Saturday, June 14, 2014

Revealing The Truth

This lesson is not going to be pleasant.
Not for me.
Not for many, many, many of you.

If you have the highest vibration in your heart while you are reading this,  it is going to help.

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

I signed my boy up for Christian Preschool, and he has had an expensive, 'exclusive' education ever since.  I signed him up thinking that at a Christian place, everything would be like this--all angels and halos and loving God. The kids were not allowed to wear or bring anything superhero to the school. It was a policy. Why?, I asked the director of the preschool, Miss M, innocently. We were catholic, but this Christian school was reputable and very close to my work. (Two colleagues highly recommended it and had their children there.)

Because Jesus is our superhero! she said without batting an eye.

Fast-forward many years later to grade school. My boy is having emotional breakdowns, out of the blue, which I can't understand. Last year, as he says,  he felt like he was good at everything and he was very happy.  And this year? His teacher showed favoritism. She labeled him as defiant and spoiled. He felt like nothing he could do could please her. That day, his teacher, 'Blanca Nieve', who runs the before-school daycare, told him 'Santa was a big fat lie, the tooth fairy was fake, there never were any leprechauns, the Easter bunny is not real, and it is the parents who do all the gifts. Only Jesus and the Church are real! You should go to church!' He argued with her, because he is not old enough to 'figure it out' and Santa is the most important thing in the world for him. She didn't back down. She tried to break him. 

Then it turned out the reason why he wanted to be home schooled and never wanted to go to school again, EVER, is the bullying.

My boy is built like a football player. He is a little on the heavy side. The teacher is a runner. And Blanca Nieve is from Ecuador and wants everyone to think she is from France and dresses like a 1950's movie star every single day.

Apparently there are children of the staff at the school. They are treated preferentially and also have formed a clique on the playground and no matter what, when they are angry or losing a game, even his best friend calls him 'fatty'.

I held him and consoled him the best I could. He was so upset, he had an asthma attack, almost threw up, and threatened suicide with a plan. (He told me what and how he would do it and I would wake up in the morning and find him dead.) He threatened it TWICE. I promised him I didn't understand bullying myself, but had experienced it. And I will find him someone who does, and we will both figure out with this person what to do next. And NO, he does not ever have to go anywhere that treats him like that again, even if it means home schooling.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

Sometimes that is really hard to do.

I wanted to kill Blanca Nieve for what she did. And I didn't give the teacher 'Zola Budd' a gift for the last day of school, just because of all the emotional damage she has caused to this boy. This wasn't the first breakdown because of her actions--however, it was by far the worst and the most troubling to me as a parent.

As I rested, for I am  on duty at the hospital, I imagined a meeting in the 'Principal's Office' with me, Blanca Nieve, Zola Budd, and the mothers of the two 'Staff Kids' in his class who torment him.

Then I saw it, clear as day, the lesson that is irony both for them and for you,  dear One!

Shall we move on to the 'meat and potatoes' of our subject?

Blanca Nieve has been conditioned by the powers that shape society as we know it, that the Roman Catholic Church is the be-all, end-all for the human condition. It has gotten to the point where it reinforces itself in her thinking; it has become an 'us versus them' in her heart--that all Catholics are 'good' and 'what is in the Bible takes precedence over all that could ever contradict what is written, making cannon fodder for anything that gets in the way--including the heart of a boy whose parents made the choice to let him believe in Santa for their family to celebrate Christmas.'

She will block anything and everything that does not reinforce her belief system. She will pray for others and donate money, thinking that is what is best for everything and everyone on the planet.

Even the Buddhists who are devout and highly spiritual, to her, are in need of a 'spiritual make-over'; they should be Catholic if they are going to get into Heaven!

This is mind control at its finest. The Jesuit agenda escapes her. There is no Illuminati influence at the Vatican, or rightly, inside the hidden corridors, nothing whatsoever could be happening in that 'Holy Place', as far as she is concerned.

People worship God, but sometimes they might not tell you in fact which God is the one they actually serve. There are two. There is the one everybody thinks we all worship, when in fact there is a 'hidden' one who is the polar opposite of what everyone thinks is 'The Big Man In The Sky'.

Look at the work of the brave Kevin Annett if you wish to find the 'truth about Santa' when it comes to the Catholic church. There is pedophilia that is organized and far worse than anything that has ever been published in the news to this time. Just search with his name, and let Spirit take you from there.

P.S.  I am a mystic, and have had spiritual connection to Blessed Mother, Mary, since 1992. My channellings are published and read worldwide. Blanca Nieve has no idea of this. This is a second 'truth about Santa' for her. My boy got his first message from Mary in Paris in 2011 when we were inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame. She wanted him to tell me to buy a particular statue of her with the baby jesus. It cost ninety euros, but she insisted. And he delivered that message perfectly to me from her.

'Zola Budd' called my boy 'spoiled' on the pajama day where they watch movies and celebrate the end of school with a big class breakfast.

He wanted to watch the film he had brought, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, instead of Frozen.

I have never seen Frozen. I know it is incredibly popular. I asked him in the car about the story and the plot.

There is a girl who dies and the mother saves the head and freezes it. Then she brings her back years later. Then the girl has her parents die, and she...

I let him know I had heard enough.

Did you know that Disney Entertainment is highly encouraged to be watched by victims of Monarch Mind Control Programming? If you are familiar with MK Ultra, or the work of Joseph Mengele, you will know there is a system of breaking down the psyche of the individual, and 'rebuilding it', in the case of MK Ultra, to make a 'Delta' of an unstoppable assassin warrior who will never get caught under the worst types of torture to get them to talk? Only the 'handler' can control them with symbols and code words to 'set them off'. And with Monarch Mind Control, you also get different types of mind-controlled slaves, some as 'kittens'--the child sex slaves for the organization--and also some destined to become many entertainers and celebrities who are popular today?

If you would like to be informed on this delicate subject, Roseanne Barr is one who 'got out' of the system, and speaks publicly about it. And I bet Roseanne watched lots and lots and lots of Disney entertainment.

If you still are convinced that Disney is family-friendly, well, you might want to ask yourself what is in common with Snow White, Lilo and Stitch, Dumbo, Lion King, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, and Frozen?

Where are the parents? Did they die?

And in others, are the parents actively caring for their young? Or do they seem preoccupied and 'out of it' and not worthy of respect?

this kitten is forever sovereign and free
In my immediate past life, I was one too.

Why are kids so cruel these days? Why are there the Ben Breedloves of the world dying right and left?  The gay kids who commit suicide so much that there are 'It Gets Better' programs all around the world to help these precious souls make it to adulthood? What about the heroin overdoses? The terrible gangs where parents bury their children right and left?

What is happening to our children?

Is it an accident?

Who is going to protect our future generations when in fact is it the adults who believe in lies which are far far worse than Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny?

I held him in my arms, as he sobbed bitter, bitter tears, and asked me, looking me in the eye, 'Did you buy me my watch at Christmas?'

I nodded yes through my own tears.

'And was is YOU who bought the X-Box too, when I was six?'

I nodded, and cried harder than him, for I knew his innocence was lost and was never coming back. I chose to break it, so that he would never be ridiculed or humiliated by anyone like Blanca Nieve again.

'But WHY the LIES? I hate surprises! And I HATE LIES!!! How could you have been lying to me for all this time? How could EVERYONE lie?'

And I thought.

I spoke from my heart, 'Santa is real. He is in the heart. But he needs the help of parents. Santa is love--love for wanting children to be happy and enjoy Christmas--'


And we cried.

For the painful lesson has been taught to me.

Out of the mouths of babes.

He is right.

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

P.S. we are starting counseling and are making a decision about the school and the teacher over the summer.

P.P.S.   I see Him too. And He is very kind and nice. The church made Him into something he is not.
So, if you feel close to Him, and have a connection, that is true. His love for you that you feel, and you for him, is very, very real. There is no church or religion that is needed to know His heart and have Him help guide you in your daily life. In fact, He is happy to be of assistance in any way He can!

He is a prophet, a teacher, and guide to many, and in fact, one of my Karuna Reiki guides. The Buddha is the other. The Buddha is very kind and nice also.

P.P.S. I left the church in July 2012 once I learned of the Jesuit agenda. I wanted my donations not to go to that organization.