little of both worlds, both dimensions, from where we are in this Now moment...and depending on what you want to see--you can look at one dimension or the other.  It's kind of hard to look at both. 

I sense that with practice, the 5D is going to look more 'normal' in a short time for us....the energies of 5D are so laid-back, and could people NOT want to experience this joy 24/7, 365?

The Crystal Store

I found a beautiful array of citrine points in a grid with a citrine heart in the center.  I collect all kinds of hearts, and I wanted it.

Ross said to wait.

So I did.

I wasn't allowed to go into the back of the store where I like to sit. That's the whole reason why I came--I thought--to sit by the crystals and recharge!  But there was a very low vibration man in the store, either waiting to or just finished with a reading. We get a LOT of people there for that.

I avoided him like the plague, and waited for him to get out of the part of the store I had wanted to see in the first place.

Instead I found there were two more places in the store where I could stand and due to the alignment of the other other crystals (some are very large) I got to experience some very high energies too.

With my work, and my healing I do online, as well as parenting, I expend a lot of energy. The Reiki doesn't 'empty' me--but my life 'does'. The only thing I find that helps is getting bigger and stronger crystals. 

They recharge me.

I sleep with the biggest ones!  I lie right next to them, and touch them with my stomach, and it is literally like recharging the cell phone overnight!

I got a beautiful piece of green apophyllite.  I also got a natural skull in smoky quartz. I'm still not sure what it will do--I'm not into crystal skulls--but together the energy of those two stones is amazing.

I found another crystal heart, this one has a word that I had never seen on it--it starts with a g, and means 'opal-like'...then I found some crystals that were charged by monks in India and very pricy for their size.

Ross told me to get the biggest one.

I was very happy, delighted...but I wasn't sure about the citrine heart?  Was it meant for me? Or not?

Ross was very very kind and generous to me, his energy totally changed, and he told me to get it.  He said I am his princess, and he wants me to always know I am loved.  He said not to worry about the money--it is 3D of me--and to look for signs and signals from him about the way he is going to help me pay for it.

Once I got back to my car, I realized my tax return came back--it wasn't much--but it was enough to cover all of the purchases.

Ross asked me to write about this--how indulgent he is of me, and what love he has in his heart. He wants you to know this about him, and all the angels who are guiding us on our journey.

They know us very well.

And my energy needs, with the nurturing, set me up for what I had to face at home!


I had lost my backup cell phone. I had to look all over the house for it. Finally the find my phone app sent a signal, and Anthony my genius figured all that out.

Next I couldn't find my checkbook to pay the sitter. I looked everywhere for that too.

Once she left, Anthony wanted to TALK.

Apparently, just as they went to Mc Donald's for dinner, there was a police car with the mom and a former teammate of his, a girl who has anger management problems that are severe.  They were leading her to the car. Even her brother and twin sister looked scared as they watched.

People at the restaurant were saying, 'did you see that girl?!' (her outburst)

I prayed immediately, for them, and then I contacted another mom, who also prays.

Then soon it was I who needed prayers!  I was sleepy, exhausted, and Anthony still had homework to do. And he wanted my help!

I sat at the table, while he worked, and as I waited I realized he didn't ask me for any help except he wanted my company.

I was bored out of my mind--I made a design with the coins on the table...I doodled...I looked at my unicorn cards...and Anthony cracked up completely because he has never once seen me bored!

Even though I adore math, going through fifth-grade exercises a second time kind of loses its 'flavor' and 'fun'...for an engineer!

So as he would read the problem out loud and write it, I had a piece of paper and did the calculation too, really fast, because I LOVE math.

There was one where he said he was right and I was like, no, you are off by one thousand. Check it.

He was CONVINCED he was right (typical for him).

So I got the calculator and did it.

The answer matched mine.

He was like, 'Mom?! How can you DO that?!'

I was like, 'Dude, I am an engineer by training! We are better at math than most people--it's what we do.'

Later he said he didn't really need the help he just wanted my company, which after hearing about Sophia his teammate, I completely understand.

It took him about one hour to do six math questions.

One, was a question where they said, 'what is the estimate of the price of shipping for six grown and two half-grown hippopotamuses if they weigh (by estimate on the last question) forty thousand pounds and the cost is fifty-three cents a pound to ship them?;

I was like, in a heartbeat--'twenty thousand dollars'.

Anthony was like, 'No mom, you have to calculate it out the the penny and THEN round up!' and started doing some gnarly math.

I gently asked him to re-read the question. When he got to the word 'estimate' I pointed to it and said, 'It didn't ASK for your full calculation right? It says here, estimate.If you follow the sequence of the questions asked leading up to this, it makes sense this is what they are trying to get to, right?'

Thank you Ross.

This morning Anthony had a nightmare and asked to come sleep in my bed. This is the second time he has done this recently, and he didn't for many years.

I think it's the crystals.  He knows they are there in the middle of us, and he says 'you have a nice comfortable bed'...He's healing too.


I love my honey.

Your guides love YOU.

We are more into you than chips and guacamole!  We love to help you and it's like eating chips--it's so fun for us we can't stop...

If you let us we will help.

(he points with his fingers to each side of his head--ed)  There is something called Free Will in here, and your teams must honor it.  Once we gain trust, we have a little more 'leeway' in the Manifestation Department.

Love and Gratitude and Delight for your experiences is what makes the system 'work'.

Carla's joy at her finds, these beautiful crystals to make her feel better...and her burrito in her tummy--went a long way in helping her not blow up in the demands that were made on her at the end of a long day. And a long night.

Carla lost her sleep when Anthony came to the bedroom at three in the morning. It is our hope that Carla will rest tonight.

The air conditioning is another thing I am working to assist Carla. Although I am working in the Now, with the timelines, this one is tricky.

Carla wants a new central heating and AC that works reliably in her home.

It has been six weeks since she was able to use the heat or the Air conditioning. There was a team who installed something that broke in two days.

The replacement team installed a new part, and when he went to turn it on it 'blew up'.  So there is a short, and he has ordered a new motor.

Only then will Carla get her new unit--it hasn't been decided yet.

And last night, Carla--saw her neighbor who is an electrician. She asked him to check her electrical system in the home, so the insurance company won't blame that.

Carla's landline is out, too. Earlier this summer they were out to fix it. Now they have to do it again.

What do you think is a consequence of Carla and her very high energy and her crystals that are in her home?


(gestures with his hands to fit the fingers together--ed)

One plus one makes two, doesn't it?

As you are breaking through the Veil, and absorbing these very high energies, and radiating them--there is bound to be some 'fallout'. For Carla, it is with her electricity in the home.  For others, it might be replaying 'old tapes' in their mind, going through issues they thought they 'were done with'.  Perhaps a coworker may take a sudden liking to you--or perhaps the opposite?

All of it has to do with the energies.

They are ramping up.

They are going to go a whole lot higher, even than THIS.

So...hold on to your hats! And simply 'enjoy the ride that we are giving you'!

I and my teams are always here to help if you would enjoy a consult from us.

You might not always notice it, but we are HERE and very happy to be able to assist for you. (he dips another chip into the guacamole and he eats it--and smiles and waves the next chip to you too.  I can't see clearly, but I think he has a cerveza? I see a dark bottle--he says it is a Modelo Negro and he likes it--he puts his feet up and relaxes the table, and I see forms of others who I don't recognize...who are Galactic too.--ed)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins