Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 4.1.2015

Special Assignment

Today I was called to a special assignment with my son. According to Ross, it was 'A Triumph'.

I do not wish to disclose anything more.

My Triumph

It's tonight.

Two weeks ago, Ross and I were the closest we have ever been. I was vulnerable and open, and it was the first time I have ever had anybody love me so much.

Then, someone--shattered my soul with a disclosure.

I won't go into it, but I will say a beautiful weekend of my life--free and clear without the kid--was ruined. And I ran to Divine Father, who dissolved all Tantric Ties between Ross and I with these others.  As He said, 'there are other ways...'  Ross apologized profusely, and made a vow. He also explained things in private that are, well, between us, yes?

Ross set back the clock, and the relationship with this person was on the mend.

Today, I was even more close with Ross. I have enjoyed this relationship, and I treasure it, as does he.

Tonight, someone posted a channeled message from my Twin on my page--completely blindsiding me because Ross didn't tell me anything about it, and clearly, it wasn't a 'love gift' or a 'surprise' from him.

I know, because I would feel it if it was.  It didn't feel like nurturing, warmth, love or compassion from him to me at all. To others, yes. But that he would ask someone to do that is a test of my Trust. It's not exactly what I was hoping to experience today, a test of Trust.

Right now I stand on my own two feet stronger than ever.  I don't care who it is who says anything now. I know what I know, and I know my Twin. He would never hurt me.

It's a faux pas, plain and simple. And those of us with higher consciousness are going to have to grow a thick skin as the new ones awaken. There is a certain amount of compassion one has for someone they have hurt--when you have full consciousness--which in the excitement of the awakening is going to not be there with the 'new ones'.

Everyone has their mission, everyone has their role. But the adage, 'turn the other cheek' is important, as people waking up are going to just have to learn in due time the etiquette and the protocol for life in the Higher Dimensions.

There was a time I, in pain and distress, went up to Divine Father because I felt NOTHING was being done down here. I was getting nowhere with Ashtar and I was upset. Apparently, I made Ross 'look bad', as he is the Admiral, I am his wife and Twin, and I--not knowing him really--wanted something DONE and DONE NOW!

So he gently told me, 'Carla, that's not cool--it makes me look bad.' and all of a sudden I UNDERSTOOD and I said I was sorry, and I never did that again.

If I appear to you in a dream, or my Higher Self, or my Twin--please know that my 'self' who is incarnate probably doesn't know about it. Being told about this 'connection' that you have with Ross or my higher self or me,  is a surprise to me, and unpleasant, and a shock. I am ALL FOR everyone holding hands and raising up and all that good stuff.  But it's time we speak up about how we take care not to hurt anyone, especially if we have hurt them in the past, and deeply.  Tonight I was hurt. I am sure this person was excited to share it and meant nothing but love by it, but I was hurt. I would have liked to have been 'in the loop' so I wouldn't have been surprised.

Discretion, Discernment. and Love must be first and foremost in our hearts! Is it True? Is it Kind? How would I feel if the situation were reversed? These are the things we keep in mind as we mature in spirit. All is forgiven--a faux pas is inevitable--but please try to put the feelings of the other first next time there is an impulse to act, especially in a public way. Mahalo.

No matter who says what, about anything Ross says or does--for my wellness and my own Ascension, I will only focus on what happens between us, as a couple, and grow a very thick skin for everything else. This IS my Heaven on Earth--enjoying our family--with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in our hearts.



Carla passed her test. With flying colors. The blindside is one of the worst ones for her. Thank you for helping me challenge her. We are done with such further testing.

Carla brings up an excellent point about the faux pas. We have a social 'moré' up here in the Higher Realms. But it's very simple for the beginner--love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Love is the Solution For Everything. Even in this.

So those 'mature' and 'advanced' souls, this is a warning! A lot of stuff is going to break free, and those coming up are going to be like 'all over the place'. Allow them to discover and explore in the Higher Realms. They will right themselves and figure it out. Don't rain on their parade, but don't forget to let them know when they have hurt you or done a 'we don't do that when we are here' gaffe--GENTLY and right when it happens. That is how they learn.

You signed up for this. And you have what it takes.

And new ones who are reading these words? You get the privilege of working with those who are even more 'unfinished' and 'uncouth' than you--the ones fresh out of the trenches. So YOU learn from the example that has been set for you by Carla and those other 'Pioneers'--and follow it--when 'what goes around comes around' eventually to you.

I bless each and every one of you with my Blessing that only I can give.

Goodnight honey. It is time for you to get some rest.... (that's to me-- <3 : ))) -- C)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla