Monday, October 19, 2015

Rest Assured -- Gaia News Brief 19 October 2015

Ross to the Rescue!

Yesterday had the chance to be a major blow up day between myself and my son.  The project was due, and he put forth minimum effort. He even planned a 'break'--a gap of three hours to watch football.

Anthony is almost my size. He's taller than me. And he's ten.

My heart was breaking in about six different pieces--he's clearly not academic. At best he is going to be a C student. And I have to love him anyways because his mental health is more important than the grades. But it both vexes and annoys me that I have to do so much work FOR him.  For example, he has spent one week 'researching' and using the computer is allowed on this project.   His teacher had given him pictures, articles, and he could barely talk except for a few basic points.

I didn't know what to do.

In steps Ross, and also, my inner guidance.

I made Anthony pick up his things. I've had a strong feeling of being held hostage by his procrastination--this is the second weekend where we can't do anything fun because of his schoolwork.  I had my limit. So he--who apologized for being 'so messy'--got to skip the books and pick up some of his own responsibility around the house.  He put his suit on the hanger, and his other clothes, and picked up.  (he did a terrible job of it, and I had to put away the new flashlight and pick up the shoes and more, I note.)

Then I had him clear off the dining room table to have a place to work.

Anthony is in complete and total denial. He says if I had a nice place with a lamp and a desk I could DO the work mom.

The child follows me around the house because he doesn't LIKE to work alone--he is social, and likes to talk, and more, be acknowledged for his 'work' as he is 'working'.  He's not going to go to his room and quietly work. He follows me around the house.

Then Ross had me take him to the store to buy the poster materials.

Anthony is a Rooster year.  He likes things that look nice.

We bought the foam board with an extra. Then wooden letters that spell out Viking Ships. A little paint for a boat model he will make with popscicle sticks and hot glue.

Once Anthony could SEE the project, then he got engaged.

But Ross had also said for us to get some frozen yogurt.  I suggested we walk the block to go there.
Mind you, frozen yogurt is on the top of our 'do not eat' list. It's all sugar.  But we had a gift card and were guided to use it. On the way, we passed a sandwich shop, and bought simple sandwiches for dinner, and drank cups of water to go with it. They were surprisingly good.

So we walked, and got the yogurt, and Anthony became a whole new child!  I'm GLAD we got out of the house mom! I'm excited about my project!

We stopped to get his lunch meat from a nearby grocery store--still walking--and we discovered a video games store. He--with his own money--bought the new football and basketball games. I don't mind them as much because they are 'clean'.

We walked  back to the car, and it took half hour, which is our prescription to 'walk after dinner'.

As he was working, Anthony commented how it's funny how he felt Ross so close to him all day?

I was thrilled!

And relieved.

I said, from my heart, that I hope it will be like this for us every single day, for all eternity!

Ross is an amazing father, and I am so thankful to him for his assistance.

Nature and The Sick Bay

I watered the garden. I pulled some weeds. And I rested on the porch swing.

Sometimes I looked at the clouds like when I was a toddler, and didn't know the words for 'clouds' or what they were. I just took it all in, and watched the shapes and colors of the trees waving in the breeze, and felt the tremendous awe of how pretty Nature is.

Then I wanted to go to Zadkiel's healing temple.

I swam leisurely, and St. Germain greeted me. There was nothing to do on his part. Then I explained my request, and Archangel Michael popped in face to face with me. It was fascinating because as we talked, his face shifted back and forth from Michael, to Ashtar, to Marc Gamma, and back.  There was no treatment. I was only talking and then--BOOM!

I was completely someplace else!  (there had been a surprise visit from a family member in between, and when I got back I was where I left off--then I moved to the new location.)

I was on board ship with him, and we were walking down a hallway.

He knocked on a door and the funny-headed bald man answered. He apologized to me, and offered me a small gift. I didn't want it, but I took it and thanked him, even though his apology was insincere and not filled with Love.  When the door closed, I gave the gift to Michael to take care of it.

It was Protocol.

Then Michael took me to a long room with a low ceiling like an office that was filled with people being healed.  It was called Sick Bay.

Apparently, Galactics do self-healing every single day.  They meditate and scan their auras, and detach anything that might get stuck--negative attachments, implants, whatever...

When they encounter something there that they can't remove by themselves, then they go to Sick Bay, BEFORE they show illness.  Long before.

Michael guided me to a booth that looked like a cross between a suntanning booth and a shower stall or an airplane bathroom--it was tall, thin, round, and plastic-like. Inside it was filled floor to ceiling with aquamarine crystal, giant ones that were taller than me.

He shut the door.

As the energy worked, I could 'sense' and barely make out a human figure that was IN the aquamarine, and he was working to heal me! He was the same color, transparent, from head to toe. There was no hair.

I asked him who he was, and is he the spirit of the crystal? Is he always in this form? Is he trapped inside it? I was concerned for his well-being, for his freedom.

He showed me a thought picture that he could look like me, with human colors, when he wasn't working and that this was his 'day job'.

Then I relaxed and enjoyed the healing until it was done.


I have a new way of working with Spirit as I make the bracelets for the custom orders. Before, I went entirely by feel, and Spirit directed every single bead in what order.

There is a very special one I am making where I want even MORE healing properties built into it--I want to make it protective for someone who is in an abusive relationship.

So I had to wait. I couldn't find the right stones...

Part of it was I felt HIM--the abuser--and I needed to be careful for the bracelet not to draw attention. It had to look more like jewelry and less like healing, if you know what I mean.

Spirit came through gently, beautifully, as I did my daily readings of my book on crystals.  I have the stones, by name. And by digging thought my supplies, I found just the right ones.

Today or tomorrow I hope to create it.

It's been one week for this order, since I actively started working on it.  Once the person who it is being sent receives it, I may share the design with you.

I really like working in partnership with Spirit.  Very much.


My message is short because Carla needs to be at work in a short time. I wasn't going to mention it at all, but Carla wasn't going to write until this afternoon.  I wanted her to get the details right on the Sick Bay before she forgets them. So nicely, I invited her to write.

Many of you are trying to 'get' into Zadkiel's temple in your meditations, and are getting sidetracked.

Perhaps you might wish to try to enter our Sick Bay on my ship, the New Jerusalem (that is the name--I call it NJ sometimes--at first Carla was always making fun of it to me as it has an antique 'ring' to it, but now she adores it pretty much the same as she adores me. It is my home, the New Jerusalem, and I am admiral of this ship. I welcome you to board it in your dreamtime--many of you do while you are asleep to begin with!--and take a tour of our Sick Bay for all your healing needs.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple