Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gaia News Brief 7.1.2014

Black is White

Recently I was scheduled to do anesthesia for an ICU patient who had recently bled from the GI tract and is now stable. It was a new Gastroenterologist I haven't met. He waited all day for my anesthesia services, since there is only one staff for GI anesthesia and his case was booked late.

We set up and the upper endoscopy was routine. But when we turned the bed around for below? The nurse said the patient drank all the prep but nothing came out.  There was stool in the absorbent pad under the patient. The prep was not good.

The reason for a prep is twofold:  first you can't see, and second, the gases of digestion are flammable with spark from the electro cautery that is used sometimes.

Anybody would know that colonoscopy isn't going to work, and most would wait until the bowel prep was good...but not this doc. I am highly intuitive. He lied. He said 'risk of anesthesia' and 'hungry patient' and 'angry to prep repeat patient' and then he stuck in the scope after digitally dis impacting fecal matter. His energy calmed once the scope inserted, because THEN he could bill. I felt it.

I asked a neurosurgeon I have known twenty years who I trust--was this what I thought? It is. He's seen it too in spine cases. Some do more levels than are actually needed by the patient, because they are paid per level. Some are distributors of the hardware they place onto the bone, and have financial conflict of interest.

This one GI doctor worked at another hospital where a friend of mine left there to work here because of him. He would do endoscopies all hours of the night, even when they weren't emergencies. She would get tired of being abused like that and being kept up all night when she had to work the next day.

Completely unrelated to this, a junior partner shared with me about a patient in ICU I had been called to intubate and place an arterial line. He has critical care experience. Long story short, the patient was misdiagnosed, treated for the wrong thing, repeatedly, and not expected to live due to, in his opinion, the mismanagement. The nurse practitioners diagnosed because the surgeons only like to fix the heart and leave the rest of the patient care to the team. But instead of placing an intra aortic balloon pump, which was indicated, the patient was taken to the OR and given an Impella-per cutaneous LVAD--the first one ever in the hospital--because we had one and the surgeon wanted to put one in.


I was at a restaurant the other day, with my son. We were delighted to see the manager with her toddler and husband. We talked. She was busy. All her neighbors were there to celebrate. One had a heart attack recently. As he hit the ground, a neighbor who had just recently learned COR for his grandchildren, just in case, knew what to do and saved him!


What happened to medicine?

How did all this compassion and wanting to help people who are in trouble get derailed?

How can we get it back?


Carla is typing on her iPad because I forbid all computer at the hospital while she is on OB.

They are watching her. I know. I monitor everything she does and what goes on around her.

Is this correct? To track where people are by their radio chips on their badges at the hospital in the name of 'productivity'?

How much more of your liberty can be taken?

My team is ready and willing to intervene on this. Ask, and it shall be done.

I want you to ask ME wherever you see injustice being done. This will allow your Free Will to connect with our technology and capability. Let's get this done together!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla