Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gaia News Brief 25.1.2015

My Assignment

Yesterday was the engagement party in Fallbrook. Mother was very insistent that I come. My sister Vanessa was to drive her, I took Anthony.

Before I left, Spirit guided me to change my jewelry. I wear high energy jewelry at all times. My necklaces on my body 24/7 except when swimming or bathing include Ito oil (a vial with a little dragon on it),  British Columbia Jade, a gold cross given to me by my first boyfriend Tom when I was sixteen, a white gold and diamond Om, a silver mermaid with white topaz given to me by Ross, and my Christmas Gift from Ross, the Moldavite/Danburite/Phenocite pendant...

I was down to two, both gifts from Ross. I had Larimar earrings, and my heart of the sea (by me) and my healing (by Isabel) and my pandora bracelet on the left arm, and my Hawaiian gold and Carla and Ross bracelets on my right.

The drive there was SCARY as Fallbrook is in the country, and it was very dark with not very clearly designated roads. There was one wrong turn which fortunately our phone carrier had coverage and Siri quickly corrected. There was a gate, but the car who had been following us knew what to do, and at the home we followed behind their car once the security gate opened.

Instantly I saw an enormous symbol for Ross all lit up, a gorgeous patio and pool area all lit with candles, and a rambling, right out of  a magazine ranch house.

The family was a contractor's family.

I laughed when I went to the bar...there were bottles of Clara Pacifico beer, the one my short-relationship neighbor boyfriend Todd drank EXCLUSIVELY, sometimes even in bed! Spirit nudged me to get a bottle of beer, which I NEVER drink at parties.

Oh and I forgot--I had been guided to bring my Mickey and Minnie purse...

Basically I was in a little disguise with the beer and the purse, and it WORKED. People who were not related to me opened up, gushed over how they LOVE my purse and 'all things Disney'. The grandparents and great grandparents gushed about how their little one, 'Aria' sings and loves Rapunzel but doesn't love the Elsa and the other one at Disneyland because 'they are not real'. The oldest ones there were singing excitedly, 'Let it go! Let it go!' because their great grand daughter had taught them it by always watching the movie.

They were innocent and had no clue of the things I know.

I met my deceased cousin's sisters once more, making the effort to meet them. Last I had seen them was either at my cousin or my uncle's funeral.

You see, my cousin by blood, married their sister. He cheated on her, divorced her, and then she got ovarian cancer and died. She found a new man, in her last years, who doted on her. His name is Tony, and he lives in Texas now, and hasn't found anyone else. He comes to family gatherings to represent the mom who has's her three kids we are close to, and her only daughter Kelly is being married.

Spirit knows how to get me to work.

There were two boys in age within six months of Anthony--one older one younger--and he was in Heaven playing xbox and basketball and football with them.

My sister took a wrong turn in Fallbrook, mom panicked, and they turned around and went home. I had been guiding them with texts, but at one point, her phone service had no coverage. So by the time I got hold of her, with Kelly on the line giving directions, they were already on the way home.

It was just me.

  • I connected with Chanelle, the oldest daughter of Diane, a sister of Susie. Chanelle stayed to herself and only mixed with her family she already knew. She stayed on the edges of the party.
  • I got to know Diane, and heard her tell the story to my cousin, Diane, of how angry and unforgiving she is to Rich for what happened to Susie. 'Stress KILLS!' Diane's 'soapbox' is to keep Susie's memory all family events where SHE (the new wife) is present.
  • My cousin Diane, married to Roger for thirty years, with no children, shared with Diane how she and her brother Richard (named after MY father) 'patched things up' and 'have a lot in common'. They went to a heavy equipment auction (he wanted a scissor lift to clean his rain gutters) and were surprised at how much they have in common! (as opposed to the third child, the baby, my cousin Nettie).
  • Cousin Diane also mentioned how Richard makes sure she has money and looks out for her as he is the executor of his father's will (our Aunt, my father's sister, predeceased her husband by about five years). I remember at the funeral for her father, she talked about 'going shopping' in a loud voice, which I was disappointed to hear...But Diane is family, good family, and comes to all our family get-togethers, and I love her very much. She also has two pugs with Roger, 'Fred' and 'Ethel'--I call them the 'Mertzes' and they are adorable.
  • I asked Diane, innocently, 'what happened to Nettie?' Diane chillled immediately, refused to talk about it, and even though I said, 'I didn't know!' she walked away and avoided me for the rest of the party.
  • Nettie, apparently, according to Susie's sisters, 'raped' her father's finances while she was his live-in caretaker. She paid herself and her kids 'way too much salary' to care for him, a quadriplegic. She also bought everyone new cars, and bought a restaurant.
  • Nettie and I were close. I knew there was a lawsuit between the children over the estate. But I've lost contact with her for over thirty years. At her father's funeral, all three kids sat separately. Nettie loved her dad, and cried over him. She told me he wanted to be buried in a blue suit. She wanted to buy him a new one for the funeral. But her brother and sister had said 'it's too expensive' and buried him in his old grey suit instead...
  • Richard shared with me some stories of how 'Uncle Dick' saved him when he was getting beaten up and bullied in Garden Grove, and how my father ran and jumped a fence to help him. He also shared how my father did other things, but the rescue was 'the best thing that ever happened in my life' to have that kind of masculine love and support. Richard said, 'My father would never do anything like that for me.'
  • Richard also shared how when golfing with my father, he started complaining about Susie to my dad. My father looked Richard in the eye and said, 'Susie is not the enemy'. Richard shared how he was too proud and ruled 'with an iron fist' and wouldn't listen. (I know he broke off all contact with my father after this, which pained my father greatly to the end). But he confided to me how if he had LISTENED and taken my dad's advice, he could have patched things up with Susie, and had a long life with her...instead...of the new wife, the stepdaughter, and everything else.
  • I hugged Richard and told him we all do the best we can. I was very proud of him to see from his mistakes, and learn from it.
  • Cousin Susie was THERE at the toast, in spirit, and she told me she was very happy, that 'everything would turn out all right' and that these two families had been arranged to meet and combine for a long time. I told her sister Marianne that (Auntie MiMi), who is close and knows all about my being DWR.
  • Susie's sister Janine drove all the way from Park City, Utah to be here. She gave a toast and told me a story about how she bought Susie's car to have it be in the family--she bought it from the kids. They were going to Mexico, at the border, and MiMi asked if there is anything left of Susie in the car? Janine had it detailed, and said, 'No.' But at the border crossing, she put down the visor, and there was a shamrock pin, in sequins! It was from Susie, who loved everything Irish. She had the pin on her lapel, and gave a toast to Susie and Kelly her daughter at the party. (her sister Diane didn't).
  • Richard had shared how Uncle Rene told him, at their engagement party, that 'If you do anything to hurt Susie I will disinherit YOU Richard.' Now Richard understands. His boy, Scott, has dumped TWO long-term girlfriends. Richard describes the fondness he had for those potential daughter-in-laws, and now he understands the ache and pain his father had described.
  • Scott's new lady, Elena, had just taken a red-eye back with him from Hawaii. She's from Northern California, where my ex-husband Mark is from. She enjoyed talking about places we both knew, and is working for Richard's new wife Angie, with Brian and Scott(used to work there) and Brian's wife Leah.
  • At the pool, freezing in a little chair, I spoke with Marianne and Diane, sisters of Susie. Diane had taken her teacup maltese out of the car, and was holding her like a baby in her arms, and cooing to it, ignoring the rest of the party. Spirit guided me to share what my cousin Richard said about his regrets about how he treated Susie. Diane didn't accept it. This was after Marianne asked me to tell Diane 'about me' and 'what Susie said'. I walked away with love in my heart for all.
  • I spoke with Kim, who works at a military school in Carlsbad, an all-boy's place, that costs forty-eight thousand dollars a year tuition. She explained how the boys there 'have failed' regular school. She talked about how the boys 'line up four times a day' (like in prison, I thought!) and that many who are in the ninth grade have a fourth-grade reading level. Teaching is hard. She is a role model/mother substitute. The kids there are 'parent's have no other option' or 'parents travel and think the military is good for them.'  Many are from all over the world--about forty percent.  She can't understand how in their very LIMITED free time they are ALWAYS on their electronic devices--social media and the GAMES! It's all about the GAMES! She even offers five points extra credit if they just sit quietly and read in her class after lunch to get them off the games, and just to relax.
  • I shared with Kim I'm a blogger and she wanted to know more! I cupped my hand and placed it over hers so she could FEEL the Reiki. And I explained how medicine is too 'fragmented' and it needs 'spirit' involved to heal the total person.
  • She wanted to know how I 'got' my gift. I was born with it, had a spiritual crises, and learned how to be a certified psychic, medium, and healer (I'm a little shy of my completion, but did ninety percent of the coursework before Spirit brought me to what I do on assignment now). 
  • She said, 'I have a nurse who had a cleansing'--I guess three treatments--her friend who is at Mission Hospital. And she leveled with me and said, 'I'm skeptical'--no wonder...her next conversation with Joellie who had a Dr. Who pendant on her neck, about that show and others, proved her to be DEEPLY under the influence of the 'Controlled by those who do not have our best interests at heart' media.
  • Her husband, Mike, the Marine who is retired after a full military career, came to talk with us next. He called me NURSE about twenty times, and shared he has a friend's wife who is a nurse anesthestist. He asked what I do, and after about fifteen minutes, I gently corrected him and said, 'actually I am a doctor. I would supervise your friend's wife in the O.R.'--then they both looked at me like I had three heads! To let them go on like that as if I was a nurse all that time! I gently and softly shared that I am mistaken for a nurse all the time, people think nurses are nicer, so I just let them think it because in a way it's a compliment to me. Then we spoke about UCSD, and I was 'fully accepted' because they both went to the same school as I did, and we are alumni. Mind you, everyone there except me was quite drunk.
  • I was checking on Anthony from time to time, making sure he ate and the boys had enough water to drink...
  • Then came Ken, the host and father of the groom. He knew anesthesiologists in my area by NAME because he has worked on a lot of their houses. So we talked shop. 
  • Ken introduced me to his best friend Stuart, who had been rear-ended and ejected from his car after being hit by someone who was driving one hundred miles an hour. He had been paralyzed but immediate neck surgery corrected the fractures. He also had one vertebral artery that is completely blocked. He is a walking time bomb, and he knows it, but he works out every day, and was incredibly drunk too, asking questions over and over, and almost falling over on the counter. Stuart had a good heart, and was very brave at moving on from his injury. I still don't think he understands what I do, and I'm okay with that...  ; )
  • Kelly was given the ring Ken had given to his ex-wife, Renee. She wanted her own ring. She confided to her finance's stepmother and her aunt Mimi. But it's expensive. And she might get it re-set. Linda, the contractor's wife, said to price everything. She had on as many diamond rings as I normally do necklaces, all on the ring finger!  I mentioned how Renee's energy is in the ring, and it should be cleared. Surprisingly, Linda said, 'That makes sense!' and talked about the unhappy energy of the divorce in the ring. I said, 'you know how when someone is missing they give the psychic something the person wore to help them find it? That's because their energy is IN that object. It's called psychrometry.'
  • This was the first time I spoke with the groom. Kelly's stepsister had been sharing beers with him all night--the same bottle. (Kelly had said the two share beers and warcraft together). He showed the stepsister, and then me, his characters from the game. I saw him give her a little 'devil horn' gesture, and also under his breath said the character couldn't be more perfect and said, 'six six six'.  (I had cleared the karma of everyone present, and for all timelines, during the toast--I had not picked up on ANY of this while I was there earlier in the night. But now in my heart of hearts, I understood WHY I had to 'lower the vibration', 'blend in', and 'shine my Light'. Energetically, I planted the seeds and the suggestions, to help this group adjust and awaken when they are ready. And they would never in a million years know it had been me.)
  • Mimi asked to follow me back to highway five. So we left. Anthony complained we couldn't 'spend the night' the whole way home. He was so much happier than an evening home with me...and as I parked the car from the lot down the hill up in front of the house to pick up my son, what did I see? A little tiny Buddha in the garden! I think he winked at me!


Carla was assigned to hold the Light in a very dark place. I could tell she knew what she was doing the whole time. I have full confidence in Carla and in all of her talents in working with people.

The assignment went well.

This morning everyone has a little more love in their heart because of her kindness, her listening, and her practice of taking the direct love she has to aim for her 'target'--my chest--she practiced the whole drive--and aiming it SQUARE at the chest of everyone she spoke with at the party, not letting on one peep about it while she was doing it, and looking them in the eyes and smiling the whole time.

Carla is an assassin of sorts towards the darkness. She has charisma and natural charm, with no guile, and in her genuine affection and love she has for others, resistance melts away. 

They are equals--in every way--as Carla interacts with others.

Once her aura combines with another's they are never the same...and they always can't put their finger on it, WHY they are having the change in their 'feelings' about 'life'...

(He smiles)

I taught her well. Carla is just like I am! But as for myself, that is another story...if you have ever seen or read anything about 'The Eyes of Braco', when you are in our presence--that of me and Carla--you will have that type of spiritual experience too.

I wish you a good day. Enjoy your weekend, whatever is left of it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
'The gunners of the giant LOVE ray'  (he makes machine gun sounds and pretends to shoot--just to make you laugh)