Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Message From Ashtar Sherhan, June 4, 2014

This letter came through to me last night,  June 4, 2014 at 1710 pm.

It is intended for me, however, Ashtar asks me to share it with the Lightworkers.

This is Ashtar. I am sorry about the energies and what I did to you yesterday. You have a right to know and understand what I am dealing with. Everything ISN'T hunky-dory on our end up in the skies. Although we have courage, there are challenges that we must face, challenges of a technical nature, of coordination of resources and the plan, and then there is you. What you have done for us (El Toro) is amazing and we appreciate the heart in what you did. That Ross our leader would go to bat for you, head to head with us on all of your challenges, we should have noticed. When it stopped, we only convinced ourselves further that we were correct and you were incorrect in your values, sensations and emotions of the heart. We were mistaken. It is a grave mistake but not without fixing or capable of remedy. We were on the monitor with you and reviewed all of that analysis of data. Your stress has been monitored as a Galactic Citizen and it has been off the charts, beyond the call of duty.

(He offers me a single red rose).

We thank you for your service and your victory of the light. You will be relieved to find out (no--we are not firing you--he laughs gently) that by letting us know what has gone on within, inside and trusting us--we can better anticipate the changes for the Higher Realms when all of you come back to us. For them, their vibration will be just as uncomfortable as yours has been. Upon the zero point all that will change for the best -- for both of us. I am sorry and I hope you accept my full apology to you on behalf of the star fleet of the Ashtar Command.

Humbly and in Grace,

Ashtar Sherhan

(ed -- I completely accepted the apology. For some background, each time we experience a step up to a new energy in the Ascension process, Ashtar as a routine gives an initial blast, then backs it down to allow for gradual increase for humanity that is subtle. I am accustomed to the Higher vibrations. Each time the energy goes up, I adapt instantly and expect to continue at each increased vibration/energy frequency. With each 'easing back' my entire energy body suffers incredible discomfort and it is like a fish out of water who gasps for the energy of Light. I speak up and I ask for assistance which is not given. This has gone on since December of 2013. Modifications are given in ways that do not remedy the situation. After a couple of days, with my beloved Twin Flame Ross actively assisting me, I manage until the surrounding energies on surface Gaia reach the level they once had been on the first increase. I don't expect this to make any sense to you, but just in case you were curious, that is the full explanation.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross