Monday, June 9, 2014

How To Assimilate The Energies Of Ascension More Smoothly

Today's lesson is practical.

A reader asked me yesterday, 'What are post-Ascension symptoms? What should I expect?'

And the energy with it was one of, 'how do I know I have Disease X?'

Ever the doctor, I answered with tongue in cheek--'the symptoms are very grave and some might not be able to handle it. They are: eternal joy, positive outlook, abundance, prosperity, goodwill, happiness, lovingkindness, and peaceful heart!'

For 99.9999999 percent of the population the symptoms of Ascension are a welcome relief!

you don't have to struggle alone with the new energies

you are together with a team of experienced energy 'climbers' and guides in the Ascension Process

in fact the New Golden Age of Gaia is a gift to us from the Higher Realms and Creator

our spiritual brothers and sisters are excited to share it

they made this same jump themselves before--that's how they know to help us

And they want us to celebrate together with them.
(that's me on the left--why do I have to wear this stupid hat?)

our star families want us to enjoy the celebration
(that's me on the left--why do we have this stupid clown? It's scary!)

even though I'm grumpy, my heart is in the right place 

can I help it if this seems more fun than a party hat, ice cream and cake?

So keep in mind that as we celebrate together, Ascension is a very personal experience.
There is no right or wrong way to enjoy it--the energies are right there for you--to lift you up.

some of you might feel like this--you might not like surprises, but the person who gives you the lovingkindness in planning YOUR celebration YOU are going to experience--is really excited from their heart...and put much time and effort into preparing your Ascension Experience for you.

so be glad they love you and they care about you very much, enough to plan it.

Keep the energies of Love and Gratitude always with you.

As you adjust to the higher energies, they will become a part of you, the Love and Gratitude and Connectedness to All That Is with your I AM presence.

Know it is  a gift, and you can only control your reaction to your perception of all that you experience.

Ascension is good.

It is very special and only happens at the end of a very long cycle of time.

ENJOY your gift!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc