Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lost Girl Found

This is a story.
I write it at the request of someone who is deceased.
This someone was my father...once upon a time...

Today I was eating my lunch at Au Lac. I sit at the counter. And Papa Ito came in! He is the ghost there,  the father of the chef. I have taken messages for him, in the past. I have been shown a miracle--a perfect red heart in the marble on the wall that is still present that Papa Ito pointed out to me.

Let me go back in the story, so you will understand.

I had such a strong desire to know Ito since the first day we met, my soul was longing for this reconnection every single day. I thought he was my twin flame, my twin soul! This silent raw vegan chef who I didn't know from Adam, felt like the kindest, warmest soul I had met in a long time. And there was something about him I couldn't place...

I kept coming back to figure it out. The one time I first saw Papa Ito, he came back to me at my home, and asked me to write for him a message. I wrote what Papa Ito asked me to write, and gave it to Ito--who gave no response whatsoever.

Then came the memory, and why I had to seek forgiveness.. Imagine this little boy above as Ito, only about three months younger and wearing only a diaper. Imagine the look of horror and shock on the boy's face as his father was holding him up over his head and shaking him violently. Imagine a frightened little girl not much older than him who was wanting to help but in fear for her own safety, holding back and having her heart torn in pieces by the suffering of her younger brother.

That was me.

And the memory stopped. I have no recollection of that life, except that I died young.

I asked Ito for forgiveness, for what I did in the past life. It would have been better to act, and to get hurt, for him to learn that there is someone who cares about him, and that anger and abuse is not right. Instead, I protected myself and stayed still and silent.

He forgave me. And I forgave him for my soul wanting to know him, reaching out, and his not giving me the time of day...for his letting my spirit ache for him for such a long time. The two karmas 'cancelled'.

So every time I see Ito, I want to make sure he feels like this. I had been buying him little presents and things to make him laugh before the memory for some time. I did not understand why I felt the need to do such things for him. Now I see that as his sister, I want his happiness more than anything, even if I am reborn and now younger than him, my soul connection to him is one of older sister.

I feel great pride every time I see my little brother and his accomplishments after a childhood as rough as ours.

I have been told by those close to him, that he once had a sister who had died.

I was told this after I shared my story which I had told no one except them and now as I tell you at the request of Father.

When Papa Ito came in today, I was feeling like this.

C:  Hi Papa! Long time no see! how are you?  (my heart filled with love for him)

PI: I drank.

C:  I know that Papa. Everyone knows that about you!

PI:  I hit. I was violent. 

C:  I know that too. (when I wrote the channelled message for Ito, there was an apology along those lines to him.)

PI:  (very long pause)  I killed you.

And then I saw an image, very clear, of a little girl and a struggle, and him striking her in anger with his bare hands, and her lying deathly still. It was true. My heart filled with love and forgiveness for him.

C:  Oh Papa! (I sensed that he wanted forgiveness, but there was nothing to forgive. All there was now was a powerful sense of love and family between us. It did not change.)

And with that, Papa Ito went away. He found peace.

For all of the interaction with Papa Ito, I have no recollection, or contact, with my mother from that life. I don't know why, and I don't question it.

The lesson that is here for each of us, is that love is more powerful than death, even when someone close to you in fact, kills you in a past life.

The reconnection is more important for the healing overall.

There have been other lives where I died in order to teach a soul lesson to help a struggling soul out of darkness;  in seeing the horror they had created, they woke up spiritually and began the journey home to the Light.

This is the energy of Papa Ito now. He is wise. He is loving. He is not affected by anger and chemicals. He has found his peace. He is joyful with the hope of helping his loved ones from where he is now.

Isn't that a miracle?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc