Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Care and Watering of a Psychic -- Gaia News Brief 14 April 2016

My psychic development teacher Anne called me yesterday.

It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

I didn't recognize her.  I didn't recognize her name, her voice, or her number, since it wasn't from the area (her father's cell phone he didn't want so she has it now).  But once I DID figure it out, the connection was still there.  And I was able to ask the questions on my heart, and she gave advice. I also was able to give her a quick advice too.

The nature of the call is her certification requirements have changed. So technically, now, I am a certified Psychic, and do not need to volunteer my services at a function that used to be a requirement.


Anne is a funny one to know.

She has 'limits':  food allergies that are severe, don't ever wear fragrance or smudge sage in her presence, prefers silence to music in any setting and tends to like to be calling the shots in any situation she is in.

She is an excellent teacher.

How she explains it is she is always seeking information from her guides--like she prefers to be always 'online' for them. That's why she doesn't enjoy music--commercial music, spiritual music, ANY music. She prefers her constant back and forth communication with her guides.

It's her.

I have, in my own way, BECOME like her.

I too enjoy being 'connected' to 'my guides' and receiving all psychic input. For me, sometimes I have the radio on in the car, sometimes off. It's not always. But when it comes to things online, frankly, I follow less and less 'channeled messages'.

Someone sent me something yesterday that was some kind of prophecy.

I couldn't read it.


The source--I don't know if it was good or not--but it was the wrong 'energy bandwidth' for me. I like graduate level input, and many of the channeled messages are like, eight grade level communication for the soul.

I also am so busy creating change, which is reflected in the Gaia Portals and has been for four years now--not the other way around--and I DON'T write the Gaia Portals! LOL--that my plate is full.

So, like Anne, I would say to this reader, 'thank you for your thoughtfulness but I can't accept it'.  I appreciate the gesture of the heart.

It's just the way I am.

Now I'm like my teacher!

I told Anne yesterday Spirit knew I would have been content to just stay under her wing the whole time so that's why I was pushed out of the nest!  She understood, and laughed about it, because there are some 'lifers' who never leave her teaching environment. It's safe. It's welcoming. It's a 'home' of sorts for 'like minded people'.

Now I have created something similar here, in my work, online.

It's Ross' turn. I feel it.


(He clears his throat and coughs, with his hand in a little fist over the mouth--ed)

I want to change the subject. I want to change the subject of what Carla has written.

I am a guide.

I guide her.

And if anyone knows the ins and outs of that woman, it's me, yours truly, her lover, guide, and adoring Twin.

Sometimes I just don't get it!

Sometimes my job is really getting the best of me, and I know, I am not one for complaining, but I want to express this part of 'the job' to all of you--no matter what--for sometimes YOUR guides are scratching their heads, trying to figure out a way to get inside your head, to get you to NOTICE all of their messages, and to ACCEPT GUIDANCE from those of us up here who have been sent to your assistance and without a doubt love you best!

How to get 'through'! is a tough question.

That's how WE learn!

Those are the lessons for us.

And I am always learning.

I learn from everything, not just from my Twin, although I credit her as 'my best teacher' and my heart.

It goes BOTH WAYS!

Those of us up here are wanting to work with you.

Invite us.

Invite us into your home, into your heart, into you happiness and also your sorrow too.  I can feel it, all of us can, so you might as acknowledge and get on with it!

There is no use trying to hide your worries from your guides!

We all know.

The question is, 'what are you going to DO about it?'

Are you willing to get up off your seat and try something new?  Are you willing to take the guidance that says, 'stop what you are doing and now try this?'

Or perhaps our direction to 'continue on your path, all is well, and reach higher to US in your meditations'?

Only you can know what is right for you.

And there is never fear.

Only Trust.

Something crazy is happening to us up here, as we reach our Ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants together--increasingly now we are coming to accept and understand your life calling, your day-to-day, in ways that have never been possible.  We have always been able to monitor and see...and keep notes. But NOW, as the energies on Gaia increase to our own, there is a 'blending and harmony' of the two realms, and WE LIKE IT!

We LIKE to experience your energies and your dreams and your drama!

It is refreshing to us, and also, something new.

We on the whole, anchored in the higher realms, are not swept over by the emotions you are experiencing. We can't be. We don't have the emotional body for that built into our energy body like you.

It's like coming to someone's house and enjoying the smell of wonderful things cooking in the kitchen, possibly outside your culture--so it smells foreign and mysterious and exciting to try something new.

And for us, it's a meal. It's not a change of life.  But it is a AWAKENING to the call of the Divine, to experience the pleasure of all Creation, and not to hunker down into 'your little part' and be 'okay with it'.

Carla will have a good time on her final Ascension--her uniting with 'us' her blessed guides and Twin if you will--I will see to it.

And so will you, when your equivalent arrives in a short time.

(clap! clap!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple