Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27.1.2015

Mahalo Nui Loa

Many thanks and so very much love to everyone who assisted me energetically on my last OB call for the next three months, possibly forever. I was able to complete the last of four assigned shifts with full knowledge I was one of the three who were asked not to return--based on perception, politics, and essentially, vibration.

As a high vibration person, putting a long needle into the base of the spine on pregnant women in labor--guess what type of attachment likes to hang out in the root chakra? Yes, the DE's and the NE's. And for the last five years, they have given me a run for my money! They don't want me and my needle coming anyway near them, and if the mother has a difficult epidural placement that is more 'low vibration nutrition' for them...

As the years have progressed, it's become technically easier, although the challenges posed by body size (BMI 50 in one recently) and the long shifts (twenty-four hours in a row) and the nights away from my son were getting to me.

Everything went as well as can be expected. There are no hard feelings, only love, and with excitement I look forward to my next assignment.

For now, it is taking lots more weekend calls, and shifts nobody in the group wants, and extra days off.

Book Review:  Understanding Reiki , From Self-Care to Energy Medicine, by Chyna Honey

On January 12 I was contacted by Tiffany Hunter, PhD, with a request to read and write a review on the book. She said, 'you don't have to say it's great or anything, just say what you think about it'.

I was offered my choice of Kindle or paperback, and I chose the latter.

I read it with interest.

I also smiled inwardly...I went to school in the Bay Area, and married into a Northern California family.  This book is written by what I lovingly call  'Earth Mama'--like the women in Berkeley I knew, who aged gracefully, had their own style, and wore very strong convictions and causes on their belief that were more dear to them than the most meaningful tattoo art.

These are the women who helped make me who I am--by their nurturing their children in my presence--by their bringing breastfeeding back from obscurity and shame by running La Leche League meetings...these were the wives of my professors, the women at the grocery store, even my beloved Ballet Teacher Patricia Cloud at the Berkeley Conservatory.

I say this to help you prepare and adjust for the tone of this book. It holds no punches. 'Humans are THIS' and 'Reiki is THAT' with full confidence. Some of the parts, particularly the explanation of how Reiki energy hits two of the five energy body systems, are incredible. One part further, how mental acceptance and thoughts can basically 'reverse' the benefit of Reiki in some people, answered a question I had been pondering for some time. A close friend and associate I have had cleared of attachments twice, and she is clean as a whistle, but she keeps 'feeling' that 'something is THERE'...so Chyna, I thank you.

I finished the book three days ago, and had to think about it, my feelings for this book. I believe there is a place for it in the Reiki body of literature. It breaks tradition, and doesn't mention the history of Reiki discovery, hand positions, or symbols. It's different. I think you will find it refreshing.

I also like how it will make you examine your own perception of Reiki, and come up with your 'take' on it too.

The last thing to bring up, before I share my opinion, is how my teacher, Anne Reith, PhD, is unique in that she is a psychologist/counselor by training, and also a lesbian. Like most gays and lesbians I know, she is extremely careful to encourage and respect everyone's experience of Reiki. It doesn't have to be like her. And if you want to copy 'her', she will gently redirect you to go explore your own perception of Reiki. There is no ONE way to do it.  She will mention how one student can't remember a single symbol, but her Reiki is powerful and my teacher goes to her for treatments. Another has the Reiki shoot out the tips of her fingers, not her palms, and it still works!

In essence, the book Understanding Reiki is the careful observation and discussion of the Reiki Experience of Chyna Honey, and her colleagues and students. It is very 'nuts and bolts', and is excellent for the newly awakened who would like more 'structure' in their Reiki experience.  I believe the clinic does excellent energy healing work, and is of value to the community and humanity too. click here for more on Healing For People organization/offices/services

When it comes right down to it, what I read comes to me like this--a Rose Window at Notre Dame, at seen from this view:

It's beautiful, isn't it?

For comparison, to me, and this is my only perception--the experience of Reiki for me--and only me--is like this:

Chyna Honey, the author and teacher, never once gives credit to her Reiki guides.  I was taught by my teacher, that Reiki isn't 'out there'. When I request to my Reiki guides, 'Reiki ON!'--they actually direct the beam of energy to me, to come through me, and to those I wish to heal.

What I am saying is that I am not in this alone. And by Karuna Reiki Master, you are part of a team, with amazing wonderful teachers and guides who work in partnership with you in your healing efforts.

For now, I take a little pause in silence, and give credit and love and gratitude to my incredible Reiki Healing team. Whenever I send a healing--it is all of us, our energy, that is combined and given to you for healing purposes...here they are:

  • Reiki One--Mikao Usui-Sensei
  • Reiki Two--Mother Mary, or as I prefer to call her, Blessed Mother
  • Reiki Three--Eric from Sirius, ex-husband of Anne when she was incarnate on Sirius
  • Reiki Master--King Kamehameha
  • Karuna Reiki--Master Jesus Christ--the Yeshua and Master Buddha

Thank you for all you do us, with all humility, gratitude, joy, and love...Reiki Doc


Carla has said enough. She must go soon and pick up Anthony from school. Tonight's dinner is hot dogs, and as she misses him (tomorrow night he goes to his father's overnight), she plans to make a special dessert of his choice--baked from scratch--while he does his homework.

This is Carla's dream--to have cookies and milk ready to receive her children when they come home from school, just like her mother did for her.

Carla's life is different, but just for tonight, she would like to make the effort and enjoy her relationship with her boy.

They are little for such a short time...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins