Monday, June 23, 2014

Resolution With My Higher Self

Today I was lying on my porch swing. I was deep in thought, sending Reiki, and I used the new symbol my Higher Self gave me. I realized what it was for--it is for the reunion of Higher Selves and their incarnations. I drifted off to sleep.

Then a sparrow landed on my right foot. I felt the weight, the scratchy feet, and saw a blur of feathers flying away, as I jumped with being startled!

I searched for Ross. I always do. But he wasn't there.

Instead, I saw Her. I held Her, and she embraced me, and I cried bitter tears of having been away and in pain for so long. I did not like any of my Earth Experience, and I shared openly with my Higher Self, the many wounds I had all over my soul. Some time passed together...for a while.

Then She went away.

I went back to my Divine Peace Healing.

Then She came back.

She said, 'I am going in' and she climbed into my body. I felt Her energy. It was like another person going into my 'skin'--and I was puzzled.

I asked Ross, when I felt something 'clunk' into my merkaba in 2012, wasn't THAT my Higher Self going in?

He explained how in each of us, the soul is above the body, in some ways, and the lowering into the Merkaba (or body) is only part of it. There is the higher soul which still directs.  Not everyone has a single Higher Soul. Some, who have Soul Families, combine together in energy, and have one Oversoul between their consciousness.

I also understood that at Night, I go to Her, I am Her, and She plans my day, all of my experiences. 

That is why when I wake up in the morning, I get a 'hint' about what I am going to experience that day, as a final 'message' from Her.

For some reason, the conditions are right for Her to come inside with me, and in my body, I feel a new Vibration, a steady, solid connection to source, and a warm glowing in my heart center. I am not impulsive or irritable in any way. I am LOVED and I am bathed in wave after wave after wave of it.

I think to myself, 'This wasn't as bad as I had thought.'

On some level, I know it is 'done'.

I don't hear from Her at all, and yet, I have all the wisdom and knowledge of Her, accessible to me, within, inside my heart.

Next I knew, I was before the Council.

I asked SaLuSa, quietly, why since we all know each other and work as a team, we have to be HERE all formal like this?

He said because it is for the Record, and everything is recorded in sessions for All Time, so anyone can see.

I asked how come nobody informed me I would be recorded, and he waved it off, saying it is a matter of course that everyone understands...

They addressed me as Lady G...Lady G(something)...and it's NOT Lady Gaga! ; )

Oddly enough, the name fit. I was not uncomfortable with it. I had this strange heavy feeling, this solid connection to Everything There Is, and I had poise, and calm.

So I saw them, and they saw me. We talked. We embraced. I held Ross first, and asked is this over?
He said yes and I would never have to feel this pain again.

I held my brother Michael. I thanked him for always watching over me and protecting me. He said everything was going to be okay now, and he would still watch, but it isn't as much trouble as it was before, and I should not experience the difficulties I once had in the past.

Raphael embraced me next. I asked him to heal anything left that there was to heal, please? He is my brother too, and he said all is set. All is whole. And he will watch over everyone who is with me, and work on healing them too--all my readers, followers, friends, everyone--and their families too.

Next came Ashtar. He and I are old friends. He said, simply, 'my mission is complete'. He stood up, and offered me his chair at the helm.  I blinked at him in disbelief, and asked, 'aren't you here for all the planetary changes and NESARA and all of those things that we have read about?' He shook his head, and smiled, and said, 'my mission was for you.'

Then it was gone.

The most beautiful Love Song in the World --by a Swedish Composer

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This one I stumbled across, and it made me smile. It's cute. Just in case, I am including it.

A Beautiful, Beautiful World -- by Story Bots