Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easy Street -- Gaia News Brief 1 May 2016

As a collective, this is the decision that we face.  We face it in every moment. We face it in our heart of hearts...

Are we willing to take a chance and work with Spirit and our soul, to experience the wonder and delight of 5D which is very different?

Or do we stick to what we know has worked for us in the past?

Every moment, we make this choice anew.

Once we have made the commitment to be 'Love in Action' and furthermore, 'Love in All that we do' becomes easy.

Decisions in our day to day are based in the Now moment and the concept that everyone is our 'cousin'--we are One, beings of energy which are connected to Source---all of us.

What makes this blog different from other sources of Enlightenment is we provide concrete examples.

Here we go--concrete example number one--Spirit told me, 'Don't bring your food today to work'.

I packed for Anthony to go to my mom's. And our breakfast was a smoothie (from home) and then I had a Mc Donald's 'healthy bowl' (my mom likes the big deluxe breakfast so when she watches Anthony I buy her one.) And coffee.

Then I went to work for my one case!

Good thing I didn't bring Anthony! LOL. One case morphed into three--and then a big long one after that.

Where was my food?

There was a handful of the peanut butter pretzels I had given to GI on Friday, along with a juice mixed with Dr. Shulze's I had gifted to the GI lab on St. Patrick's day.

Right before my two o'clock case, there was one Annie's mac and cheese in the microwave from my locker. And one cup of water.

Then I worked my heart out for six pee, no food. Nothing. (patient was not stable).

At the end, the teams were in a great mood. And first call invited us to dinner! He put it on his credit card! I didn't have to pay!

Four of us went out to Chinese. It was so nice to meet outside of work, and decompress from our long day!

They let me take the leftovers home too.  For my work the next day.

My usual is to go buy salads and meals from Trader Joe--which was 3D. In 5D--I got my needs met by 'coincidences'...

Concrete Example number two

Stephanie was very sick. I sat with her mother. She was overwhelmed at the decision to proceed with surgery or not--as it was very high risk, but so was doing nothing.

We spoke candidly.

I said, 'If it was my daughter, I would want two surgeons working on her, not one.' (surgeon and a first assist).  I also said how she told me she didn't want to live that way.  It was clear that was her wish.

Soon the news came we were going to the O.R.  Just the way I asked. With two surgeons.

I had Archangel Raphael at my side the whole time. I was working minute by minute, and his calming energy helped me to focus and keep problems to a minimum.


Carla is falling asleep. I will speak slowly and clearly...(gestures for all of you to come close and listen--ed)....I am DELIGHTED you are here with me, NOW.

(he bursts into applause--ed--the crowd figures out this is his segue into clap! clap!)

Carla must go have her rest.

I love you.

I ask you to pardon me for my bad jokes...

I'm working on it, to be more humorous, like Carla. Tell them honey what you said today in GI.

C:  the patient had a Gastric Outlet Obstruction. The nurse couldn't spell it. So the surgeon said Gee.Oh.Oh. Gastric Outlet Obstruction. Gee. Oh. Oh.  I paused and a few moments later when the moment had passed, I said very loud... GOO!   Everyone laughed and understood my joke. Then the surgeon added, 'Goo-goo!' and said to me, 'Carla you are FUNNY!'.

(oh my gosh Ross gives me the most adoring smile! He's pleased with me!  How very nice...I feel all warm and fuzzy and content just with that look from him. --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple