Sunday, June 1, 2014

Today's Reiki Healing, Sunday June 1, 2014

Today I did the Reiki for you while I was in the shower.  Sometimes I do that.

Today, Sensei Mikao Usui's spirit came in. It has been many months where I have not had contact with him.

He directed my attention upward.

With my mind's eye (I am a psychic and medium, so my third eye is fulling functioning)--I saw, not very high up from me, about perhaps one story up, what looked like a hole in a floor with many people standing around the edge.

I looked up and there was Usui-Sensei! To the right was Chijuro Hayashi-Sensei, with the little glasses, smiling and waving.

And in the middle of the group--there were many---I recognized the figure of Hawayo Takata-Sensei, much to my delight. I literally jumped up and down and enthusiastically waved to her (with my Light body). This was one of my first times seeing her, ever!

They bent over a little so I could see their faces clearly over the edge of the hole, and they told me to stop my Reiki that I was sending at the time for my daily healing.

They asked, if I agreed, to attune for this healing, instead.

They said it was a good time for all of the readers who are interested, and anyone who reads these words in the future--to be attuned to Reiki One.

Specifically, they said, 'It is for anyone who knows you or of your work.'

They were all SMILING and they joined me in the attunement, which I did after I stepped out of the shower and dried off.

Here is what it means concerning you:

  • With Your PERMISSION, this Attunement is granted to you, free of charge, from all of them and me.
  • Your Guardian Angel is holding this energy for you for safekeeping.
  • In your heart-of-hearts, ASK your Guardian Angel, to give that attunement energy to you at the best place and time, for The Highest Possible Good.
  • If you are already Reiki-attuned, you have just had a Reiki re-attunement, from us.
  • If you are new to Reiki, please note you will have your hidden energy pathways in your body open up to eighty percent. This is standard for a person new to Reiki, and is just enough, but not too much.
  • All of you may experience symptoms of a Reiki Cleanse as your body energetically 'throws off' the old 'gunk' that may have settled in to your 'energy pipes'.
  • Reiki Cleanse can make you have minor symptoms like a cough, cold, flu that are short lived. 
  • A Reiki Cleanse may also bring up some emotional or spiritual things to release.
  • Drinking lots of water and eating things that grow in the ground help to assimilate the energies.
  • A Reiki Cleanse typically does not last for more than a week, typically a day or two for most.
  • electronic devices may malfunction in your vicinity for a short time until you assimilate the new energies.

When do you give Reiki? 

You don't need to know the symbols for now. Just imagine a giant light switch in your mind. When you want to give it, think, Reiki On. And when you are done, think, Reiki Off.

When Reiki is ON, you might feel a funny sensation of energy flowing out the palms of your hands.

With Reiki One, you may give Reiki in person to anyone you like, including pets.

There are no side-effects from Reiki.

It only helps.

What else can you expect after the attunement?

You may have more vivid dreams and impressions, for example, of your deceased loved ones who will be able to contact you now that you have a boost in your vibration and energy.

You also may discover your Reiki One guide. Everyone who gives Reiki, is not alone. There is a Guide in the Higher Realms, who directs this energy to the top of your head when you ask for Reiki to Turn On. It then flows through to your palms. 

Everyone who GIVES Reiki, gets a healing too. The energy, since it comes from Source, does not deplete your own personal energy.

Please practice self Reiki every day to keep the energy channels OPEN. Lay your hands on yourself when you are resting quietly, and say to yourself, Reiki ON. Spirit will take care of the rest. When you are finished, say, Reiki Off. Your inner guidance will direct you for how long to let the Reiki flow in what is right for you.

Furthermore, the Divine Mother says that your use of the Healing Codes is going to be met with more success because of your new energy healing pathways which are now soon to be functioning like they were designed to do, for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Usui-Sensei waves and smiles and says, 'Domo Arigato' and 'See you next time!' He bows in deep gassho.