Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gaia News Brief 18.1.2015 -- The Bliss Issue


The picture says it all...

The Attunement Of Divine Mother

This key came through a wonderful mother, Hailie Treamer, in London, UK, today while she was playing with her children. She is a mother of four, including one set of twins, and is single. A son, age seven, a daughter, age six, and twin boys, who are about one year old, perhaps a little more.  She sent me their photos, and they are all gorgeous, healthy, bright children. <3

I couldn't think of a better choice by Divine Mother.

Here is the link, in case you missed it:

My Friends In High Places

This weekend I spent time one on one with St Germain.  He showed me in meditation, two golden cones with like, metal petals at the bases. They are superimposed on one another, and rotating. There is wonderful energy, I think it is important, and I have no clue what it does.

I also spent time with Alexandra Meadors, who has some amazing things going on. If you haven't read about her trip to Africa, it's an excellent read. Here is her link to her page:

I wish to share about the Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother, with the Silverplatinum Diamond Flame (I hope I got the wording exactly right...).  I have one, so does my son. And now Alexandra and her husband too. Here is Alexandra's testimony:

I woke up with an incredible calmness.  I have had an unenviable position in the last several years especially experiencing a lot of psychic attacks wtih myself and through my twin.
The more high profile I have become on the internet the more it has stepped up.  I haven't feared it as much as I have become fatigued by it.  I am the ear for so many of The Ground
Crew who suffer incredibly from being targeted...

I already had clarity and peace and am grateful to you both for the nice shift. THANK YOU!

If you would like to experience the Diamond Shield yourself, it is very reasonably priced. It will last you through all of your future lifetimes, no matter how many incarnations you will have. I think it is a  terrific investment. Here is the link:

Then this morning I spent time with Bireto, who is the King of the Dragons. He activated an entirely new Healing Energy in me, with an attunement. It has been sent to you from both of us through today's Reiki Healing.

On Facing Uncertainty with Full Consciousness

I know without a doubt everything is going to work out with my work situation.

I know my skills, my value, and that perception is malleable. I also know that there is perception that my group rewards those who 'make the most dollars in the fastest amount of time' who 'are rough and shove in the airways'.  Both nurses and surgical technicians alike would rather have my services for themselves or a loved one.

Isn't that what medicine is all about?

I stay close to Ross.

Speaking of Ross--I want you to know he has a friend here, who is incarnate, who was one of his closest friends in our past life together. Today they each had a beer, and Ross watched the football game with him. (I told him Ross wanted it).  I was so very happy Ross had some time 'with the boys' and is feeling comfortable enough with our Lightworkers to relax and enjoy us, instead of having it be 'all work'.

Ross spent much time with me today too, this morning. And was remarkably QUIET while I was taking my PALS recertification online. (That's why he went to watch the ballgame, perhaps, a little bit?)

When I finished he told me to go out to celebrate, which I did, and I was most happy.

I also took some time to get a dose of Vitamin N (Nature) by lying on the porch swing with a blanket for about twenty minutes.  I enjoyed being present, and feeling the new energies as they flowed through my body. When you are outdoors, there is no barrier, between you and Source--I imagine--and I feel them go 'right in'. The fresh air was wonderful.

Tonight I plan to make spaghetti. I enjoy having an evening home with my son.


I run a tight ship.

Everything is happening for the best.

You can count on it.

Hold on to your hats!

And enjoy the energy.

Do not be concerned about the name of the person who made this video. Do not be concerned about the quality of the film (it is obviously made by children who are not professionals). I want you to look at the holes in the shoes of one of the children, where they live, and see how entirely unaffected by it they are in their quest for the perfect skateboard move called the Olie. (Oh-LEE).

This is the human spirit at its best, trying over and over again to master something that is of interest and desire to be able to do.

Our team has some pretty neat tricks that we are going to show you. And soon, with practice, you will be mastering new things in Spirit--with your mind, your full Consciousness--and THEN some!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

And little Anthony whose team the Seattle Seahawks won BIG today. <3