Monday, January 19, 2015

Gaia News Brief 19.1.2015

I think we're done

  • The stragglers have been merged with Source over the last three days. I think it's finished.
  • My Seal of Solomon ring feels 'different'--there is no darkness to dispel with it--there's no resistance.
  • My other ring--when I go to add the consciousness of my honey to the grid--it's all filled up already and doesn't 'take' any more.
  • Last night, in my meditation, I saw one of the worst archons incarnate--one who has the blood of seventeen child human sacrifices on his hands--in spirit--in HANDCUFFS--be escorted off the planet. He fought. And some dark, oily like motor oil slick shadows--totally 2D figures--tried to liberate him. They all swallowed up and went POOF! with a puff of smoke, and they were gone.
  • Blog posts aren't always published right away--they can be scheduled.
  • Another blogger who routinely dishes out disinfo gave a bunch of whoppers recently too. I know.
  • I have love and joy in my heart, and closeness to Ross. This is one of the most incompatible vibrations for the Dark Ones there is--they tried to eliminate it in our past incarnation, and almost succeeded. It cost Ross his life. Guess what? He's not doing that now--he's safely in 5D! LOL <3
  • A grid is a grid. I work with them. The dark ones, and all their tools, are destroyed. They have been for longer than you might think. The only grids I see, and am connected to, are the ones of the Light.  They feel fantastic!
  • If you THINK about anything besides the grids for the Light, then you REBUILD and RECREATE the ones of Darkness with your energy/emotion/thought. That's the Hail Mary long pass to 'score a touchdown' that The Other Team (you know--those who don't have our best interest at heart) are counting on. As Gaia's surface vibration keeps increasing, the odds for success for such a 'deep and long pass' are dropping lower and lower all the time.
Question:  What is the BEST way for you to 'fight the dark ones?'

Answer:  To live your life with joy, abundance, gladness, and PEACE. Your taking the 'bull by the horns' and enjoying with love and gratitude what you already HAVE--health, family, eyes that see...will remove any energy of fear and despair (the premium unleaded petrol for the dark ones) from the planet. It's as simple as that. There are no meditations, no interventions, no fancy schemes...just heart to heart love and affection, and confidence in your sovereignty between you and Creator, and that's about it!

A Beautiful Healing Key from Divine Mother:  Heart to Heart -- The Divine Mother's Love Healing Key

We got another key! This is the second in two days. I share it here with you now:

An Exercise in 5D

Here is the situation:

May I request Reiki healing for my friend J and his son, A? A has medical problems and his father had successfully gotten him off seizure meds with nutrition. He was seizure free for quite some time until the mother sued and got custody and put him back on meds and he's having 20-30 seizures a day again. I ask for healing of the entire situation. Thank you!!

Here is the analysis--in my opinion as a multi-dimensional being as well as a single mother who has been through a custody battle herself:
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything.  Can you see where this is lacking?
  • Who comes first in ALL dealings with the other parent and the courts? The needs of the child.
  • Who 'wins' with the use of alternative healing to the exclusion of conventional medical care? NOBODY. Dad may be right, but unless mom 'buys it'--she's going to court. How does THIS make everything I've ever worked for look? REALLY REALLY icky. Remember WE are Ambassadors for Spiritual and Energy Medicine--WE need to always put this first, and to open our hearts to people who might not be able to understand that is DOES work.
  • Is thirty seizures a day a good thing? No way Jose. It's almost status epilepticus. This can be life-threatening.
  • WE are ONE. This is our family, our ohana. There IS no 'he said' and 'she said' any more in 5D.  These are our cousins with their child. The relationship didn't work out, but there is no need to continue the disagreement, costing court fees, and putting the health of the child at risk. We need to be respectful, mindful, and get consent from all of the stakeholders. Remember, Masaru Emoto said, 'I am not a doctor. I work with energy. Go to the doctor, take everything they say to do, and then take this, my HADO water.' Emoto is really amazing, isn't he? He helped a one year old cardiomyopathy patient who was not expected to live--grow to well beyond the life expectancy and have a normal childhood. 
  • This is an opportunity for EDUCATION by the father to the mother, to the legal system, and most of all, to the child--that there are ways to work with everything together for the Highest Good. (And I would hope everyone studied thoroughly the medical condition, and agrees with the pathophysiology of the condition too.)

So much for my soap box. There is no right or wrong, only lessons. I bet, though, a good ho'oponopono done at the right time would have saved everything from getting to this point. I really do.

Speaking of Lessons

I have the luxury of watching some really BIG souls who are living on surface Gaia at this time--learn their lessons they signed up to do.  The irony is that I can see it, but they can't. I am sure likewise this is true for the opposite, for me with MY lessons LOL!

Long story short--there is no right and wrong. Only lessons. And no matter what you do to your Twin Soul in this life, they will welcome you back with open arms once you are both Home--and will always love you--no matter what--once you are both safely outside The Illusion.

Remember this.

My Moment With Ashtar

I was driving home, going on some overpass--and thinking about what I would write in the 'I think we are done' department.  And a flash came to me! I thought--WOW! Those guys (sky crew, Ross and his team) are GENIUSES!!! It WORKED! And nobody who isn't looking for it can even tell!!!

Instantly, I saw Ashtar before me, with a glint of triumph in his eye. He looked at me long and hard, and said nothing...but his blonde hair was flowing like in a t.v. commercial, and it looked totally awesome!

Then he went away.


(shhhh! It's me. Tomorrow is Ross' birthday. I am giving him the day off. It's the only gift I can give him from my dimension. I can sense he is blushing, and he's touched, that I could give ANYTHING to him from where I am now. But I did!  Here's a meditation from Anthony's might enjoy this instead.)

(shhhh! I can tell Ross doesn't want you to ask him how old he is...LOL...I guess his real age would freak you out--me too probably--he is gesturing he needs some Grecian Formula for Men for his grey hair--to cover it 'naturally' and now he and Ashtar are totally cracking up at his joke!!! They work very closely together, Ross and Ashtar, and they are in fact best friends. )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross who is taking a day off <3 because he's special and he's my honey and he's the birthday boy tomorrow! <3