Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Message From Our Lady Tuesday June 17, 2014

Beloved Children of My Heart,

The time for your deliverance from the Dark Ones nears!

Your time for happiness and freedom and prosperity is (she points around a corner) right there!

It is just around the corner, and it waits for you to arrive and to discover it.

(she holds up her index finger and slowly shakes it from side to side, as a warning of sorts)  It will not be the same way for everyone.

You are to look here (points to her heart) on you.  Inside!  God wants you to look powerfully within.

There you shall feel the great wave of love that is about to overwhelm you. What starts as a trickle, every now and then, shall turn into the greatest flood of Divine Love Energy that has ever hit the planet, for both everybody on the the surface, and also on the inside.

There is an inside to Gaia, my little children. She is hollow as an egg and in the center where a yolk or the yellow of the egg would be, there is an inner sun which glows always, and has for every single day since She was made! (ed-please see link below)

Inside there are waters and lands that are so wonderful. You get in through a little opening near the Southern Continent. (There are others but this is the most open one.)

You are about to see it for yourselves, this and MANY other wondrous things! So hold on to your safety straps! The ride of your lives is about to BEGIN!

Don't worry, I am with you, and everyone is permitted to have the most fun they can possibly imagine through all of this. I love you and I won't let anybody get hurt, not even the hair on your head.

You are my heart.  I want you to have faith and life and fortitude--for what is about to happen to all of us has never been attempted before or since in all of Creation!


I love you forever, and our channel here is very light. Her True Love awaits, and I am very proud of him for all he has accomplished -- not just for her but for everyone (moves her arms up over her head and out in a big sweeping motion).  I am so very, very proud of my beloved who is her eternal Twin.

Will you please join our party with us? We want to celebrate the reunion of the ages, for all the Twins Souls and Soul families and Star Families, and Agartha and parts distant as well. For all of Life as we know it is to sparkle and shine with pure and utter delight!!

Let it commence!

I leave you now with this message:

  • you are LOVED
  • you are PRECIOUS
  • you are SPECIAL to my heart!

I shall return at the next chance that I am given. Until then, sweet kisses with joy and love to all of you who read these words, and also to those who shall never hear of it.

I am Mother Mary, and I thank you for listening to my call.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. this information is free to share as long as all of the words are unchanged and the credit is given to the chaneller, Reiki Doc

P.P.S. mahalo Judith Kusel and Meline Lafonte!  http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2014/06/judith-kusel-inner-earth-crystalline.html