Monday, October 12, 2015

Forbearance -- Gaia News Brief 13 October 2015

The Illusion Of Permanence

When I lived in apartments, I dreamed and worked very hard for the day  when I would one day own my own home.

Yet in home ownership, I have learned that nothing lasts forever.  Termites, wood rot, and all kinds of plumbing and electrical 'adventures' await!

Nothing lasts forever in the Earth Plane--except for our Consciousness.  Our love, our memories, our experiences.

Even a career is an illusion.  One day this too shall end.

Time stands still for no one.

Even though we live in the 'Now' moment, nothing ever stagnates. Learning is always taking place.  For all of us!

My Favorite Gastroenterologist

I've come full circle.

I met the day he said he was bleeding in PACU for GI lab at my old job.

Later, I did his anesthesia as he lost massive amounts of blood. I remember thinking to myself, 'how can he be a doctor?' because I'd never seen him or heard of him.

It took him five long months to recover, in and out of hospitals, and two more years to regain his strength.  His original vigor he never got back. we work at his hospital, and I enjoy doing anesthesia for his cases.  I asked him, since he's a hepatologist (liver specialist) would he please mind seeing my son and evaluating for his elevated liver enzymes? Most of the pediatric gastroenterologists take care of constipation and digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's. The ones in my area have terrible reviews on Yelp,  especially for the obese patients, and already just to make the appointment their office people were very rude to me.

He said yes, and he wouldn't charge me for it, too.

Today was the day.

He said I am the BEST anesthesiologist they have in my whole hospital, when he introduced me to his staff.

I was amazed at what I saw in the office:  a career of medicine, both as a pediatrician in India, and a gastroenterologist here in the states.

He asked Anthony, 'do you know why you are here today?'

He explained he would hear Anthony's story, then my story, and then he would talk.

Towards the end, he stood up and walked closer to Anthony, and said, 'I am talking to you because it is YOU who will be making these choices for your health. Your mother won't be with you when you are in high school and college. It is up to you to decide to do what is right for your health.'

I was blown away!

When it came out that Anthony had threatened suicide in June 2014 because he thought if he had diabetes his life would be over, the doctor didn't bat an eye, and challenged him.  He said, 'I am a diabetic! I have an insulin pump. Does my life look like it is over to you?'

What a powerful way to get the attention of a ten year old boy, and to get him to focus on his health.

It was also good for him to hear the goals for his blood sugar and liver and cholesterol:

  • eat salad first but not with lots of dressing to feel full before the rest of the meal
  • no plain sugar except very selectively--no soda or juice
  • If you have the milk don't have a cookie to go with it--twice the sugar
  • Only eat one cookie, not two
  • avoid insulin spikes and blood sugar drops ('the yo-yo')
  • protein is not harming the liver but it has calories in it so be careful
  • walk thirty minutes every day after dinner
  • stop before you are full, just a little before full, when you eat your meals
  • medicines are available, but too many side effects. 
  • If you have non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, vitamin E will help
  • blood tests and ultrasound are next

Here is what Anthony had to say to me earlier today:

How I really feel?  About my losing weight and everything? Some people put bricks on your shoulders, and it's heavy. And other people take bricks off. My dad puts bricks on me mom, and I don't want to lose the weight because of his way.  With you, mom, you are the one who takes the bricks off.

Angel Wings

Those of you who know Diane, and have seen a picture of her in angel wings, I want to let you know a story...

When she, from NJ, said she was going to walk from the hotel to the store I was terrified.

I had lived in the area--two miles one way is straight into not the best part of Santa Ana.  Two miles the other isn't bad but, like the song, nobody walks in L.A.!

So I offered to take her to the costume store.

Once I was there, I realized that this 'something' that makes us love to wear costumes may have something to do with what got us here incarnate in the first place--perhaps our stories of our lives, in Galactic Time, are as simple and fun as picking the right costume for Halloween and wearing it to the party?

We all crave 'adventure', do we not?

A Visit to Zadkiel's Temple

Anthony stayed home today, and I am post call. It's almost one hundred degrees, and no functioning air conditioning unit. I watered the garden with a sprinkler, and lay on the porch swing...

Ross escorted me to Zadkiel's Healing Temple.  He was at my side, supporting me, as I limped and waded to the entrance through the water which surrounds it.  He wouldn't carry me. It was like sports, I had to walk on my own power.

St Germain greeted us. He had nothing to do.

In an instant--I found myself in a rose-scented old-fashioned claw foot tub  of bubbles  prepared for me by Blessed Mother! I was in the tub and she was in the room to assist me. We shared girl talk about Ross, about how happy I am to be his, and how exciting a time this is!  She later gave me three spoonfuls of healing tonic, a not too sweet syrup about the same color and taste as grenadine syrup. It was warm in my tummy, not like alcohol, but like Light, a spiritual warmth. Next she showed me a spiral bound, laminated menu of spa services and let me pick my next treatment.

I chose the one I call the haystack treatment--you lie in a haystack in the sunshine in yellow room to support the yellow chakra, while they used advanced technology to give healing without my knowing it--light or sound or something like that. I found it smells nice.  I was all alone, curled on my side, and enjoyed it very much.

Ross greeted me, and walked me to something special he had booked, a 'couples' session.
We sat in floaty chairs--kind of Galactic recliners that are very streamlined and float as if by magnets or zero gravity--holding hands looking at night sky.  It is called the Reacquaintance room. The chairs had dark blue cushions and were like molded white plastic, and tipped back. The feel was as if we were on water, and the sky was above us.  I did fine with it until it was time to go.

 I started crying because of all we've been through. I am just now starting to emotionally 'process' it. He put his face near mine, and said  if you have tears to cry, do, and I will be worth those tears. He gave me a cup of tea, and smiled, and gave me a strong hug. This tea was golden and in a white mug.

Next I bumped into Metatron--walking around--not in his office. I thanked him. For making this possible, and for all the changes. I asked if he would mind if I buy him a blueberry vanilla smoothie? I thanked him both for being incarnate as my father, and also, for helping me. Daddy always LOVED blueberry. So when I chose this for him, he was very touched, and enjoyed it very much.

At the foyer, I met Zadkiel-- who in his hand held a small white orb/glass/bubble about six inches diameter.  Gently, he gave it to me. I had a feeling it was something, and his next action made me all the more certain.  He took a pin and popped it. Dust fell to floor; he waved a hand and it was vacuumed up. Both of us knew what it means! Nada es no mas!

Much to my delight, Andy Bojarski--John the Baptist--arrived with a smile on a jet ski to take me back. As you can imagine, the ride was very high energy! There was much laughter, and on my part, much gratitude, for my star family always being with me, in ANY dimension!


Carla is moving along at a pretty fast clip at this point. She has found her 'pace' and is making her way 'up'.

She always makes me laugh, and with her part of her soul 'back up where it belongs' with me, Carla makes the wisecrack that she is 'halfway ascended' and 'half is better than none!'

Carla REALLY likes her 'higher self' who is 'up there', and is very happy for the way things are.  Carla always misses me, and she explained some time ago in the last few days how on Earth, if you don't hear from someone, without any 'context' of where they are going and how long to expect them to be back, it means 'uncaring' and 'unloving' in a negative way.  Carla is a little tired of how I 'come and go' and cites 'loose lips sink ships' as her justification for not always having a clue as to my whereabouts at any given moment.

Carla also saw quite clear how her lifetimes, all the way to this one, involve the taking away of someone very close to her who she this case, not just Jared who is the father of Anthony, but Anthony himself with her work schedule and custody arrangement that keeps him not at her side 24/7.

Carla 'sees' the plan, as something to help heal her from my loss, or should I say, 'losses' as both Gamaliel and me when I was incarnate.

Carla is connecting the dots and it won't be long before her Full consciousness hits.

(he looks at his watch--ed)  I call it 'any time now'  (he laughs and smiles to himself--for making slang appropriately--ed)...

Just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait! (he is insinuating I am his Eliza Doolittle! OMG--how totally hysterical--and wrong, may I add honey?--LOL--ed)

Carla can take a good teasing and boy can she dish it out!

Can you?


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Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple