Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Far Away Dream, A Far Away Place, A Far Away Hour

Two months ago I had spent the day with my boy and my mother. There was a family-get together at a local restaurant later that night. Mom wanted some time to get ready and my niece and nephew had to study, so we couldn't stay with mom or go over to my sister's house.

Mom lives about an hour away from our home. It wasn't worth it to drive home only to drive all the way back.

So we had some time to kill.

My boy wanted to go to a park. My home town where I grew up has lots of beautiful parks. So I took him to the one that was closest to us.

Quickly we found a playground. There were children playing on it but there were two swings open.

I enjoy riding the swings. I always have. And when I go to the playground with my boy, I often swing right next to him just to keep him company.

This swing was different.

It was the same kind I used to ride while I was a child. It had the same squeak of the metal. It had the same smell of the park. Although the actual park I went to when I was little is across town (my parents moved when I was fourteen), I was instantly transported back in time to that memory.

I could feel the contentment of being an only child, with my beautiful mother in her fashionable outfit and hair, pushing me on the swings for as long as I would like. I could feel the sun, smell the grass, and hear the music that was playing on the radio at the picnic table not too far away.

And I was content.

My being a swing set philosopher goes way back.

I used to start every morning riding the swing in my back yard. Mother would help me get dressed for school, I don't remember if I even ate breakfast, and OUT I would go into the fresh morning of our back yard. Many times there would be dew on everything, even the seat, and I would have to wipe it carefully so as not to stain my clothes.

I sang 'Jerimiah Was A Bullfrog' at the top of my lungs, riding that swing, thanking God for the opportunity to be alive.

And I thought about my life, and what I wanted to do with it. And my family.

I thought about how chaotic the relationship between my mother and my younger sister had been--the sister would not poop and the mother screaming with frustration is only one example---and the contrast with the fresh morning air and solitude was highly welcome to my soul.

What IS the memory?

How is it that it transports us back in time at the whiff of a scent we once knew? Or seeing a reminder --for example, when going through her old things, my mother asked if I would like the clock that was on the wall while I was growing up. It was a handsome clock, and looked like an antique watch and was made of wood. So much horror overcame me while I looked at that watch--all the memories of mother yelling and screaming, of me standing in the living room with her brushing my hair with a plastic brush. BAM (brush contacts head at top), pull (brush comes down against knots in hair), OUCH! (hard bristles scratch my entire ear).  The one time I flinched and showed pain at the brushing of my ears, not even asking her to stop, my mother started screaming in chemical-fueled rage and threw the brush across the room as hard as she could at the front door.

I had to remind myself that I am a grownup now, and can protect myself against her anger, and the memory of it.

I declined her offer, politely, and thanked God for all the personal growth so I could love her as she is, temper and all, AND be emotionally safe and protected at the same time.

If memory has the power to transport us instantly in place and time, if this just a random occurrence that only goes backward in time?

Or does the CONSCIOUSNESS retain this ability to move anywhere, anytime, in an instant, not just in meditation, but in our hearts, once our natural abilities are not longer blocked by 3D, duality, and The Veil?

In mediumship, the Consciousness is able to do some pretty amazing things.

So is Reiki Healing--I once sent a healing to a friend who was in trouble in Hawaii, which is five hours away. She felt the calm hit her instantly, the minute I sent it.

With HSZHN, we who are Reiki trained CAN and DO send Reiki across distance and time.

Is it possible that memory, Reiki Healing, and mediumship are quantum energetic experiences that do not ''follow' the restrictions of 3D, Duality, and The Veil?

And what is going to happen when we all arrive at once, as humanity, into the Higher Realms?

It's worth thinking about it, isn't it?

I love you all so very much.

I look forward to Awakening together in the New Energies of New Gaia.

Not A Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake

OMG this song has been going over and over in my head the whole time I was writing this! I might as well share...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc