Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bereft -- Gaia News Brief 17 October 2015

Moving Forward Past Contentment

Happily ever after doesn't cut it when you are 13D, have incarnated in 3D for thousands of years, and are now going back 'Home' energetically.

The joy and contentment, the warmth in my heart are the same.

Like a child taking its first steps, I am learning how to 'live' and 'be' in a Galactic Realm, with my Consciousness.

Yesterday, I saw a situation coming up in the morning--there was a pancake breakfast at the school, Anthony used to overeat, and they take over the play area in the morning. Without five dollars, you can't play. It's a 'fundraiser'.

Anthony had asked for an omelet. But I knew it wouldn't be 'special' enough, and also, I might be late for work. I invited  him to have breakfast burritos, at our place we have our Break Fiesta once a week as a special treat (he has milk, not juice, I drink black coffee).  He loved it and said 'yes!'

The school was open early, and we saw the pancake breakfast teacher moving things, and the breakfast tables had been set up in the playground.  Anthony had been given a job to help, and since he was here, I dropped him off early and he went to work.

My heart was in my throat as I knew he was with syrup and pancakes and used to dare other kids to see how much they could eat.

I had to let it go, and trust him.

He only ate three-quarters of a pancake with syrup, and later in the day, when his teacher gave out tootsie rolls, he got two but only ate one.

At his basketball practice, the coach (same as last year) and all of the parents noticed how much more trim he looked. He was also able to jump higher and play better in his 'new body'...and felt great.

Wisdom and Grace

I am now experiencing near-instant, 'real time' manifestation.  Yesterday I had a two hour gap. So I took a walk, and I LOVED it. I walked three miles, and felt very very close to Ross the whole time. It was a walking meditation.

I saw Nature, and delighted in it. And twice, when Ross made a very romantic point, I saw instantly a heart--first a heart shaped rock (I kept it with really really big smiles and feeling loved), and a heart-shaped 'spot' on the sidewalk.

I enjoy being with him.

I even was guided to bead shop that is in the process of moving.  Every strand there was one dollar ninety-nine cents.  I found some muscovite! I also got three quartz crystal points for half price, and also a glass sphere on a stand that is very small.

The husband of the owner (who was at the new place) noticed how I knew the stones, and asked 'why do people use crystals?'

I thought about it one moment, and said, 'You know how Asian people use the Himalayan Salt Lamps in the home, to 'make everything better'?  It's like that, only with stones instead of lamps.'

He nodded in understanding.

When I pointed to the muscovite and shared how it helps to regulate blood sugar, he saw my point, and nodded in quiet agreement at the usefulness of working with crystals...

He gave me his lunch bag from the grocery store, and took his sandwich out and placed it on the shelf, so I could carry it back to work.

I felt like I was being shown wonderful things by Ross, moment to moment, and was as open and close to him with my heart as possible.

Instant Manifestation Part 2

The new codes came in handy.  So did yesterdays Creator Writings. I am being increasingly shown how, like the old hymn says, 'How I am weak and you are strong'.

That was my lesson for the day.

This was a huge part of it--this article--I read it with interest, as if it was a memory coming back--

Mind you, I work with an incarnation of Azrael, and HE is pure love, 24/7, even when he complains. As I read the article, that energy signature I get from the one I know, wasn't there.

But I made the connections--about how all of our life experiences are designed to get us to not make attachments to ANYTHING. And I fought it! I said, 'Ross, I have been with you through many lifetimes! I am NEVER letting go of you.' I meant it.

And I saw first hand within the Illusion how 'flimsy' everything in Life is. Everything can change in an instant. There is nothing you can 'count on' anywhere you look. This started with my plumeria being stolen from the pot in front of my house--the pot placed upside down as if to prove a painful point...the violation.

I thought of it all day.

I was in shock, spiritual shock. Because the more you Ascend, the more you see and recognize the Wonder and Grace that is in everyone who is not incarnate...and then...there is YOU!

It's a huge gap.

A humbling gap.

As I was falling asleep last night, I said, because of the article, 'Ross? If all these 'lessons' are to teach me to let you go, then, I permit you to go and do whatever you need to do and sleep with other women to gain 'experiences' that are important in some Galactic way I don't understand...and I will just stay here, and sit. '

I showed him a picture of a mom sitting while her family goes on the rides at a theme park, and I fought back the tears...

Ross apologized profusely. Never in a million years did anyone think that someone incarnate and Ascending would react to that article by Azrael that way.

I told him, 'It's okay...I understand...but what kind of Heaven is it, what kind of existence, when you cannot have attachments to that which brings you joy--your family, your things you like to do, your hobbies, your pets?'

And I did quietly cry silent tears so as not to disturb Anthony, who was asleep in the next room.

Ross got upset.

He took me with him, and we went to someplace on the same level, but to the left. He knocked fast and loud on some big white ordinary looking door. I don't recall if there was a name on it.

Someone tall as Ross, with a dark complexion and an odd shaped head, who was almost bald, answered the door, leaning his head out but not inviting us in.

Ross spoke fast and with emotion to him in a language I didn't understand. Ross gestured. The other man did the same. It went on for what seemed like forever.  I picked up that the process of Ascending is putting people like me between worlds where we can't see the good, or feel it, of the New Earth.  There is distortion in the perception, and this misunderstanding is causing suffering--and he pointed to me, gesturing with his open hand.

After it was done, Ross gently, gently asked me what I want to do for tomorrow? He had his order pad, and I was like, 'I get to ask something? I get to order? Still?'

He said yes.  So I asked for a good day, and to make bracelets. I kept it simple.

I saw just now that Gaia Portal published this around two or three hours after  the time I was falling asleep:

It looks like they are going to speed things up.

Long Story Short

All my life I have felt 'different'.  My latest lessons are showing the gifts, skills, and strengths of those around me.

I thought I was humble.

But now I am humble more. 

That was one of the guidelines Blessed Mother gave me at the start of this all in 1992--it is very important for me to be humble.

I am.

By the way, Ross told me, when I offered him 'every guy's dream'--to go and sleep around and have his 'freedom'--Ross said, 'Carla, I choose YOU! I want it! I don't WANT to go and sleep around. Just like you are with me, MY Heaven is with you at my side!'

I felt it.

Yesterday for the first time, I had looked at wedding dresses in the window of a store. I took a picture of one I liked. Ross had been happy, and shared that the ones where he is are even nicer.

That is the part I want to remember about yesterday.  The closeness and the warmth, the nurturing, love and compassion.

Even though we are incarnate, because it is Illusion, people like Chef Ito (who is very Buddhist) are trained to shun attachments. He believes we incarnate over and over again, so good life or bad, it makes no difference.

But Ito loves his camera, and he loves his he is fond of some things in this incarnation, too...

Yesterday a Mormon friend posted a daily bible inspiration. This was that in our life, death, pain and suffering are part of the plan for salvation. We must accept it, as Divine Will, and trust.  This touched me very deeply. I saw it after the article that made me sad, I guess. I'm so thankful my friend posted it.


(he pauses, as if he is trying to find the right words to say. He never does this! I'm paying attention and also feeling through my heart center to him--I forgot to tell you how when I was falling asleep last night, and sad, MANY downloads and tingles and waves of energy passed through my body. I hope they 'fixed' it, whatever went wrong...I still feel quiet contentment, lots of GRATITUDE, and humility both for my companions on the Journey, as well as for the Wisdom and Grace, the overwhelming sense of Divine Purpose and Love--for the whole Illusion and what makes it go, for my being here today --ed)

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla is on a Journey that none will follow in duplicate.

Carla is paving a road for everyone to follow.

Right now she has some rocks and bushes to clear before she may set the asphalt for the cars to take at their leisure on a Sunday afternoon...

It's hard work.

It is for both of us.

I was very deeply saddened by what Carla had to say about her first glimpse of the Higher Realms with 'New Eyes'...she said, basically, 'Ross, if this is what Heaven is all about, honestly, I don't want to go.'

I DON'T WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN IF IT INVOLVES CUTTING THE ATTACHMENTS TO EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE-- and further, Carla prompted my anguish when she said--WHAT KIND OF 'HEAVEN' IS THAT??? with a pure heart...

The Higher Realms are nothing like this!

But for someone with a veil half-lifted for them, they can hardly see...they can hardly 'see' the Big Picture for what it is!

(he kneels down and traces his finger in the sand--ed)  I had to THINK.  I had to think very hard, and very deeply, about what it is I am leading, the Ascension of Gaia and all of Her inhabitants.  And the distortion that could possibly take place while some are at one phase (shows with his hand like a karate chop--kind of like how we show how far--ed) and some are at another (chops the other hand so you see them a set distance apart--ed).

How are we going to bridge this gap?

Because it had never been done, no one, not for one instant, even considered the possibility--even with all our planning and councils and what not--that one might 'see' with 'astigmatism' and not 'clear focus' at first!

All of us up here had thought once we are 'close' as we are with Carla, we could 'bridge the gap' and it was done!

(he squats and talks to you--he never stood up since the sand--ed)

I want to invite you to come to our aid.  This is for you. This is, for the most part, the reason why many of you incarnated in the first place and are here:  to guide the unawakened to the Light, in all phases of the awakening process.

(he touches his heart--ed--and  is still kneeling/squatting like they do in some parts of the world--ed) Just like I did with Carla. (holds one finger up to make a point--ed) It was my HEART that ran to her, in her fear of abandonment and isolation for all eternity.  Carla, mind you, is very much loved in all the Realms--every single one of them--and is quite popular up here where she is more 'known' outside the Illusion.  But for Carla to feel like that, down here, where she is incarnate, I had to reach out with words, loving gestures, reassurance, and wave after wave of the most powerful energy I could harness to heal her.

And STILL Carla could barely fall asleep.

(points the finger to the sky, to make a point--ed)  What Carla is grieving and reacting to, is that here, (taps the ground-ed) there IS no Heaven, not like there is where Heaven actually IS.  Here it has to be believed in the heart, and accepted for what it is, but never touched or measured...

Well, that experience is painful, extremely painful to be in any way 'separated from Creator'--although it is Illusion it is a very real one to those who are inside a body and incarnate.

So people make ties, both for mutual support, and for their mental health--to things that make life enjoyable for them.

As we are in the midst of massive change, both with the energy and with our way of life--wouldn't you agree there are bound to be some people, who liked the thing that changed, just the way Carla is with all the fancy lightbulbs? She hates them and longs for the lightbulbs of her youth! Carla accepts and endures, but Carla grumbles.

Can you imagine what it will be like when I walk the streets with Carla?  Here? On Planet Earth?! What kind of 'rumble' and pandemonium it will create to those who are not awake?

Your function is to mediate, and ease, and help the newly awakened 'make connection' share 'here I am and I am LOVING it!' and 'come right in, the water's fine!' (he splashes the water figuratively--ed).

(Now he stands up--ed)  I am only an admiral.  I am not all. Without my 'army of light' I am nothing.  I cannot give the massive aid relief both energetically and in substance--to those who are starving and suffering all by myself.

I need your hands.

I ask for your hearts.

I call for you to be in a state of mindfulness every single day from here on out--until Ascension is complete and everything is steady as we go.

Use your eyes, and look for the opportunity to smile, and make a heart connection to someone who is in need of it, your approval, your glance, your nod.

It will help them to keep going! And awakening! In LOVE.

We are all family.

That is enough for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins