Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gaia News Brief 17.1.2015 -- The Ocean Edition

Re-exploring Connections

I have spent the days since my last blog post exploring what makes me who I AM.

Last night, I had dinner with Alexandra Meadors. It was a late dinner, because I was in the OR until like seven p.m.  But instead of freaking out over my being there and not 'where I wanted to be' with 'my plans' I accepted what IS and did not freak out.

The last case, had a surgeon I would hang out with more if we weren't both doctors--a delightful lady urologist. She was extremely supportive to me when my mother was sick with her bladder cancer. When mom needed to get a urostomy for her urine, my friend said that now mom 'won't have to stop when she drives to Vegas!' and confided she is so tired of waking up at night to take her dog out she is imagining where to place his 'stoma' to collect his urine! (just kidding, but urologists know how to do these

Her daughter is a senior in High School. At the same one as my niece. Her daughter wants to be a music major, in classical singing. So there are applications and letters. They hired a COACH for the letter-- the personal statement essay. The one most kids use people book by sophomore year! So the woman is an Ivy League specialist and was pretty pricey. 

Something is wrong with the system--of people having to do SO much to get accepted into college. It's not right...

Education is a right to all inhabitants of Gaia, if they choose it. An excellent education. In my opinion, that is. <3

It turns out on the website for the school district, my niece who had health issues, has a video there, along with three other children. 

My friend the urologist saw it, and asked if I'd seen it. I watched it in the OR (patient was totally stable) and in a few minutes had tears of joy in my eyes!

There are NO Accidents!

Being With St Germain

I met him for the first time the day before yesterday, in my meditations.

Today we spent much time together, and He so kindly offered to share the Violet Flame (transmutes EVERYTHING negative to positive) with our readers. 

He also gave me an assignment, which I have halfway completed. 

I went to the bead store today. 

I make bracelets now to help raise funds for the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Linda helps with the ones that are available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to the donation. It's very slow, and I auctioned one bracelet that helped to boost the amount to almost double what was in it!

When Mishi at OC Beads learned of the scholarship--she gave me a fifteen percent discount on today's supplies.

We have our first sponsor! 

I was so deeply moved and thankful to her for her support of this fund, which means so very much to me. 

When Ross and I go Home, this fund will be the only thing that is left behind...It is my hope--our hope--that everyone will be able to get access to quality Reiki training in the Higher Realms of 4D and higher Gaia.

We need a sizable chunk of money that will grow interest, and from this interest we may fund students year after year.

I'm starting to SOUND like St Germain, aren't I?  Perhaps I better get some financial tips on him in the creation of this fund?

The Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn--which spiritually must have been a RIGHT turn!--and decided to go to the beach at sunset.

Ross sent me a rock shaped like a heart--and said, 'Happy Valentine's!'

He also sent me one more surprise at the last minute--a beautiful, perfect shell when I least expected it.

If you would like to share my day, here are some images of Dana Point.

Can you see the profile of a face in the rock?


It is with great pride that I confirm that Carla is now SWIMMING in the energy of the Higher Dimensions.  She is exploring her role in Ascension, both for herself, and as part of a team with my 'people' up here on Sky Crew. I greatly enjoy her humor, her zest for life, her enthusiasm, and her sense of adventure.

With her heart, Carla has helped Alexandra, and three others who are in 'difficult situations' to find the hope, the grace, the peace, and the courage to persevere...just in the last two days since Carla has last written to you.

Today, at my request, Carla immersed herself in nature at the beach.

Between us, you would be SURPRISED at how few native Californians who are living at the coast actually spend time at the beach! Everyone is wrapped--totally entangled--in their own lives.

So why not take the time to enjoy some nature? A few deep breaths of fresh air. A flower in a vase. A beautiful song of the birds. Perhaps a trip like Carla to a local place of beauty?

Everything will 'make sense' if you are trying to 'sort things out'.

Never be afraid to say, 'I don't know what I am doing with my life' and 'Ross I can use a little help and guidance at this time'.

There is always HOPE.

That is my trademark.

And PEACE is my 'hook', my 'tag line' that I am remembered in history for...but seriously I am excellent--I and my team to be exact--for a whole lot more than that.

Allow the Violet Flame to purify your energy of all that is sticking to it that you no longer wish to carry/contain.

Soon you will be swimming like Carla too.

(He gives me a big bear hug! --ed)

Carla is pretty easy to catch--that's because she lets me and gave me a pretty good chase for--I don't know--many hundreds of years in Spirit? (which is like nothing to you here--a very short time when you are eternal like all of us are).

Taps his heart--I am happy. Both Carla and I are. Very deeply so.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who love each other very much