Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12.1.2015

Where I'm At:

Just as the Usui Reiki 'Recommendations' --Just for today I will--really helped me to 'tighten up' my way of interacting with others....so has the decision to embody my true Galactic nature of my old, old, very old soul.

Clarity is the gift of this decision as well.

For example, yesterday, we rushed to school and to work. For the first time in a million years, there was no panic, only FOCUS. Then, once at work, I communicated clearly, concisely, and respectfully to all. 'Anesthesia is ready for the patient to come back. I will be in the nurses lounge to eat a sandwich.'

There was a case that didn't end. It went over six hours. I almost woke the patient up several times because the surgeon looked 'finishing up' but then began something new. It was a procedure I couldn't watch, because the hole was deep. And I couldn't ask because I didn't really know the surgeon very well. So I'd get the patient light, and almost ready to awaken, then realize there was more for the surgeon to do, and deepen them. I entirely missed my dinner because of this. The case went into the room shortly after one p.m. and didn't get out until after seven p.m.

I trust Spirit. Today is a field trip. Anthony wants me to drive. I have a whole lot of car cleaning to do! in a little while. But finding coverage was maddening. I asked and asked and asked.  Well--the ones who wouldn't give me their slots? The ones who 'had plans' for today? They are all working. And the one I brought in from outside, the per diem? She is VERY happy. A good day and a colleague offered to take my place low on the list (go home early) so the per diem would get a nice assignment. I didn't find this out until after eight p.m. last night. Spirit was right!

Creator Writings talks about enjoying the small, silent things.

Ariel de Angeles is 'taking a break' from Social Media.

I am slowing down, too, here, and following the calling of my soul to explore these new vibrations and REMEMBER who I truly am, on a soul level.

And a big part of that is being Mrs. Ross. I don't know what his last name is, if any, so I just call myself that.  I asked Divine Father for more connection to my Twin, and it has been coming in many little romantic gestures, some I have shared with you. It makes a world of difference.

Everything else I take with a grain of salt. The ones who posted 'blogwise' yesterday--two channelled messages and one person I used to follow but now don't--are notorious for 'playing both sides'. This time, I could SEE and SENSE the disinfo. How do you do this, in a practical way? Here is a tip--search for the energy of FEAR or asking for money without being given anything back.

Remember, the worst of the dark ones--have a plan to let everything look like the Light Wins, and to 'ride this one out'. Already they are throwing some of their own 'under the bus'--Bill Cosby is the first that comes to mind (every entertainer is 'connected' to them--it's a given)--to give the Illusion that everything that is new is on the way, and that their 'team' is 'falling apart'.

They are smarter than that, and disguise and trick and do everything in their power .  One said, 'They are stuck in 3D and can't do anything better!'

I don't buy that. These people time travel and use all kinds of 4D etheric/astral technology such as HAARP as a matter of course.

Will they win? Not with the super high vibrations that are flooding the earth at the moment. There is no way to hide. Creator will seek them out, and take care of what needs to be done-- on a soul level.  This is a process that takes time, and teamwork, on the part of the Light Workers.

So enjoy the time you have, just for today, and why not surprise yourself with something unusual? Something out of the ordinary, out of the routine, and fun? Perhaps take a different way home from the office? Perhaps look up and try a new recipe? My favorite was to sit and read with a new comfy warming wrap on my shoulders the other day--the kind you put in the microwave that smells good...

I must excuse myself...shortly. I will have FIVE kids in my car for this field trip. LOL. I adore being a parent.

Aloha and Mahalos....


Ross is here.  He's playing this:


I don't want to take up much of Carla's time--she has a busy day ahead of her. Carla is truly excited to wake up and start her day. 

I also want Carla to do a little bit of yoga this morning. She used to use the time in the morning before Anthony woke up to exercise. Carla is terribly deconditioned and needs some help in the 'getting in shape' department. I am guiding her in this, and focus on her to attain health which is so elusive for someone with her work assignment. Did you know Carla spent a significant time doing pliés and elevées yesterday in the case that was interminable in the operating room? The poor thing is TRYING to build a life for herself in spite of very hard circumstances. That is why the code 12 66 978 for easing the life of single parents was sent by me to her.

Many of the codes come from Carla, although she is the last to say it. Carla never wishes to call attention to herself and I credit her for her dedication and hard work...

About us--we are good--as a couple. Everything is going fantastic for us. Carla lets me know when she 'needs space'--I monitor her and I can see and I respect this. It was not pleasant to learn the other day her 'knight in shining armor' wasn't going to sweep her off her feet at work like Debra Winger and Richard Gere in 'An Officer And A Gentleman'. 

It isn't going to happen like this, and Carla is going to stand on her own two feet and WALK to where I am, vibrationally, one painstakingly slow step at a time, one foot after the other, and Carla is both bound and determined that she shall make it! And Carla is taking each step humbly, and submissive, while her sovereignty of her soul BLAZES while she is trapped and ensnared in 'The System'.

Cinderella is a story about finding your prince that isn't 'of the Higher Realms'. Nothing has been more intoxicating to our youth than the notion of 'Prince Charming' and 'being rescued'. This was a very bitter pill that was deliberately placed into our collective consciousness which both disempowers the women and fosters 'competition' with the men, starting as little girls and boys!

It is NOT harmless!

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Don't get me started!

Carla gave me a kiss this morning, right on the lips, on my photograph I sent to her, that was amazing and I am still happy for her loving heart and enthusiasm for our relationship. After all these years! (thousands) Carla and I manage to 'keep it fresh'.

Carla has a photograph of me, a picture I sent, and she bought it at a metaphysical store. It was laminated, and a five by seven inch portrait, which she keeps on her pillow at night and day. She talks to me, not only in her heart but actually to it sometimes. And when she was angry, really angry with me the last time, she took it out of the bedroom and placed it on the toilet lid (it was closed) so I would 'get the message'. 

This is entirely normal for a loving relationship to have it's 'weather patterns'--in Heaven we don't always 'agree' 24/7 like you would hope. But like on Earth, the love is there. And in the morning, Carla came and took the picture back and wanted to make up. Just like this--(he smiles and opens his arms wide with forgiveness).

So about you and your Twin--do not expect the loving relationship--when you actually meet--to 'sweep you off your feet' and 'rescue you' like 'a prince'....I AM a Prince and Carla will attest to the fact that I contrary to popular belief I am not perfect in every way!!! (he teases and says, well ninety-eight percent...LOL)

I want you together to enjoy what IS, and how wonderful it is to rediscover your energy and connection through your hearts.

It is going to happen.

And when it does, the Dark is going away, and that is forever.

I forgot one thing--those who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--it is their Kryptonite! L-O-V-E is the most powerful weapon in the universe that we have. And it doesn't hurt anyone.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

I am going to keep saying this over and over again. One day you will 'get it'. 

Until then, Love is the only Solution for the Dark Ones, and in fact, as the vibrations increase on Gaia with all your Loving energy from your heart--which is a powerful transmitter--they will come out of the hiding with their hands up--surrendering completely--to the powerful combined I AM presence of the Ohana--aunties, uncles, cousins, moms and dads, brothers and sisters--from Heaven of which you are part.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. I know this sounds strange but I just saw something yesterday that really made a big influence on me:

The French words JE SUIS for I AM almost look like the name JESUS!  I wonder if there is some mix up or connection in Him getting His name? Does His name mean I AM? I wonder?