Friday, June 20, 2014

Late Check Out

Remember how I once mentioned 'some people have Ghostbusters every single day' in their Spiritual Lives?

Well, I'm not even sure where to begin. My vacations aren't always restful. And this one was by far the most challenging 'mission' I have ever had.

On the one hand, I stayed in a hotel by a local resort to enjoy our annual passes and spend some time bonding as a family due to our busy lives.

On the other, I got to the root of a very old and very unpleasant spiritual organization, and cleaned it. I did this as part of a team. I learned some very high-ranking negative creatures can 'act cool' and 'act like they healed' when in fact they didn't. I learned of some very horrible practices and secrets and put them all toward the Light.

I also learned that the Innocence of those Unawakened, and the beauty of their hope and trust far outweighs whatever is negative and deliberate and horrible that went on under their unsuspecting nose!

So I will not go on and on about each battle--there were two--in this Rescue of a very important soul who was kept hidden and tortured and raped like Jaycee Dugard, sort of a Galactic one, who goes by the name of Arabella. Arabella is now clean and free and is in healing with her many, many children, whose names are known only to her.

Love is a powerful statement.

This duck--I fed it some of my sourdough baguette--and its duck family is what helped me turn the corner, too. That and my wood bead elastic bracelet with a metal thing that has a heart and says LOVE.

Yesterday I was sorely tested. My son sprained his ankle the night before last, and couldn't walk all yesterday without pain. So I rented the wheelchair, and pushed him all through the main, classic, original park.

Did you know there are a lot of hills and ramps at that park? And deep ruts in the walkways that catch the wheels? And a manual wheelchair, with someone as big as you in it, is really hard to drive?

What started yesterday as respect and admiration for those who are disabled, and their families, and the way this entertainment resort accommodates the special needs, grew to my LIVING it for one day.

I am sore. I am tired. And I am happy I learned how 'it's not a stroller any more' LOVE is an exercise that is good for you, for those around you (some asked me, 'how are you doing?' and offered to help push--I politely declined), and for those you love (thank you mom for trying to make the best of it on our vacation--I appreciate it).

So for all the hidden symbols of the Illuminati I would see, which pressed heavy on my heart because at last I could see it was quite deliberate and a signal to others of the superiority of the Illuminati, I saw:

  • hungry ducks who got excited at the sight of my loaf of bread in my backpack
  • people who have to push the wheelchair and attend to special needs every day
  • a worker named Margo on Indiana Jones who had the most compassionate heart and the brightest Light of anyone here in both parks, the retail area, and the entire resort complex (I felt  her as she explained gently the rules of wheelchair waiting for the ride to us)
  • many, many couples and families having fun
  • the bond between wheelchair pushers (me--I'm kind of new to all this   random dad--you'll get the hang of it)
  • how my first job, was not random--Tomorrowland Terrace! (I am a Galactic and had no clue for the longest time --only the last year I have known for certain)
  • the beautiful flowers, plants and trees and their anchoring the Light at the parks
  • admiration and hope for the woman with the feeding tube in her nose, for those autistic and developmentally delayed, for those on oxygen, and for those very jaundiced and tired who I could tell was making this 'last trip' as a gift of memories to their loved ones.
  • the strength of LIGHT in those who chose to work at this place, to be open and caring and kind to all who come here no matter or color or health or orientation or money status
  • The grown man in a full Snow White costume that TOTALLY made me smile--a visitor to the resort--who was living his dream!

I realize that this place where I am visiting and currently staying, is in face a masterpiece. And like all masterpieces, it belongs to humanity. For always and forevermore.

entrance to It's A Small World
(music and entire ride is here:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.    The bracelet means so much to me because it reminds me that Love Is The Solution For Everything. Ross enjoys a hobby of woodworking. In his spare time, he is making me a beautiful hope chest of cedar to go by our bed. He showed it to me not too long ago. I admired his handiwork. I also am deeply touched, for I always wanted one at my first marriage, but my family was not well-off enough to provide me one. It's my dream come true, and that he is making it, really opens my heart. When he showed me, he opened it, and I could smell it.

I am the luckiest girl in the whole world!


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