Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heart-To-Heart: The Intimacy Of Healing

Today, since it's Saturday, our lesson is just a bunch of stories.
We are going to have fun.

The Belly Dancer Who Broke Her Right Knee ACL

Once upon a time there was an intern in categorical general surgery.
She loved to dance, almost more than she loved to eat.
But dancing was not an option, she complained bitterly, to the older resident who was in ENT.

That is no problem! I teach belly dancing class! replied the ENT.
It's at the local high school gym. Come dance with me.

They danced together for many classes, and even bought new costumes together for a recital.
One day, the intern took a chainee turn in class, and the foot stuck while the body turned.
There was a sound like a thick guitar string, she fell instantly, and an overwhelming urge to throw up  came with the wave after wave of pain.

GIVE ME YOUR LEG! shouted the belly dancing teacher, the resident in ENT.
There was no more class for a long time after that.
Just a long drive home, lots of ice, and tears as the intern flipped frantically through the pages of her orthopedic examination textbook in her bed, devastated at the end to her dance career.

Blessed Mother was in the corner, crying with her, saying over and over again, God will make a miracle! God will make a miracle! God will make a miracle!

That intern was me, back in 1996.
I had to wait nine months for the surgery, for the swelling to heal.

The funny thing is, in the gurney, in that hospital gown, the nurses that used to be so cruel to me as a surgical intern--wanting signatures on consents and all that--transformed.

They were nicer, and thoughtful, and far far more gentle than I had imagined possible.

Plus there was a loving, healing energy coming out from their hearts as they put in my i.v. and took my vitals. I felt it. And in the recovery room? I had the luxury of being guarded by a whole team of loving, fierce, healers who would let nothing hurt me in any way whatsoever as I lay vulnerable with my consciousness coming 'to' after the anesthetic.

You never really know a healer until all of their attention as a healer is focused on YOU.

The Calling

Healers are not made, they are born!  I wrote on some comment earlier today.

And it's true.

Healers have the innate ability to 'match' their Vibration to that of another, to 'find' the imbalance on whatever level, be it the etheric body, the physical body, the emotional body, the light body, the astral body...the soul...and help it return to balance, its natural state, again.

No matter what your training, you who read this are without a doubt a healer. (If not, this page would bore you to tears! ; )   )

And when you are a healer, it is the TRUST that the patient or client gives to you, to permit you to see them in their weakened state, in the hopes of becoming whole is that TRUST that is your most cherished gift they can give you as a healer.

But for the patients? And the clients? They get to see a side of you that nobody will ever experience anywhere else in your life. Not your wife. Not your husband. Not your family, your children, although mine greatly enjoys the knowledge and the care I have for him whenever illness strikes.

So look out for this intimacy, this closeness of the heart, both yours and your patient--or client--and appreciate the wonder for what it is...a miracle we take for granted all the time.

Enjoy.And know you are making a difference in someone's life.

The Operating Room Serenade

This morning I was at the anesthesia cart drawing up my phenylephrine. This is a drug that is used to counteract the hypotension (low blood pressure) that is seen with obstetric anesthesia. Before I could open the cap off the phenylephrine vial, I saw a vision...

Three gentlemen in Spirit came walking toward me, shoulder to shoulder. From the left, facing me, saw SaLuSa, Ross, and Ashtar.

They were singing. This song:

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You -- by the Fleet Foxes

I couldn't believe it! They were singing and dancing like a boy band. 

They were grinning from ear to ear! I could tell they were enjoying this surprise very much!!

I was like, 'is this for me???!'

Then Ross took the lead, stepped forward, and took me in his arms, and next thing I knew, we were dancing together as a couple! He sang the lead, and I watched up close, from his arms.

Near the end, Ross kissed me. And after I was like, 'how can I ever thank you for this?'--instantly I understood, and he wanted me to kiss him. So I did, with enthusiasm and much happiness.

Then he went back to the group, and finished the song, and they let me know they had to go back. They turned and waved and smiled, all three, and I went back to my work, shaking my head and smiling at the surprise they had just put together for me. 

I am still smiling and laughing with joy over the experience, even now, hours later!

With that, I close.

The cafeteria closes early and I must stock up for the rest of my call assignment.

With so very much love,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I never knew they were so musical! LOL. Those dudes! In the sky! I am still shaking my head...with a smile...  <3