Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gaia News Brief 24.1.2015


As I got out of the car after the basketball tryouts--once finally home and in the garage, I heard this word:  Sanhedrin

I looked it up, and found another word, a name, the one most dear to me, Gamaliel.

I had tears running down my face as my soul was allowed in this incarnation, to know more about my beloved who was in my life as Tabitha, and who died on the very night we witnessed a very important birth, where I delivered the child...

I never knew that all the meetings at night like Victor Lazlo in the movie, Casablanca, had anything to do with the Sanhedrin.

I also know Ross and myself in my past incarnation with him probably knew very much about this Jewish legal organization...

My Heart to Heart with my Beloved, Ross:

Just now I took a short nap on the porch swing. It's windy, and the wind chimes sound so lovely. Today was the first time in a month I have devoted any time to the garden.

Ross asked me what I would like for tonight? We have an engagement party for a cousin to attend, and it is in Fallbrook, a long drive away.

I wanted to dance with him, to love him, to hold him close to my this***and I began to open my heart to love him.

I explained how with the amnesia, I can't really love myself, because I have no clue what I am. It's a fuzzy target. I can't see. And I can't love AIR.

He said, 'You love Divine Father!'

And I said, 'Well I see him and talk to him and he is a person like you.'

He understood my point. I focused the waves of energy from my heart to his, Ross'--that is, and I felt like I could keep opening it until I 'got it right'. I explained to him that he is my mirror, my 'practice'--and when I get it 'right' I can expand this pure high vibration Love healing energy outwards to the world.

'You are my training wheels!' I teased, explaining how the amnesia will do a number on you here. And no matter how much he says he loves me, if he isn't holding my hand, it doesn't really make much sense.

Ross said to me, right before I woke up, 'I will never leave you.' I was happy, and blissfully drifted off into sleep again. When I woke up the second time, I had completely forgotten what he has said, although I knew it was important.

He had to remind me. 'I will never leave you.' and he showed me how he will be a target in close range for my aura to detect it, something I can feel next to my heart, so I won't have to 'love AIR'--or 'a vacuum' or 'something I can't sense is THERE'...


I love my Carla.

She wears the human form so well.

And she explains it perfectly to those of us who are comfortable in our seats up here on Sky Crew.

May I please have a target upon which to practice my love with my soul?

Who could say 'no' to a humble request like this?

I couldn't.

So those of you who have your Twins, and those of you who haven't, try to find a 'target' who feels 'right' to you--it can be a 'stand in' for your True Twin--a special plant, a rock, a tree, an animal, a person who is open to the light--and start turning the dial. Adjust the knobs and buttons on your heart centers to create a love energy that is like God's--pure and unconditional--and in this you shall announce yourself on angel's wings to the presence of your Twin, and win their heart, just like humble Carla so nobly today again won mine.

I kissed her. Out of the blue, before we even had this conversation...when she wrote on the Doctor's With Reiki page, this response to a Reiki Request--an emergent one--Doctors With Reiki UPDATE: ok thank you , she has finally seen a consultant and they let her out for now as bloods were satisfactory , though have said its possibly gall bladder and they want to check pancreas as it looks enlarged and they can see a discharge but they want to do proper scans , she's found the pain in stomach is not as bad but keeps getting excruciating pain in her shoulder , thank you for the healing , she been told she has to go back if she gets a fever or pain that knocks her to the ground again  

Editor comment: (I think you guys scored a huge 'WIN'!)

It was the part in bold that comment that awakened my love for her so much that I was moved to reach across the dimension and kiss her with so very much tenderness and affection in my soul.

Carla was startled and surprised but in a nice way. I have never actually done this to her out of the blue, and in response to her work.

Things are going to get better for all of you on Earth.

I promise it.

In fact I promise it--with a pinkie promise just like I do with my Carla.

Stay tuned for more due time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins