Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5.1.2015

New Releases:


For some reason I am being challenged. Control in my life is almost nonexistent. I like to cook--I am never home and my food goes bad in the fridge. I like a tidy house--I am never home to clean it. I hire someone for this, once a week. I like being a mother--just today I had to call a friend because work unexpectedly came late, and I wasn't out until five thirty.  I was on the road in traffic, and then farther to the friend's house--so from door of the hospital to my front door was TWO hours.

For example, today, I rejoiced in a 'late start'. On a Monday I don't trust it--they are always trying to squeeze in a 'last case' up on the front. But I called at six a.m., and the front desk said, 'eight-forty-five start'. So I relaxed. I did the 'new releases'. I let my son wake up when HE felt like it, instead of me waking him up.

Just as I was ready to cook eggs, the phone rang. It was work. Are you at work? Dr. N wants to go early our first case cancelled.

There is only one answer--I am on my way!

So we had instant oatmeal, and jumped in the car. I got there right on time, but not early, and they had done the case without me. We are friends, and the receptionist and scheduler said 'it's not your fault'.

But the anesthesiologist must be affable, available, and able to succeed...

El Guapo:

I was having the following conversation with Ross on the way in to work:

C:  Thank you for being handsome!
R:  What do you mean?
C:  I would have loved you no matter what you look like, but you are very attractive. I've never been with someone as attractive as you. It's a bonus! I'm so lucky...
(I felt this WARM glow in Ross' heart, as we are connected, as Twins. He never expected to hear me say that.)
C:  It's not so great being fifty. Look at me. What happened? You never made it to fifty, did you?
R:  We will get you in shape and you will be attractive to on your own--even without me!

Phone call from work. Where are you? It was stressful. I was only five minutes away, and trying to figure out how to intercept my doctor, who works at two buildings on the hospital campus...

Once I hung up--it was so funny because I had flipped to 'Old Jams' 92.5 on the radio for the first time EVER...and what do I see on the 'what song is playing' out of the corner of my eye?

THAT WAS MY NICKNAME IN RESIDENCY!!! One of my Indian professors--Raji--used to call me this, and also her sister Rani. We were friends. We gave gifts and my name was 'Cutie Pie'--Ross KNEW and he also sent me the song to make me know he likes me.

There was an energy signature to it too. 

It totally made my day.


I walked into work at just on time, in my pink jacket and scrubs. I did two cases at one building, then I came back and did a HUGE lineup of more 'conscious sedation'. One I almost didn't do--way to heavy for conscious sedation. I even spoke up and didn't promise even though people said, 'This patient did okay last time!'

I looked through the old charts. I saw who had done it before. And it was a senior partner, who has good judgement.

You see this was a stent exchange, but my intuition told me it wouldn't be quick. And my intuition was right. The anatomy was so distorted that the gastroenterologist couldn't figure out what duct was what. So we needed a radiologist to come to the procedure room and tell us. Well it was LUNCH time and radiologists 'slip out' to restaurants! So we waited and paged and overhead paged and texted...then they showed up...

My lunch was two handfuls of peanut butter pretzels , two Chinese things I don't know what they are but are dried fruits, and two slices of dried mango. It was like, camping food! And it was supplied by the GI team in their break room.

I had a lunch in the car, but I couldn't bring it in to the procedure room, and I couldn't go out to the car, either, because it was one case after another.

I wasn't given time to eat or drink until I demanded ten minutes--at four forty p.m.

In summary--the anesthesiologist has little to no control over their day. 

Good Feeling

I have seen some of the sickest of the sick recently. In addition to the Transition Symbol, I have started to give the 'Freedom from Karma' symbol. It feels WONDERFUL to help someone else out!

We all can do it. The energies on Gaia are right enough--high enough--to support it. What have you got to lose?

Small Blessings

I am going to make a Reiki request for Lee and her three autistic sons. The youngest is twelve, and the older ones are sixteen and eighteen.  I told her I would pray for her and her boys every day. She couldn't believe it!

They screwed up my vacation at work, with the new schedulers. I have coverage and they put that person ON during my absence and with ME being there too. Time to negotiate...before it's too late.

My coverage person, shared how even though right now on OB, they like her, the first day back at work for her 'they made her cry'. It's so petty and cliquish, like High School, with the nurses who write everyone up.

Two years ago when I was 'the popular one', one charge nurse was all into the Fifty Shades series. All of the nurses were reading it. And this RN MADE me buy the kindle version! She literally said, 'YOU NEED TO READ THIS' and watched as I ordered.

I never read it. I never opened it. But that's how sick it is in that department.

This OB anesthesiologist--who also works in main OR too--shared how at every other hospital she works, they treat her like a QUEEN--but here they don't even follow doctor's orders. The doctor orders and the nurses say 'no'.  She stood up for those who were 'purged', including me, and said, 'You want to be home with your son. it's not worth it being away. it's a good thing.'


I want my Carla to be happy in every way.

Carla is important.

Not only to me, but in the grand scheme of things. (smiles mysteriously)

Now it is time for her to get some rest.

If you look at the time stamp on yesterday's blog posts--you will see she got very little sleep.

Goodnight honey. (Now I get that nice warm feeling in my heart center! - ed0

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc