Saturday, October 10, 2015

One -- Gaia News Brief 11 October 2015

Ross as Gamaliel

Earlier, Ross took me in his arms. I can feel him, his energy, his touch.  Often we go back in time, in meditation, together.

He took me to our wedding night, as Tabitha and Gamaliel.

It was an arranged marriage, and I was very young.

Gamaliel, wise as he is, explained everything, and took his time to introduce me to 'married life'.

As I answered him, I could feel myself in both places in time, then and Now.  I relaxed. I discovered something new. I had new feelings for both myself and Gamaliel--'so THIS is what marriage is like? And why the women in the village smile and don't talk about it with the unmarried girls! It is a secret--and now I get to understand it for myself!'

Between both words, I heard Ross ask, 'do you love me?'

I nodded yes.

He said, 'I love you so much I would die for you!' and I told him not to speak of such things, it is bad luck!!!

He shook his head and said in danger, some husbands would run and abandon their wives. He said, 'I am not that kind of husband...'and buried his head in my shoulder as we embraced.

He asked another question, I forget, but I smiled and nodded too.

I completely relaxed.

As I did so, I said, 'You are BETTER than Richard Gere!' (from the movie, an officer and a gentleman) in a conspiratorial whisper only my Twin  could hear.

He stopped, deeply touched by something that seemed more than the occasion fit. 'Did you know what you just did?'

No? I said, 'You are better than Richard Gere?'

He shook his head.  Again, he asked, 'What did you just say, with your heart?'

'I think you are better than Richard Gere in that movie...'

'AND?...' he questioned.

''And I'm one lucky gal!' I confessed.

'Do you know what this MEANS?' he asked, with interest.

I didn't. I said, 'Um, I am really happy and I said you are better than Richard Gere?'

He shook his head, no, as if this was some really important occasion, way more important than our wedding night from our past life, he knew I was sincere, I know, but why the importance I had no clue.

Then he showed me the timeline.

We are healed.  As a couple.  My emotions, and my soul has gone back to the point in time BEFORE all of the trauma.

It is done.

We are healed.

We are One.

That is all for today from the both of us.
(This is written on October 10, for those of you who are into Portals and everything)

Ross and Carla