Friday, January 2, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2.1.2015

News  On Gaia's Surface:

  • An article was shown in the newspaper that shows the human consumption of tigers, wild caught preferred, but also 'farmed' ones--contributing to the decimation of the animals on the planet. Reiki was sent.  Here is a link to the Facebook post with the response from our healers to the situation:
  • There are two new Divine Healing Codes today added to the list:  458 874 6996 8528 to focus all energy on Now moment             23 66 182 973 437 9 for paralysis 
  • Here is an inspirational video link to inspire you:  Arthur's Story
  • There is a discussion going on now about what to do with Reiki when you want to send it to three people but you know one of them probably wouldn't consent--our readers have amazing insights and compassion, and you might want to check that thread on FB out, on our Doctors With Reiki page.
  • Come fly with me? This article inviting people tomorrow night on a Lightship Dream Tour was shared with me, and piqued my interest:  Conservative as I am, I am always calculating the 'risk to benefit ratio'.  I CHECKED with my sources, and this is 'okay'--it's legit, and your soul will know where to go on its own, regardless. So don't think about it much, relax, and enjoy the trip.  My friend from Reiki Fur Babies has been dreaming of parties in formal attire on board ship. Ross is at them, as well as her twin Phillip. Apparently I am there too, but neither one of us know it when we talk. I have to ask Ross and he tells me. This has happened in the last two weeks, so it would make sense once the first ones are done, now it would open up to more--this type of interaction. Ross' ship is the GLS New Jerusalem, and he is the Admiral of that Light Ship.

News With Work:

Today was a holiday, but a skeletal crew worked at both facilities.  The morning was pleasant, and it struck me that I was AT the surgery center where people used to be mean to me, but now they aren't, and with the surgeon who used to be very angry with everything all the time, only he is now turning nice. 

This type of 'changes' if very typical of the Ascension Process.

After work at the surgery center (I stay for one hour for free until the patient goes home from the facility when I'm the last doc), I swung by the room of my patient, the very sick one, whom I helped fall asleep and who almost died of anaphylaxis after I left to pick up my son who was also sick. Stephanie and Melody were delighted to see me! She was starting to eat and to walk. Her mom introduced me to a family friend, and said, 'She had just worked twenty-four hours, and was on her way to pick up her sick boy...we had discussed by telephone her doing the case...but nobody told her WHEN it would happen! Once she learned she turned around and came back for us! Isn't that incredible?'  I hugged and said, 'We are ohana--family--and I am happy to do this for you.'

I have to be honest with you--before I 'go up' to whatever is my future with Ross-honey (blush)--I had one last closure to reach....central line placement.  I used to love it, and was quite skilled, but through fear and anger directed at me by the surgeons, I lost my confidence...and it felt awful!

Well today, someone came from the unit with not one but TWO iv's that looked 'okay'--but they didn't work. The patient had a tracheostomy, so I used gas to get them to sleep. But the muscles weren't relaxing. That's because the drug I gave to paralyze didn't go IN through the blown i.v.

I looked at the other arm, the feet, the neck--NOTHING.

So I stood the patient on his head (steep Trendelenberg position to avoid air bubbles into the central venous system), called for the line cart, and the ultrasound, and put in a right internal jugular triple lumen catheter. It went smooth, and I was confident and happy that I helped because everyone needs i.v. access in the ICU and especially the OR. 

A Healing Gift To Those Who Were Teased About Their Appearance In Their Childhood

Today a Chinese National anesthesiologist and another Chinese RN were talking with me about the Chinese Zodiac. She was raised during the communist time--and this information was 'not discussed' so she didn't really know it.

Her parents--because she was overweight--always called her a 'pig' so she thought that was her year.

It wasn't.

Parents in China do this to their children--call them 'pig' when they have a weight problem.

Some other cultures, for example, Latin culture, will point out differences in a child--sometimes with affection--as chubby (gordo), thin (flaca), pale (huero), curly hair (cheena)....

For all those who have been called 'shorty' like me, or any other name that isn't your own--because of your physical appearance--Ascended Master Koot Hoomi is sending this flower, the you will be soothed with all the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion that is your birthright...This is your symbol to use in your meditation and spiritual work to remind you how very LOVED you are by Creator. Namaste.

News 'On The Home Front'

Ross surprised me today with something very romantic. He asked me to be his Valentine! I was just thinking about the holidays being past, and he just had been talking with me in my meditation. He dropped to one knee, and asked!  I teased him and said, 'I guess' and he loved it. Then I asked him to be mine too.

He wanted to take me somewhere to eat. He showed me to go on my exit, but pass where I turn off for my home. I ended up at a little shopping center, and there were two choices--Italian, and Chinese. Ross has me 'watching my food'--not just for the see, with the Insulin Resistance Diet it was HORRIBLE for my Vibration. Yesterday he wanted me to eat 'no meat' and as much raw vegetable and fruit as possible. This is helping me BOOST my Vibration UP.

It's like a bungee cord with the energies. Sometimes you crave carbohydrates--things that grow in the ground--to HELP you ground. That way all the 'Good Stuff' in energy healing Ross and his teams are sending you will STICK and STAY PUT!  (a close friend and I comment on how our Soul Twins in the higher dimensions seem to LIKE us 'a little plump' LOL)   Other times you RAISE RAISE RAISE your vibration through the diet--clean, high-energy foods that are as close to nature as possible, and definitely no animal products...

So I figured it was Chinese. I got a Salmon salad (fish is okay) and two spring rolls. And ONE fortune cookie! I LOVE fortune cookies!!!


I have the sweetest, most wonderful man!!!  I can't wait to meet him! (be in the SAME dimension--he is in Heaven now)


Carla is my beautiful rose.  

The other one is for me! To hold in my teeth when I do the tango with her at the next party! 

Everything is happening WONDERFULLY and I wish to reassure you that All Is Well with the ongoing Ascension Project.

Everything will happen for the BEST, and one day soon, you will understand the meaning of the questions I have been asking that are quite difficult (thank you Carla for answering the comments and arranging those posts on FB and this blog). 

You will understand EVERYTHING and it will all make a lot of sense! It 's not difficult to grasp intellectually when your heart is plugged into Creator, and Source, and The Divine.

I will talk more later...Carla and I want to enjoy some time together. She offered to help with a colleague's first call tomorrow...from four to eight p.m. so tonight is all we've got for some relaxing together.

Everyone likes to put on their slippers and chill every now and then. Including us!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Family and Friends to you and to all on the planet! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3