Thursday, October 22, 2015

Working Hard -- Gaia News Brief 22 October 2015

On Call 

In so many ways the past few days, I have had the same sense of 'spinning my wheels' as I do when I am on beeper call at home.  There is an uneasy, unsettling feeling, that no matter what I do, it may be interrupted at any moment.  I want to be free to do something that I enjoy, to move on, but my assignment is still 'here', so I manage the best I can.

Just like the viking  ships that are permanently on display out of the water on dry land--at the waterfront in Drakkar, something energetically for me is 'out of place' and I can't put my finger on it, except that the warrior spirit in me is getting pretty antsy, and exasperated in a holding pattern such as this.


Ross is working to shore me up for next steps. After dropping Anthony at school yesterday, on the Jazz station, there was the end of a song that said, 'I will love you in Autumn'--I can't really remember the words but I felt an 'awwwww'.  Then, immediately after, the Manhattan Transfer played 'Operator'. I recalled the song and the tune but not the words--it's an old standard.

I had to smile as I listened, and saw Ross just giving me a shrug!  It is what it is, and somehow, together, we are going to get through this!

Work was long, very long. All my patients did well. And I am up early to go back for one case on 'my day off'...

On the ride home, I heard, on the same station, Michael BublĂ© with his new 'Irresponsible Me'--and followed was an instrumental version by a band I swore to myself I would never forget the name, but I did. It had the music to this song in it, and I really really 'got' how this really IS 'just illusion'--it's hard to explain but I am starting to see it for what it is without judging it or wanting it to change.

Like I told a friend yesterday, I feel bored bored bored, and yet at the same time, these end times are extremely special, and I am appreciating them for what they are.


That's the French word for 'boredom'.

As a rule, I never am one to get bored. I always find something to do. And I don't mind being alone. I am my own best company.

I have a sense of being in a standstill, with my waking up early, going to work, working hard, and coming home, only to do it again the next day.

Spirit guided another friend to say, 'Carla! LOOK HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME IN TWO YEARS!'--I found my soul mate, I've grown as a healer, so much has happened.

(she didn't know I was bored--how's that for Spirit, hmmm?)

For me it's been five years, or longer, with my awakening and my training.

And as I went to sleep last night, Ross took me into our living room back home (where HE is) and we put our feet up on the table, and watched home movies together, to help me remember.  I remember telling him, right before I went to sleep, how my love will find him wherever he is, and then he showed me a picture of him (I asked him, do you wear pajamas there too? I forget the answer) in his bed up there, thinking of me. It was clearer than any I have seen.

Speaking in Tongues

I was given this gift of the spirit in 1992.  You just relax, and your soul talks to Heaven in its native language. It energizes you. Your mouth just moves and these weird sounds come out, it's like some language you never were taught to speak.

Well, last night, I came home and looked for some new beads online. I'm starting to want the rare stuff to create with. And I started looking for periclase...

While I was relaxing and scrolling through the selections, my soul started talking with Ross in some language I don't know, in the silence of my heart. It was telepathic communication. I sensed I was complaining to him, and he was questioning me, and supporting me, based on my feelings I felt and his tone.

I really liked it.

It was what these really strong stones have been helping me do up until then--to connect with my soul, on a soul level, and raise the vibration UP to something far more comfortable to me.

Talking with Ross in this way did it.

For those of you who have Twins who are not incarnate, you might begin to experience this too.

Loving Support

I must admit the prospect of being with Ross in the public and his massive popularity are a little unsettling. I'm like, who am I but the swag on his arm? you know?

A reader, actually, several of them, said, 'Carla, this community here LOVES you'.

It caught me off guard.

In a nice way.

Because this community DOES know me and love me, for my energy signature first (before I met Ross), and now for both of us.

It really makes a huge difference in facing forward to my future, our future, to know I am not in a vacuum--emotionally--but there is loving support and encouragement on the home front as I go to experience 'whatever is next'...

I thank you from my heart, with deepest gratitude and love, for your welcoming us into your hearts.


I have seven minutes to speak.  Then Carla has to go to work for a six-thirty case. Yes! It is the end of her shift, and mercifully, a case was added on at the end of it, instead in the middle.

Carla was guided to this by me-- boost her ever-expanding sense of orientation to 'what is what' in the Higher Realms.

It did not get the 'boost' in her I and all of her team had hoped.

For Carla this is taking 'forever and a day'--and facts being what they are, and the public being what it is, Carla surmised that this two is going to take a minimum of two years further, and in this, she has no interest in her heart.

Two years of waking up at four in the morning, and commuting so far to work...while everybody else out there 'wakes the heck up'.

It makes me sad.

Ascension is  a beautiful thing to be enjoyed, and very special, and my wife is emotionally 'checking out' because of her Human nature.

The dark ones are counting on this.

What the dark ones cannot conceive is how disciplined and dedicated Carla is, and what got her both to apply, to enroll, and to complete her medical school training.

Just yesterday, one of the many nurses who left the O.R. 'full time' to work 'part time' and enroll in a program to become a nurse practitioner--came back to the nurses' lounge in the operating room to say hello after she had a meeting. She complained at just how much work doing a physical examination really is! Documenting it takes FOREVER too! There is so much to know! And how her boyfriend is at home and watches the TV while she has to go into the bedroom and study and write and do more work...

Carla realized she is probably going into debt for this too, further debt than her nursing education for her undergraduate nursing degree...

This nurse, a Reiki student of Carla's, who is a certified yoga instructor too--is at a crossroads! And her awareness and consciousness is increasing to appreciate what Carla and all the other physicians do as a matter of course.

Carla is not at this point yet with her learning about Galactic Ways, although without her knowing it, she is studying 24/7 how to be Galactic.

This isn't boring her at all, I know, I take the measurements.

It is the monotony of working on faith, and doing the right things, again and again--for in the awakening, the waking up phase, there carries with it a burst of connection, of energy, of PURPOSE! In those days, Carla had to write! It was like a physical need for her--spirit was nudging her to get the message OUT and it couldn't wait!

But all of the people who were meant to awaken, because of Carla's passing the literal 'bucket' in the 'bucket brigade' of Light to them--all her key code and activation sequences that are embedded in her energy signature of everything she touches--writing, blogging, posting, tweeting, and photo selection as well as the symbols and the videos--are for the most part 'done'.

Now it is THEIR turn to follow their inner guidance, and do what it is their time to do!

So Carla, along with a few other Lightworkers, wait.

And build bracelets.

And get up early to drive to work.

I took thirteen minutes.

Carla will be late if I write anything else.

I love her, and I will go.

Carla's boredom will be short-term, and quickly forgotten.

Until then, it is energetically uphill, marching in cadence with the rest of her team, until the awakening is done.

If Carla can do the medical school thing for twelve years--applying, studying, and the internship, residency and fellowship--this is a piece of cake what we have here.

I want you to know it isn't all 'Om' and 'Roses' in the spirit life, when you are incarnate.

Everyone has their moments.

You naturally will have them too.

Just ride it out, and when you are on the next peak after your 'valley' the sight and the panorama will be breathtaking!

I see it all from where I sit.

And I reassure you, everything both with Carla and I, and with the rest of our team--that includes you--is doing great, and soon will be fantastic, all of us together on one page--in a short time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins