Saturday, April 9, 2016

Consolidation -- Gaia News Brief 9 April 2016

If you were never in medical school, you would never understand the double meaning of the title of this article.

I do.

That is why I am a healer who is unique among the people 'out there' on the internet.

I do energy work.  I do Reiki. I combine all of the messages for the Divine Healing Codes and work with Raphael and Divine Mother.

Yes, as in THE Raphael, the Archangel Raphael, one of the greatest healers there is--and who also is one of the humblest beings I have ever met.

I want to talk to you today about healing. MY 'take' on it. I want you to remember I have just finished the book 'Medical Medium' by Anthony somebody.  It is a book I found refreshing, and I actually took its advice and got through a major flare up of a chronic sinus condition.

Something doesn't 'sit well' with me in that book. Here's why:

  • The 'Spirit of Compassion' says 'he is second only to God in his power'. The only one I know who talks like this is a FALLEN angel, Lucifer.
  • The poisoner knows the poison better than the one who is being poisoned. There are lists of conditions linked--Epstein Barr Virus, CMV, Mercury and heavy metals...and how to 'antidote' them with the diet. They work. Everyone who has an antidote is going to know how it works.
  • Money. Money money money money money. Five hundred dollars for a thirty minute reading. That's one thousand dollars an hour! There is a pool your name goes into, and once a month they draw from it to decide who gets a reading or not!!! God would never in a million years choose to work that way!!! God is all about everything for everybody, no exceptions! For FREE!
  • Then there's the part about 'Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are busy, their phones are ringing off the hook. Why not call these other guys?'  this is NOT TRUE.  Angels can be everywhere at once. (the ones he suggests sound like angel collectives to me, in my opinion)
  • Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother are never mentioned even once!
  • Neither is Jesus, who is another master healer who is very well-known for his healing work.
  • Medically, it just doesn't cut it, the arguments given as to why the poisons poison. Furthermore, the medical community has been fed disinformation by the pharmaceutical industry and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  It is very well known among the medical community now, that a 'healthy heart low fat diet' is actually a 'destroy the kidney function diet'--there is an increased association with diabetes and kidney failure for people who adhere to this diet.

There's the part of the 'here is something special to know' and wanting you to 'buy more' so you can 'know it' at the end of the kindle version.

I've done that.

I've bought all these weight loss pills from a 'specialist in Los Angeles' who had a video and by the time you finish watching it, after every single 'there's MORE'--you figure, 'what the heck I'll give it a try'. I did it in the last six months. I forget to take them and they haven't worked.

I saw this same tactic on a video about the Illuminati that was a popup after looking for some cure for dandruff or something photos, it was on the bottom in a little square with a dollar bill. The person said they were a journalist for the washington post and their family had been Illuminati hunters for generations, and he made a friend and got invited and saw everything but it stopped and he fled for his life and they killed his family...

I stopped then and there. Why? Because of the ENERGY SIGNATURE of the writer!!!  The writer was one of THEM!  And they are putting more and more about what they actually do out there on the fringe internet, to get people less shocked and more accepting of 'their ways'. The whole point of the video was how they are going to kill everyone and how you and your family can be safe like nothing's a trick. They want you to buy their book for MONEY.

Just like the book about all these wonderful people being healed by Anthony and Spirit.

Yes they were healed.

This is because the poisoner knows what the antidote is.

And when all these rich and famous people like actors and models are sponsors (you can bet dollars to donuts they are MK-Ultra or Monarch trained)---when there is a number one NY Times can follow the money trail and KNOW it's not going to UNICEF or the homeless or anywhere an angel would truly want to go.

The inside 'skinny' on that book is, it's half right, and INNER GUIDANCE and INTUITION is needed to navigate your way through it, being ever mindful of the fact that you might have an important Life Lesson written into your illness. 

When it comes to soul damage, I've seen it, just the way he describes--it's like a cracked crystal and catches the light. The 'missing' part of the soul is just a huge hole that is ripped into the aura and is leaking. It will heal. When an important connection is broken these things happen. We have many cords of ether that connect our energies, and a big one, a close one, once severed, is going to leave a hole.

Dr. Richard Shulze came across a similar healing of his own cardiomyopathy through diet. 

There IS something to be said for healing through the diet.   

I know the lemon balm I ate and made tea from my garden REALLY gave me a jump start on my healing, and I have to thank Anthony for that, the writer of Medical Medium.

I send the Medical Medium nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. He has endured much--and I don't think any angel on our side would ever subject someone to that kind of torture (hearing a VOICE every day and not being able to stop his 'gift' since age four.) I have never been asked to make a commitment to anything or anyone in my healing work--and the kind of 'deal' like he was asked to do in the part of the book with the dog almost dying in the stream really seems to me like the kind of 'deal' I've seen made by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. You don't want something you care about to die, and you do whatever they ask of you to save it. 

According to Divine Mother and Divine Father, whom I communicate with every day, this was another test in Discernment, and I passed.

Yesterday I was walking to Pre-Op, and I was a little miserable still because I would rather have been in bed. I had to have childcare come early--at $75 fee--so I could get to work at six a.m. and listen to my colleagues complain about how 'unfair' our compensation is to those who take O.B. call. 

I lost money. And now I will lose hours...because of their avarice.

So I'm in the long hallway, and I asked Ross, 'I know I have all my lessons today but can I please just have a hug to get me through?'

And I felt this WONDERFUL warm energy in my chest, and I was embraced with Love!

I knew I could make it through the day, whatever was to happen, and I would be okay.

I smiled.

I also have been pushing my students to make contact with their guides--the one who is closest to them, like their guardian angel. I want them to SEE them, and to know their name.  I know that when my closest ones are 'connected' clear and true, like several people I know here are, then we are unstoppable now in Real Time.  When people pick apart at the Veil, and are working in partnership with their Guardian angels--we are HOME and that's it!  

My students don't know I've been working on Spirit side on their make it easier for them.

Being able to talk to your guides takes an open heart, which all of my students have.  It takes dedicated 'downtime' for spiritual practice. It takes the ability to disengage from the demands of both their 'Light work' and their 'Day to Day' which not all of them are able to do.   It takes ability to set aside doubt and need for proof. But it also takes openness to UNPLUG from anything and everything in Mass Media....

That daily 'news fix' isn't a plus when it comes to this exercise.

Neither is Netflix or your favorite T.V. show.

But my team has made enough progress for the Gaia Portal to notice, and this makes me proud. The Hue-beings are 'teaming up' with their Guides.

Not with each other. <3  

There are many channeled messages out there. They border on the ridiculous. Sometimes it seems to me that everyone is a 'channel'!  This one is especially disappointing for me:


Gaia is not a third-grader.

She is Lady Gaia Sophia, the Twin soul of The Cristos, and is an angel in her own right, dearly beloved by her Star Family.  

This kind of stuff in her name is not from her.

And that's sad.


Let's each of us make a point to 'pair up' with our Divine Guardian Angel--and really get to know them and talk to them. 

My guardian angel is Laetari, whose name means 'Joy'.  Gaia also means 'Joy'.

And my blessed and beloved Ross in disguise.

No wonder why I never wanted to leave my Guardian Angel when I die, and wanted him to be with me incarnation after incarnation!

He's my soul twin!


With all my love and tenderness for you, in this journey, as it takes another twist, Carla

P. S.   Remember the Divine Healing Codes and all of my work here are always free.  There is no limit to access for these materials. I'm on YouTube too, as 77Picklehead, my childhood nickname from my grandfather Gilbert. He paid me fifty cents to name my hamster that, on the contingency that when it died he would get to call ME that! LOL.


A consolidation is a radiologic finding that is consistent with a pneumonia.

Carla can read a chest x-ray, as shown on the cover of the book Medical Medium.

Carla IS in fact a medium. Here is her ebook, published for free, of all of her messages from her patients who are 'On The Other Side', as well as a few others:  Just click on the link, to the next link inside that, and there you are! I hope you enjoy it! Carla took a lot of time transcribing from her journals to bring you this. She also changed the names of a lot of her cousins and aunties who are in the book.  

And Carla is medical. 

Carla talks to me, I am her guide and Carla and I are on the 'same page' when it comes to healing.

Carla flatters me by feigning admiration while she watches me heal others  (THAT IS NOT TRUE Ross ! I REALLY do admire you! --ed)

And I am just having fun and giving Carla a hard time!

(Clap! Clap!)

I know you are now 'done with me' and 'ready to start your day'.  (he laughs as if teasing --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Anthony, OUR Anthony, is hungry and Carla must make him a nice breakfast before his last basketball game for the season. Our boy needs his strength.