Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Heart To Heart With You And Me

I didn't have to come here.

I didn't have to be born. I could have gone on and lived my own adventures someplace else.

But I wanted to help the others.

You possibly did, too.

I, um, have to be direct: for the first time in my working with you, not everyone is ready for an attunement.

Ross says to tell you that things are going better than anticipated on their end. And many of you are doing fine. But for some of the Lightworkers out there, it is time to 'shake things up' and get them engaged into their own Ascension Process.

Let me explain--this is me now--like Archangel Michael said to a close friend of mine--'Once you stopped watching television, it got easier for me to work with you.'

It's a choice.

It's a decision on what paradigm you are going to give your energy--are you comfortable with the way it is? Or would you like to live in Heaven on Earth?

We are not going to spoon-feed you.

This blog is as close as it gets to doing this.

You are the one who turns on the TV and gets worried about the latest psy-ops the illuminati programmed news shows put on.

You are the one who decides to help someone who is less fortunate than you.

I'll say it--sometimes it sickens me to see how people pray for burnt kittens more than abused children and way way more than the homeless who are addicted and mentally ill who are perceived as having 'done it to themselves'. I see it on Facebook all the time on my stats. I know how many 'likes' and 'shares' there are.  All are One! Me-you-the kitten--the kid with cancer--and the bum on the street. We are all children of Creator. And our vibrations connect etherically. Separation is Illusion. We are all sharing the same energy that gives Life--and we are all equally deserving of a beautiful life to be enjoyed and cherished as we go through our life experiences!

There are students of mine who don't respect me--people I have taught a Reiki Class in person to--who have not been willing to pay the balance. I offered a long term installment. But my teaching to them is not worth one dollar a month until it is done.  What kind of spiritual person does not respect their teacher and their heart? I feel like I got stiffed by a dine and dash.

And with the new Reiki, from Agartha? Someone just told me they used it to send me some, and they got some major ringing and pulsing in their ears. It is very, very high vibration and very strong energy for healing. This stuff has an intelligence! Therefore,  Agarthan Reiki chooses the ones who have the energy system that is equipped to handle it--at this time.

What should I say to those who feel entitled to use it? (I shrug my shoulders--it might blow their circuits!)

And Heaven forbid the one who chooses to sell Agarthan Reiki. It's Adama from Telos' gift to humanity! I bet there is all kinds of karma racked up for those who want to turn Agarthan Reiki into 'income'.

That being said, there are a LOT MORE Lightworkers who have done amazing, over-the-top work bringing in the Light to awaken the others. And I see second and third 'rounds' of Lightworkers taking wing, and doing their passion, and manning their 'post' with their mission. They are doing beautifully...and deserve all commendation for their contribution to humanity and the universe for helping those on Surface Gaia to awaken.

I had one, very close, heartbroken just today and I had to console her. It was her time to go Home. It was promised. Her mission was complete. And they tried it, the Galactics, to teleport her on board ship, and it didn't work.

The vibrations down here are too dense for her to leave at the end of her 'deployment'. She's been here over thousands and thousands of years, incarnating over and over again, just for this incarnation.

The density of 3D is painful for us, the non-humans soul signatures in human bodies.

We long to be reunited with our star families.

We have made the sacrifice, just like the one who was drowning her sorrows in Spanish wine tonight. I spoke messages as a medium for her to her Galactic Husband and children. Those on board ship were just as inconsolable as her.

Is this just me having a complaining session?


It is telling you what I see.

The separation, the gap, is beginning to widen. This is driven by vibration and what is in the heart, not the accomplishments, not by the ego, not by anything that is judged by standards on earth...does this make sense?

Everyone is going to Ascend. It just is not decided 'when' for each person.

Some of us are chomping at the bit, and when our chance comes to leave, we are going to take it.

Here is a message from Archangel Michael:

Here is one from SaLuSa--I am related to him, by the way--He is in my Star Family:

And now, wouldn't you know it? GaiaPortal says--the sacrifice is over--:

I am going Home.

Even if I have to raise the vibration of everyone I meet, and everyone who reads this blog and is connected to me in some way.

I will go as high as my Vibration will go, to spark that delight, that passion, that essence that is IN YOU.

Once you feel it, will you listen to it? Will you keep it alive, and not silence it in vibration-lowering choices?

You are the cream of the crop, and we are counting on YOU to raise the bar for those who are out there asleep.

Those who are around you have no defense or barrier to your aura and it's vibration.

So keep it healthy, look UP, and enjoy the ride.

I'll come back for visits.

I promise.

And I'll bring this nice, hunk of a fella named Ross along with me.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc