Friday, January 9, 2015

Gaia News Brief 9.1.2015


On the way home I was faced with a dilemma--my son was with a sitter who was going to take him to our house, but he 'had money and wanted a burrito'.

I listened and explained politely that I hadn't eaten yet, I was halfway home, and if he did that I would miss an opportunity to visit over a meal with him.

So I came home, and after a talk with my sitter, I said, 'I REALLY want to go to Round Table Pizza--would you like to go?' and I explained how every Friday night growing up our family went out to either Shakey's or Round Table Pizza.  'Let's go out for some pizza and root beer'.  Anthony said, 'Mom, I thought you said BEER and I was confused but you just said Root Beer so let's go!'

I paid $4.99 for a single serve salad for myself, and also another $4.99 for him. He ate about six cherry tomatoes and one scoop of bacon bits. LOL. Very overpriced bacon bits! But I was grooming him to eat salads, and a love of salads first begins with an empty plate and a salad bar where you can take what you want.

I also showed him what mom taught me, how to press a napkin to blot the extra oil, shaving off one hundred calories a slice.

We watched the Lakers game together, until the halftime. We enjoyed our meal very much.

I've been reading Steven Farmer, and he talks about healing with the help of our ancestors. We carry their DNA, and are always connected even through death. So I am enjoying reading his work. You might too. It's the Healing Ancestral Karma book.


I woke up today, wishing to go back to bed.

I couldn't think of one thing to do...

I argued a little with my team, my guides--you know--and was very distant from Ross.  I put up a wall about nine miles high and pretty thick. I've had enough of him for a while, him and his Galactic ways which I don't like.

They are never direct. You have to press them for an answer. And trying to get my nine-year old son to talk about his day is EASIER than getting anything useful out of the Galactics.

I went to work, early, at the surgery center, and changed into my fresh scrubs. Usually, I take the clean ones home. It's easier. But I ran out.

I wish to share with you that even with a chip on my shoulder, I served Spirit twice, and I am sure it wasn't an accident:

  • Danielle, the nurse from Main OR who is now at the surgery center, asked me, in front of others, about angels. 'Does everyone REALLY have a guardian angel? Even ME?' And I gently said, 'yes, we each have a whole team.' Later, in front of the surgeon, she asked again, 'Does Dr. Todd have a guardian angel?' Quickly thinking about his comment about being DNR, I shot back, 'Of course he does an excellent job! He's here--and even though he's DNR!' (DNR is 'do not resuscitate' a medical term to 'allow natural death'--Dr. Todd is young and a joker)
  • There was a delay for my bone marrow biopsy. The case before in the CT scanner was 'complex'. So I ate vermicelli Vietnamese (we have pho Fridays in the doctor's lounge) with the radiologist who was to do the bone marrow. It went well, and intuition served me to make up the phenylephrine and bring my drug box. Aortic conditions were against propofol for the sedation. It went well, and on taking him back to the observation unit to recover...I heard a voice I knew, and it was in distress!  It was the wife of one of our surgeons who had a May-December romantic wedding about two years ago. She was looking for her husband and 'getting the runaround'. The poor thing had gotten bad news, and driven for two hours from L.A. to be with him. But he was already in the cath lab (it was the heart)I put my hand on her back, and stroked it to soothe her (yes, there was Reiki too, my whole being was Reiki). Sure enough, he wasn't on the table, so they pulled the gurney out so she could see him. She wanted his other cardiologist, the one who doesn't do invasive things. So I politely excused myself to finish the handoff on my patient--and I offered to come take her to the cardiologist. Here is concidence number two--when I came BACK from my patient a few steps down the hall, I found the cardiologist at the door, and walked him back to her! I couldn't have timed that better had I rehearsed! 

Dr. Mom

My soul is starting to exert its strength.

Yesterday was the first. My close friend had a terrible accident with her beloved pet--a  bone was broken. There was rushing to the vet, an ER visit for the family member who was bit--pretty serious stuff. I was able to communicate and offer support.

However, there was a time where I felt her energy wanted to backslide into fear beyond the experience of it. She wanted to talk about the terrible screams of the dog when it was in pain.

I knew in my heart it would make bad energy for the outcome of the situation for her to dwell on it. Even to re-experience it a second time. So I was a wall. Not just with my words--with my entire BEING. And while offering support I changed the subject to one of hope, one where she had more ability to control the circumstances/perception. This was not a conscious choice--it was done on a soul level. It was my first time to experience it.

It wasn't my last!

Today after a case went well, there was a lull, and the rep brought up the Paris 'Terrorist' story. 

I know for a fact that anything that is on the news 24/7 in extended programming on all stations is a Psy Ops Blitz. A 'False Flag' if you will. I had seen the photos of the 'perps' and they were clearly MK Ultra/Monarch operatives. I felt compassion for them, and for all affected by the story. 

My soul was a WALL energetically, and I did not react in any way or acknowledge the question. The surgeon said something polite.

But I was guided to ask the rep about his plans for the weekend. A baby shower. For their baby! And it's not co-ed...

We had the most BEAUTIFUL discussion in the OR about childbirth, parenting, what to expect with an epidural...really helpful and pertinent stuff.

The Divine Feminine won that 'battle' of the topics. Remember, the strongest vibration wins!.

extra credit:   

This video is made by the same gentleman who made the video that woke up Anthony. We wanted to show it to others but it was taken down for 'copyright infringement' from YouTube. It's on FB and a reader from London shared it with me. I hope you watch it with an open mind, and make the choice for yourself if there is anything to this. I watched it, and was glad I am informed now. I send Reiki Healing often to the survivors of Ritual Abuse, in all incarnations...because it is extremely sad what happens to them.

My Lesson For Me

Lately I go work in places where I can't bring my stuff. Not even my lunch that I pack. I go go go from one room to the next, from one site to the next. I change my scrubs and put them in my tiny locker, but that's it. 

And you know what? I ate. I had time to eat my soup with my friends in the Doctor's Lounge.

I wanted something sweet. The funniest thing is happening. I see Spirit working through people, and situations for me. I was between cases in the afternoon, and I SAW there was a JOY holiday candy container in PreOp on the counter, with STUFF in it! (The one always full in CT after lunch was mysteriously empty...) I was like, Thanks Ross! I got a Christmas Tree Andes mint (Uncle Dave always bought those for Aunt Edna because it was Edna spelled backwards), and a Hershey Kiss. I wanted the mini Reese's, but I left it graciously for someone else. Then one nurse offered me a wafer cookie. It wasn't Filipino, but it was good. Delighted, Claire the nurse offered me Almond Roca! A coffee one. I took one with glee--I really love them for this time of year--and Claire handed me one extra 'for later'. Three steps out the door, I saw My Le, and asked her, 'would you like an Almond Roca?' She said 'yes'!

Two steps later, I thought to myself, 'I wonder if I am being taught to be supported in my physical needs?' (I usually pack for 'every possible need')

Ross kissed me gently on the lips, to let me know I got that lesson right, and he went away.


(I sense he wants a 'happy video'--there is also a VERY strong message from him to me with his choice. It is good. I have very strong spiritual connection to this Queen.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Reiki Doc (Carla)
'The Two R's'