Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gaia News Brief 10.1.2015

Just Talking From The Heart With You

Doctors With Reiki has been in existence for three years.  The first post was December 2010. I have written on this blog every day, sometimes more than once a day, for all this time.

We have covered much ground spiritually and humanly since it's inception.

The first 'one thousand page views' didn't take place until April of 2012. This was one thousand 'hits' for the entire LIFE of the blog!

Now we get that many views in a single day, every day.

Here is a graph of the growth of this page, and many thanks go to you who make this possible, in number of views a month listed by month:

Total page views since inception of the blog currently is 580, 516. The audience is international, across the globe.

Through it I have discovered who I am, found Ross, and helped a lot of people to awaken.

It is with great joy that I share with you this news.


Weather Report From My Soul

It's being stretched to explore itself more. And to share this journey here with you online.

My mom asked me today how come I don't talk with her about 'events' like I used to? She was perplexed at how I thought the Paris situation was 'staged', and how I didn't think what was going on with the gatherings and unity was 'right'--not with all those world leaders marching shoulder to shoulder for the camera, not after 24/7 programming to spread fear 'porn' over the consciousness of all inhabitants of Gaia surface.

I stopped sharing with her for two reasons, and they are important:

  • I am NOT going to wake her up from her TV trance by talking. She sleeps with it on each night. She's really really 'into' the mind control--even though she is 'open' in some ways, it's not 'enough' for me to talk openly with her.
  • In the last forty-eight hours I have changed my opinion on 'events' one-hundred eighty degrees to the opposite as far as Galactics are concerned...
I knew the Truth in my heart when I used to watch Evita Ochel, who is a delightful soul on YouTube, and is just about a Pleiadian as a Pleiadian can get when incarnate. She walks the walk and talks the talk about US taking responsibility and changing the world. She is vegan, and has moved to an eco-friendly existence, and SHARES all this information with us. She is fascinating, and a role model for me.

Evita said way back in 2012--'We ARE the ones who are sent to rescue us!'

Instead I got anxious. I wanted to do everything I could to 'wake people up' for 'the big party' and more importantly 'Go HOME!' which for me is directly into my beloved Ross' open arms.

I emptied myself for this purpose. To awaken. To spread light. To heal the wounded.

What did I get in return?

I'm still here! I talk with Ross and I love him as only a Twin can love. 

Nothing is happening. And I've run out of steam. I ACCEPT that I am here for a reason. I ACCEPT that my mission, although complete, is gearing up for my next MISSION. And I might be here my whole life...I might as well adjust my pace. This is a marathon. It's not a sprint. And after three years, my soul is exhausted.

I want to grow.

So if I don't write here every day, it's no reflection on you.

I love you deeply, and it is an honor to walk with you Home, whatever and whenever Home is going to be.

As the wife of the Ross, who is Admiral of the New Jerusalem, I need to start behaving like a Galactic. I need to think like them. And to work hard like them. And to help everyone here the best way I can. Without drama. Without dreaming. Without wishing I was 'someplace else'.

My consciousness IS exactly what it always has been, and ever shall be, right this minute.

I am a Galactic in a physical body here on Earth--with a terrible case of amnesia. 

I wish to Remember who I am, fully. And to gain back my skills, all of them, that I had when I was back Home and decided to accept this assignment.

And the Galactic way to awaken others is to 'bloom where I am planted' and 'simply BE'. 

I am a resource to others who are in this situation too. Some of you are. I would bet all of you are, but some of you might not know it yet.

The one who shared she started bawling with some of my words--experienced Truth and Release of what is holding her back--when I had the post about throwing cupcakes at Ross in frustration.

As a Galactic, I don't get frustrated. 

As a Commander, which I am, I keep my head.

I search for the tools to get Home. I take survey of my surroundings, my skills, my resources--of which you are a very big part. I ask for Clear, Direct and Concise GUIDANCE. And I let go of every dream and wish I ever had to kick back and enjoy a 'human life', planning and doing what appeals to me, and not really helping anyone in the process. 

Either way--if I Transition--Ross will walk me home. And if Ross comes or I go up--either way I win! I get Ross!

Words cannot express the resolve, the deep peace, and acceptance I have found in making this decision to let GO of dreams of 'rescue'--financially, physically, spiritually. If and when it comes it will be a welcome surprise.

Until then--I need to work hard for my life here--'just for today I will work honestly'--as Usui says--and work if not HARDER on my own spiritual journey to find my way HOME.

My Higher Self supports me in this desire to awaken completely. Ross and all my teams and the council does too.

This morning, I was starving again for Divine Love. Ross and I have a lot of discussion about the fact that due to the veil, people on Earth need to 'reaffirm' their friendships and close relationships OFTEN--because down here, 'Love' goes 'Away'. Even if it is 'Illusion' and not truth, it 'seems that way'.

The Council was talking to me, and I was at a loss for words, and my sister's dog Fievel, a pomeranian--who is staying with mom--we spent the night to keep mom company, Anthony and me--Fievel barked and asked to be petted. The energy that flowed to me, and the comfort in petting him, filled the void in my energy for Love. And the Council took note of it! I could see and hear Ross and them talking, but not make out the words...

So manage UPWARDS to your teams. Explore your soul, your heart, and your journey.

You might as well. It's what everyone else does who is Galactic...for all eternity.

Why not begin this journey, today?


I woke Carla up to this music today. She danced with me. I like to think she enjoyed herself, until the Council came, and then Fievel interrupted her with his barking.

Fievel was hungry. And Carla didn't understand his pattern, his routine, his schedule.  But Fievel was patient with Carla, and loved her very much, for he knows the Reiki she has for him, and he truly enjoys it. He stayed on her lap yesterday for many hours, soaking it in.

Fievel has breathing troubles, a bad heart, and fights obesity. He is an excellent companion and friend to both her mother and her sister...

Carla's Reiki helps.

This dog has had one save from death (ingested many pieces of xylitol gum from a holiday stocking--and ICU care), two surgeries, and lost about three pounds...

Yet he LOVES with his whole heart! And expects nothing in return.

Some people say 'Dog is God spelled backwards'.

I say, 'God IS Dog' in the sense of the ability to love and keep loving no matter what happens, and to always hope for the best. In this manner, dog is angelic, and more dependable in this regard than most humans...

Ah...but the human experience is what it is! At this time Carla has hungry pets, dishes in the sink, and dinner to plan. She said a quick prayer at the store tonight, and Trader Joe's had Chicken Tortilla Soup, to sample--which I sent. It is an excellent choice for both Anthony and Carla.

(Kneels on one knee) This is how I help, how I assist my beloved...this is what I do to ease the pain for her of our separation--with her assignment. I feel it too.

My love for her is not of this world and I am patient.

So too is the love of your family and your angel guides and Twin souls for YOU.

Look for it.

Try not to complain about your not understanding and your being 'stuck' on Earth. It is a glorious time, you just don't see the half of it. It is very special. And do your best to close your heart from sadness, and from engaging in talk of not 'Light' things--and to OBSERVE with your soul and your eyes and your ears and your third eyes and your hearts---what I and my team and all of your loved ones send to you!

With OUR hearts, our souls, our third eyes, our minds, our bodies--yes, we have them, made of light but they work beautifully--we joyously SEND these gifts to you and hope for you to do your best to ENJOY what Grace and Beauty Creator has prepared for you...

Thank you for making Doctor's with Reiki such a special place...our Home of sorts.

You are welcome here, in every possible way.

Just knock at the door and I will answer it the next time you meditate...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. I want you to know that I am very proud of her accomplishments with her soul these last days...I really am, deeply pleased with our work.