Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Good News


You will have so much happiness!  (telepathic message)



on walk in neighborhood

'I will be here for you if you need me.'  my Higher Self

I liked that.


at 1700 I went to heal Abe Yukkie's mom with distance Reiki. Ross came in and helped. I love to heal  with him. I caressed his face.

Instantly we went to the Council of Twelve. I was to his right, his arm around my waist. He was TRIUMPHANT!

Each one, from my left to my right, facing me, gave a guttural, one syllable word/sound that meant 'yes' or 'approved' with a nod.

We were given clearance to reunite!! (not just across the veil, but the next step)
I was so excited I kissed each one, on the lips, in total surprise and gratitude and joy!

Then, as I was falling asleep, I thanked all of my teams for making today better. To my family and my star family, I said good night. I gave thanks for Ross, my boy, my Higher Self being cool about it. In this state, I saw Ross.

I flew up to him! (usually he flies me places)

I buried my face in his chest and hugged him. (he is about six foot one, a lot taller than I am).

He asked, 'Can I see you?'

I shook my head 'no' and asked:

  • is this really it?
  • do I have to go anywhere else away from you after?
  • is this forever and ever?
He said, 'yes' and smiled.

I asked, 'Promise?'

He said, 'okay'.

At this point, I instantly transported to my father, Papa Silverstar's office. He asked me to look into his eyes. I did. I finally saw the silver flecks in them. He said a code was being transmitted to me through this, and it is to prepare me for 'what is to begin'.

Then I was back with Ross.

We looked deeply into each other's eyes for the first time, gazing at each other, and smiling. 

His eyes are magical.

Then he flew us up to our house. And it was my bed, not my Higher Self's bed, I saw it and I felt for the first time like I belonged.

But first he had a surprise for me. 

It was a diamond necklace, like a tennis bracelet but all the way around, and lightweight, not heavy like ones on earth. He said I am his princess. (I also got earrings to match). 

I thanked him and I apologized, for I had no gift for him.

All of a sudden I was thirsty. I asked for a drink of water. 

C:  Do we have water here?

R:  Yes, we have water.

C:  Don't make it zap or anything. Please pour normal so as not to scare me.

He gave it to me with love, and I drank two glasses. He said it would help me assimilate the energies.

I got a new concern. Quietly, I asked, 'If I have to pee is there a place for me to go?'

R:  Yes. You might be surprised--you won't have to go always like you did before.

And he swept me in his arms, much to my delight!

I heard my H.S. say, 'we want you to enjoy this new life of yours, your own.' and I felt her energy behind me, supporting me, must pure and unconditional love. (she also told me later, she would be like a coat I could put on if I ever felt I needed it.)

The voice from this morning was right!

Thank you.


You will have a beautiful happiness you never thought your did expect.    (telepathic message, a male voice)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Napa Crossroads by David Benoit (performed by Aldeto Suwando)