Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Power Of Quiet And Solitude

Today's Lesson is on Finding The Strength Within and Compensating For Our Weakness with the help of spirit.

It is a very quick lesson. I sort of discovered it by accident. You know that extra part of the brain--outside the ten percent we normally use? I think that might have something to do with the solution that I found for the first time today.

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

I am post-call. I worked late last night, but fortunately I didn't get called in. I slept. I still felt kind of foggy.

There is an impulse to just self-comfort and soothe after a long hard call at work. But I couldn't. There were a lot of chores to do, appointments to be made, and errands to run. I wanted to stress.
I have deadlines on many things. I get scattered and often, overwhelmed, with too much to do.

Counterintuitively, today was one of the most productive days I have had ever since I became a mom!

And it all started when I felt a 'nudge' to lay down. As I rested, thoughts came to me on things I needed to get done, but had forgotten. When I got up, I made a list. I did a sudoku, and as I relaxed and worked the puzzle, even more things to add to my 'to do' list--important things!--came up.

I added them to the list.

And I got it done.

It was possible to stay calm and effective without having to stress.

It's not like I sat around and had a lot of fun. But the focus and the clarity was greatly helped by the resting and making a list.

  • I listened to all the voicemail on the phone. (this is my least favorite thing to do)
  • I got the mail. It typically piles up, I am so busy.
  • I paid the sitter by check by mail for last month
  • I filled out an evaluation for a colleague who wants staff member privileges
  • The car got a new battery
  • Appointments were made for doctor, dentist, swim team tryouts, and more for my son.
  • We bought new shoes for school for him too
  • I printed a form and filled it out and mailed it back to some business thing I had put off for six months because I really don't like to do that sort of thing--but it's important
  • I coordinated future babysitting for next week
  • I confirmed the drum lessons with three people needed to make it happen too 
This was above and beyond the regular routine with school, dinner, pets, cleaning, laundry, and garden.

Next time you are feeling stressed, or anxious, or possibly overwhelmed--why not take a moment or two to put your feet up?

You'll gain an entirely new perspective.

And it works!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc