Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paranormal Activity Today With Reiki Doc

Everybody assumes that all souls find their way Home. That is not how it happens. Every soul that goes to The Other Side is escorted by an angelic guide or an Ascended Master. 

In cases of Very Low Vibration, a soul rejects the guide and does not advance toward the light.

I met one such soul today. She was a spirit who approached me while I was meditating. It was at the waiting room for the counselor. My son is having problems with his weight and bullying. So he was in with the counselor for his first visit, and I was waiting in the waiting room for the first time myself.

Spirit:     Why are you here? Are you here for me?

Me:   I am here for my son. (I sensed she was a female, a suicide, someone who had been a client of one of the psychologists who shared the suite. She was extremely traumatized, and also, capable of rage.)

Spirit:    Why are you here for your son?

Me:     Does it matter? Why are you here? (I said this while maintaining my pleasant attitude and calm).

Spirit:   I was hoping you could help.

Me:    If you would like me to, I could. I also work with him. (Ross came in)

Spirit:  (she saw him and shrieked and went back to the corner, in fetal position. I picked up that people had hurt her and somehow twisted it to say it was to done with him, when in fact, it wasn't. I asked him to go. I showed her Blessed Mother, and asked, is she okay? The spirit nodded yes.)

Me:    You look as if you could use a cup of tea. Would you like me to make you one? I poured tea for both of us. As we sipped, I also confided to her that in our day, Ross had hurt me once terribly, and I had spent lifetime after lifetime running away from him. He had done his time, we had both grown, and now we are together again. People can get better and improve when they are on the other side. Often they are sorry for the things they did that hurt us. I showed her the golden copy of the Akhashic record of her father, who was the one who had hurt her. )

The spirit of the father, anxious to 'make right' came in a little early. She did not accept or even listen to his apology. She started shrieking like crazy and slapping him. I gestured for him that he had to go.

I calmed her down, with more tea. And cookies.

Gently, I asked her, 'where would you like to be besides here?'

Spirit:    On a horse! I could do anything when I was on a horse!

Me:     Would you like to go to a place where you could ride forever?

Spirit:    Yes! (and as the horse was brought in, she sensed a trick, and returned to full fetal position in the corner.)

Me:   (I sensed what were her favorite sweets. I gave her some, which she took, greedily. She was hungry for them. I left a little one at a time, in a little trail, to bring her closer to the Light. I gave her a cupcake and she shoved the whole thing into her mouth, getting her far enough in range--for the angels to help her.)

The angels worked swiftly, silently, and with skill. Before she realized it, they had her and were escorting her to the Light. I followed and explained how important it was for her to be given sweets. They nodded in understanding and went further to the Light, further than I am permitted to go.


There are some really complex souls out there. The situations are at risk for the soul (like this one who was refusing to go to the light out of fear and traumatization), and in the case of parasitic energy attachment (Negative Entities and Dark Entities), for the attached souls too. There is great risk for the one who does the removals.

It is not to be taken lightly.

About once every two months, people ask me about removals, and attachments.

I always recommend the same--for parasites--www.margaretmccormick.com and for implant removal, Alexandra and Reverend Pamela at this website: http://galacticconnection.com/guardian-healers-alliance/want-clear-controlling-matrix-implants/

However, most prefer to remove the entities themselves, or to have a friend do it.

Have caution.

People can get hurt--in a spiritual sense.

When the attachment/parasite comes off, it lacks an energy source. It has only a short time to attach to another vulnerable aura/person. If it can't, the soul DIES. It does not go to the Light. It does not become a ghost (ghosts are a different story altogether. These souls do not know they are dead! I don't know where the energy comes from but for them it does.) It is not escorted to the Galactic Central Sun (which is another form of soul death, but one that is when the soul is not capable of rehabilitation, and is the Creator's last option.)

In my experience with this sort of situation, it is always the same:  the soul comes to me, I have my team always with me in Spirit, and with close guidance from my team, I interact.

It is not of a choice of someone--or myself--to remove anything. It just happens. And I am super, duper careful the whole time, and back off whenever anything weird comes up.

So there you have it.

My sister went to Bali for a Yoga Teacher course. She met many people who were 'open', and even the villagers believed in good and bad spirits, and offered food to keep all the spirits happy three times a day. One of her classmates had said, 'My life is ghostbusters--my spiritual life--I see ghostbusters every single day.'

It's fascinating, yes.

But for some people like us, it's normal too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc