Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zing Zing Let's Move Along

My chakras had a workout today! 

I am at a loss for words to describe the sensation. The closest thing I can think is that it is very much like I am freshly arrived after going down the steepest black diamond moguls hill at the ski resort in winter.

I am a little breathless.

But my Higher Vibration stayed on intact.

For privacy, I didn't take the photo from the other side where the girls senior portraits are on display.

My niece had a function today at a hotel downtown where I grew up. It's not far from where I live, it's about one hour away providing the traffic isn't bad.

The workout started with the text from my sister who is mother to this niece--other sister hasn't confirmed she will drive mom. Can you?


(the thought occurred to me after this interaction is--if Love Is The Solution For Everything, then the corollary is that when faced with a challenge and there is NOT enough Love energy, the result is a sensation of being stressed. She was VERY stressed, and I did my best to keep from catching it from her.)

But I made a couple phone calls on the road, and went straight there because the sister who was picking her up was on time.

Next I arrived right on time--at the wrong HOTEL!!! LOL! It was two blocks away. I parked. I looked for the event announcement on the hotel notice screen to direct me to the room. Wrong hotel. So a nice woman on the elevator to the parking lot told me to 'turn left' and I got there okay. And the wrong hotel didn't even charge me for the parking!

I walk up and I see this--see the black draped easels above? It's the seniors. Each has a photo and the actual young ladies are walking around in their white formal dresses with long gloves. The juniors were helping people like me check in and get their seating assignments. I was assigned table eight.

I can't find my sisters or my mom.

I notice how they write Doctor (with my last name) whenever I go to one of these functions...

Fortunately, I found my niece who looked beautiful, took some pictures together, and settled in at my assigned seat...

The mother, as you might expect, is worldly. My sister wrote the BOOK on Queen Bees and Wanna Bees (well, actually she didn't, but she is WAY into that sort of popularity thing, since way back. All the time growing up with her, not only could I not understand the interest, but I had no interest in that part of life, myself. I know my sister was incarnated as a noblewoman in Pompeii once, and she died in the rain Volcanic ash.).

My niece is sweet. She is the perfect balance between worldly and not-of-this world.

I am heavily case you haven't noticed! <3

Both my niece and my sister enjoy Reiki, and have taken Reiki One from me.

This brings us to the focus of today's lesson.

Ever hear of being able to meditate in grand central station in New York?

This one I experienced today is one notch higher in difficulty.

How do you open your heart and love those who have the audacity to make a social event out of helping those less fortunate than them, to indoctrinate somehow their young women, into 'confidence, social awareness, and service' like it's some sort of clique?

I am not one of them.

I looked in the roster for the eighteen women. Only one had parents who were divorced.

These are the women who stay home, are full-time housewives, and 'do lunch'.

The energies were wildy changing, with the young ones who enjoy being there, the ones who were coerced into it by their parents (I could see the distant look in the faces of the daughters). I felt the moms who were proud and pleased to have 'had their kids involved in the program' (You have to be nominated to join it, by a sponsor who is in the group).

I spent some time talking with my other sister who just got back from Bali for a month-long yoga teacher training camp. We both had the vegetarian tea sandwiches...

Long story short, I felt like 'where's the prom?'.

But as I relaxed and my heart opened, I was thankful that these people DO service to the community. They raise a lot of money. Everyone there is doing the best they can with their perception of what is 'right' for their community and their daughters. Many undoubtedly were raised in this type of organization themselves.

I also realized there are probably a lot of crystal children and higher Lightworkers who were born into these families to help heal the system from within. 

I gave thanks for this.

It felt good to let that part go, that 'I'm not good enough to socialize with these people' part. 

I'm glad I got to share my niece's special day with her, and with this very large group that took up an entire ballroom.

I asked Spirit, directly, to explain to me the purpose of this kind of group. It felt to me like the Divine Feminine Energy was limited, caged in. This is okay behavior, appearance, beliefs, and everything else is not okay.

I was thinking of titles like 3D and Pedigrees because it felt like that is what all this was about--'nice girls' being prepared to meet 'nice husbands'.

I had so many questions in my mind...but Spirit said, 'it's time to GO!'--so I excused myself promptly. There is a long drive home, and my son comes back from his weekend with dad by a certain time.

See this woman in the middle of the windows at the end of the escalators?

She is a worker.

I saw her standing in the circle of the easels, with the Seniors Portraits. It was like seeing the entire Rose Parade Queen and Her Court in photos, with one who could never have that sort of life, humbly taking it all in.

I felt her.

I felt her heart, her aura, her thoughts.

It was quiet, raptly taking it all in, with no judgement.

There was not one hint of jealousy, although I picked up one day as a mother she would like to do something nice like this for her girls, if she should have them. She wanted the best opportunity for her own.

I called her. I asked her to take my picture.

She was so nice. She took three. 

The last one, Ross got in the picture!

I felt his energy come in, as he posed. He was to my right.

I look and look at the image, I can only see a little blurry brightness but no form. 

But if you look at me? I am glowing with the energy of being near my Twin.

I won't post it here. Not now. Maybe I will later.

I took this picture of the lobby. It's a pseudo-vortex! Real ones are like a column that is swirly like this, but straight up, not flared. And they shine with a glow. The ones to help people cross over are whiter than white. I have placed other ones with different colors in other places such as airports when Spirit asked, too.

Valet Dude:  I like you om.

C:  My WHAT?

Valet Dude:  Your necklace. Your symbol. Your om. I like all that stuff.

C:  (I smile) I am a Karuna Reiki Master.

Valet Dude:  Reiki? What's THAT?

C:  It's a form of energy healing. It's like acupuncture but without the needles. 

Valet Dude:  Cool!

C:  With Reiki One, your energy goes up like a wall socket form of electricity.  With Reiki Two, your energy pathways go up from eighty percent open, to all the way, the hidden energy pathways in your body. With Reiki Master, you are like a big transformer station off the power lines. With Karuna Reiki, the energy is more powerful. At the Karuna Reiki Master you are like a power plant that could light up all of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

I gave a blessing to this group. And the whole area. I filled it today with very much Light.

Valet Dude:  I get real excited about all of those things--you know? Like HEAVEN COMING TO EARTH....

C:  It's coming! It's soon!  It's like, sooner than you might think!

And he looked at me with joy, and waved his tattooed arm.

I got in my car, and waved back, and drove away.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross