Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We Value Your Judgement

'We value your judgement.' Ashtar said, just now, while I was getting dinner ready.

He told me to write about what happened with him and myself today.

I will keep it brief.

I read his announcement from Marc Gamma earlier today.  I read it a second time right before I went to pick up my boy from school.

On the drive over, Ashtar came in, and asked me how I was doing? We have a silver cord that connects us chest to chest. It is my lifeline as a Galactic.

The energies here on surface Gaia are that low, so that it should be needed, to help me.

I had trouble finding the words. I searched and searched. My mood was not very good. I said, 'I'm tired.'  I explained how all this summer solstice flood of Tsunami of Love sounds wonderful and all, but I can't get excited for it. I said, flatly, 'I'm DONE.'

I explained politely how for those of us who inhabit these emotional bodies (Galactics have emotions, but not like earth humans as far as being 'touchy' or 'able to feel really strong emotions that change fast'), after investing a certain amount of emotional energy we tire, we give up.

In medicine, a person who is breathing very fast can only keep it up for so long. The muscles fatigue, and then they need to be intubated. I tried to explain it, but he couldn't understand. To someone who does not have time, the meaning of being able to hold one's breath for only so long underwater, as a metaphor for being emotionally in a crisis, is something new.

I said, 'This (war--a spiritual one) being over is no need to celebrate. All of the warriors just wish to pack up their bags, take a shower, and go home.'

I also shared how I appreciate the meticulous planning for the party to celebrate, and also the concept how the timing is important for planetary and Galactic stability. I 'get' all that. But I really don't want to party or celebrate anything at this point. Just give me Ross and let me go home.

He left suddenly, after thanking me offhandedly while he was deep in thought.

Ross came to me. I overhear people talking about me up there. Ashtar was trying his best to explain our conversation to the council. For some reason it is important to them how I feel. And that I wish to celebrate.

Ross knows defeat. The other Galactics have never experienced it. So Ross explained that this is something for Ashtar to grow and consider. Through our silver cord connection, Ashtar actually felt the energy of defeat for the first time, and it troubled him. For humans, we are used to this experience. We let it go, and we bounce back. Ross says that Ashtar has his lessons, too, and this is one of them.

So it's back to the drawing board for Ashtar.

Or apparently, he is now BACK from his drawing board.

Tonight he said, 'We value your judgement.' to me.

It helps. It feels better.

Either way, with each day we get closer to our goal, and that is a welcome thing.

Ashtar wants me to publish this now. And send it to Marc. So I will.

Then I'll finish making dinner.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc