Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Reiki Can Do

Yesterday I went to go visit my stylist, Ed.
I call him my Gay Boyfriend.
We are about as close as two people can be who do not have a romantic relationship.
I tell him just about everything.

Yesterday when I described how I felt about something that had happened recently with some friends, he literally doubled over and did his best to hold in that laugh. I have the gay sense of humor, too, and we crack each other up.

We are both highly Spiritual.

Ed has a new salon.

I have been there three times.

The last time I brought up an uncomfortable subject. I carefully chose my words and said, 'Ed, the energies here are very bad for you and I am concerned about your happiness, health, and well-being.'

Everything spilled out. The chair position. The booking screw ups. The woman who left on vacation but the receptionist was so entranced with her cell phone the credit card didn't go through but they didn't realize it and they had to call the client back to authorize payment after her vacation.

I asked, 'Would you like me to do something about the energies here?'  He accepted. So while he got things ready, I did my 'thing' for the whole salon. He watched but didn't ask questions. I explained how I saw many trapped souls in the area leaving through the vortex I had set up inside the salon, and that further, this would be an anchor of LIGHT to the general area and softly usher in the energies of the higher realms.

Just in case you are wondering, Ed kind of looks like this.
He also looks like a Turkish Rock Star and has been mistaken for him when he travels to Europe.

I noticed the new energies when I walked in.

Ever the scientist, I asked, barely able to contain my excitement--'How have the energies been here?'

'Oh my GOSH! They are SO much better! I don't know what happened. I took off for a WEEK, and when I came BACK, THREE of the most NEGATIVE PEOPLE that were at this place just SUDDENLY QUIT! And it's been wonderful ever since!'

I said, 'I know Ed--this stuff really works! Just last month, I was in an O.R. and there were two gynecologists working. She had to have reoperation after breast cancer for a new mass. And he had arthritis in the knee so bad he was walking around using an old golf club as a cane--even in the O.R.! I asked them if they would like to be put on our Healer's List for Reiki. They said YES. It turned out she was a healer long before she had ever become a doctor, and worked with energy in college. She had lapsed. And HE was a non-believer who wanted to be shown how it works.'

'Well, she sailed through her surgery and is interested in learning Reiki. For him, his knee suddenly got better--not all the way but not as painful. He doesn't understand why it improved.' (ed -- I had to go in on my day off after my appointment with Ed to do a special request case. I parked next to the second doctor with the painful knee. I saw him walk perfectly and without any limp all the way across the parking lot to his car.)

And I shared more:  The owner of a local pet shop had spent the last two years suffering with pain in both knees and one hip. The doctors couldn't figure it out. He was distraught because he couldn't skateboard, which is his sport and stress relief. He didn't know what to do. I asked him if he wanted to go on our Healer's list as a Reiki Request? He said yes. Two weeks later, he was completely pain free and able to resume his skateboarding. He is interested to learn Reiki now, too.

Have I given Ed Reiki? Yes. Early in my training I did and he could feel it. I have also used the laser to send quantum healing to him through a photograph for his intention he requested. He is my 'guinea pig' and willing to explore new things. 

Ed is deeply spiritual, and converted from the Judaism where you believe Jesus is the Messaiah to regular Judaism. It took a lot of work and study to do that. He also is studying to become a nurse. Our birthdays are within the same week (he is older, though, by several years). 

Ed is a perfect example of how a spiritual person can have an effect on those who are around them, even in their every day, day-to-day career and life. 

Do your best, and angels can do no better.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Ed does nice work, doesn't he?
Thank you Ed.
I love you <3