Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Bugs and Fireflies!

Yesterday I was on the computer and I heard this terrible buzzing sound!

I went to the patio screen to inspect, and I saw something that looked like this:

It had the craziest antennas, too, and I had never seen anything like it!

THIS is a June Bug. But what was THAT???

It was a June Bug TOO!

Apparently these things I find when I dig in the dirt in my garden, are the larva form of the June Bug:

They are called 'White Grubs'

Did you know they take two to three years  to develop into the little beetles that fly into your lights and drown in your pool in Southern California every summer?

I didn't.

And that they also sometimes come in green? And are related to the scarab beetle?


Now something we DON'T have here in Los Angeles are lightening bugs, also known as the fireflies. We also don't have glow worms too. The only things like it hang on strings in the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland.

So one summer, I worked for Procter And Gamble, in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a student engineer JUST so I could see them with my own eyes! They come out in early evening, and fly low to the ground, about knee high at most...

I think they are beautiful!

I hope you enjoy all the magic Summer has to bring!

It's my favorite, Summer. I wish it could last the whole year through!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc