Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Emeralds and Sapphires -- Gaia News Brief 13 April 2016

Today we are going to discuss a Lightworker.

The task before us is daunting.

Many of us are at our wit's end. We are like the bird parents who have been flying back and forth to get the food for the hungry children who are squawking in the nest!

In my time I have:

  • written 2,402 blog posts since December 2010
  • created Team Doctors With Reiki a free healing website to honor Reiki requests
  • created Doctors With Reiki, the original inspiration community for the newly awake
  • sent healings, both by myself and later with Ross--twice a day, every day, since December 2010--to everyone who reads any of my work, as well as the people who follow some other 'important Lightworkers'.
  • created Team Mati, a free site to practice the development of one's intuitive skills
  • created Healers for Healers, a page for people to open up and share across their specialties as healers
  • gone on Twitter, as @usui2102
  • done eighty-three videos for my YouTube channel, 77Picklehead
  • I've written an e book, Messages From My Patients( look at tab above to access it)
  • I've helped Isabel Henn publish her e book, about being Divine Mother Golden Star
  • I once sat on the council for Prepare To Change (I left due to personal reasons at the time my close friend Alexandra Meadors did)
  • I have taught Reiki classes and attuned lots of people (I've done more for free than paid)
  • I have worked closely with Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn, Divine Mother, and Archangel Raphael to compile and maintain a list of the Divine Healing Codes
  • This project has had me respond to over four hundred questions  from the public--for each one I answer, I must scroll through the list of four hundred again to get to the next question
  • I also have been contacted through others wishing to use the Divine Healing Codes in their own work--in a healer's class, in a separate website grid (that doesn't acknowledge me or my contribution but I treat these individuals with lovingkindness just the same, although I don't agree with their approach), and Polish Translation (yes I have it I am sorry I haven't posted)
  • I have been available through private message to people who reach out to me in crisis. I do this kind of emergency spiritual counseling for free. (I am limiting this now though--I'm swamped!)
  • I have brought Galactic Reiki (not to be taught--only three people know it), Agarthan Reiki (see YouTube) and Gaia Sophia Reiki to the earth plane.
  • I channel my beloved Twin, Ross, as well as Blessed Mother Mary and post messages for them.
  • I have created Spa 5D, a space for people to openly share and experience what the Higher Realms and Vibrations mean to them--personally--not through cute videos and sayings like on FB.
  • I even have a website,  I still haven't built it!
  • I have an Etsy page with Ross too, Doctors With Reiki, for high energy healing jewelry.

As you can see, my work is quite prolific.

And I'm a little cranky and tired from 'putting out all this energy' day after day, for so many years.

Often times it seems as if I am not even making a drop in the bucket, baring my soul for the masses, only to have forty three clicks on a blog post if I don't share it to Facebook--and when I do, perhaps, two hundred forty after day after day.

I've hit over one million blog views in six years I have been doing this. I'm delighted and very happy to have reached this goal.

But I walk in a crowd and nobody knows me for who I am. Not by my face. Not by my energy signature.

The people on Spirit Side, in France, by the Arc de Triomphe, the ones I saw when I did what was asked of me at the last minute by Spirit (create a vortex)--they were shoulder to shoulder, soldiers who have protected me for Ross for all time, were all the way around and back as far as the eye could see. 

THEY knew who I am, and they loved me. They gave their lives for me, and they were extremely happy to see me again, alive, and doing more work for the Light.

Heaven knows me. Heaven 'gets' me. And so do my incarnate Archangel brothers and sisters, who I am close to and communicate with almost every day.

Lately I've been exhausted, both by my work at the hospital, and in spirit, for in truth I truly am 'burning the candle at both ends' as a soul.

I have felt like I'm not 'reaching' as many people as I would like. I see the news, and people glued to the screen, in the break room at work. 

It's hypnotic.

It has a terribly strong pull on them. So does the media, and the movies, and the music, and the sports.

I can't win.

I got frustrated.

I started to get a little burned out on the whole 'thing'...

Yesterday was my lowest of the low.

I sent out my bracelets, two orders, to the same family.  I had put Larimar in one of them, and about one hundred and fifty dollars worth of top of the line, exclusive, designer, limited-edition sapphire beads into the other--not counting all the sterling silver in them both, and my work.

It was a PayPal order. They had done the 'for sale' one, not the 'friends and family' one. So even though the shipping was 'free', PayPal had taken a cut of just under seven dollars. 

I lost money on the deal.

But I honor Ross and Mother Mary, who set the design in everything for this order (sometimes I work with Merlin or Raphael or others) , and did my best to produce quality bracelets to honor them.

I even put the velvet jewelry boxes which cost about six dollars apiece, and gave something 'free' as is custom now for such orders.

I was bereft, thinking, 'am I dumb to be doing business like this?'--and my FAITH is what allowed me to send everything, paying the seven dollars shipping...writing a letter explaining everything and fighting with my printer to get it to print out...everything.

Well, there was a box waiting for me in MY PO Box.  It was a gift from my angel sister, Biramel.

What I DIDN'T know was she and Ross together had a surprise for me. HE had designed, with her, a bracelet of rubies and emeralds and baltic amber and quartz, in my favorite faceted rondelle cut, along with a sterling silver charm to let me know how much he loves me!

I gave sapphire. I received emeralds and rubies and the very expensive baltic amber in return!!!

Is that a gift of the Magi or what?  (this new bracelet is worth equal or more than the ones I sent).

I was happy.

I was also very glad to see this quote:  

"As wave patterns, energy moves and changes, ebbs and flows. It forms and unforms and informs. Matter is constantly changing back into energy and energy into matter. Energy holds no grudges. It doesn't care if you're having a bad day. It is neither good nor bad. It just is - pure potential, pure expression, pure attraction."-Your Spacious Self

It made me recall just how lost I was as a soul most of my life. I couldn't find love. I couldn't fit in. I had two marriages that were a total disaster. And a huge custody battle over Anthony with a man I never married!

I cried all my way through medical school. I had illness. I saw dead people who had passed, as souls, who communicated back to me through my training and didn't know what to do about it. 

Why did God make me like this?

I had to pay money to find out! I worked with Tim Braun, who sent me to his teacher, Anne Reith, PhD.  I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in this quest!

Then Spirit did the rest. 

You have all my story, my evidence of my awakening, nearly every day, for 2,402 blog posts. 

It was hard.

So the people who are asleep and are hypnotized, are like my little brothers and sisters. They are just 'babies' in Spirit. No matter how they seem, and how much they have humiliated me for being 'different'--they are family.

As agonizing as it is for me to be awake, and them not, there is no question that an INKLING of 'I told you so' is totally inappropriate.  It's just as wrong to blame the bariatric patient for being part of their illness, or the lung cancer patient who smoked, or the end-stage liver disease patient.  

It just IS.

They are here to be helped, not reprimanded. 

They are here to be loved and guided--but not led by the hand somewhere they are not ready to go.

Most people on Earth will not have a clue about the things I have experienced, that I don't write about. But they are important and make me who I am.

On the more 'every day side', Anthony's team lost in the playoffs last night. Ross suggested I make s'mores Anthony's favorite for him. And hot cocoa.

Anthony wanted a LOT. But I wanted him to have one. We had a little conflict.

But in the little packet, of the stay fresh kind, all the crackers were broken except enough for one for me and one and a  half for him.

Then with the chocolate. Anthony wanted half a candy bar on each, and I was like, no, one quarter.  I put mine on my set up--and handed Anthony the three quarters.  

But he broke it and dropped one quarter on the floor (I have floors we can't eat from--my shoes have been in the hospital enough to be scary).

So Anthony had the same as me.

For the marshmallow we burnt a peep. Those are my favorites for s'mores. I buy them on sale after Easter. They turn out a little crunchy.

I looked at the calories.  Even with two--Anthony was far less total than the yogurt I might have given him instead. And mine was about one hundred calories for one. Our hot cocoa has real milk but I put in the cocoa powder and the coconut sugar (low glycemic index).

Ross helps me out that much! he is an excellent father.

I realized, as my guide and friend, Ross sent me Harry Bird, my cockatoo. It turned out my neighbors in my apartment above mine had a sulfur crested one. I saw it and was delighted and amazed. Sure enough, the next year, I had one too.

And Ross, bless his heart, sent me Anthony. After a really bad night out at a club in Honolulu, on Diamond Head (at the W)--I  awoke early the next morning to Blessed Mother with some guy who asked me with I wanted to have a baby?  I'd never seen him, but he was very interested. I said, 'If it is good for God, then of course, yes.'  Two weeks later, at thirty nine, I conceived. I'd had fertility problems but there were none with this pregnancy. It saved my life and also my heart to become a mother in this incarnation. It really did.

I see his hand in my life, in so many ways, as my guide and friend, and also tough coach in the spirit department!!!

So instead of looking BEHIND at our brothers and sisters who are not yet awake, and for supporting feelings of being 'held back', look at them as markers to see 'how far you've walked' in your journey in this life. And also, encourage them by your example, of just how far one day THEY are going to travel, if they work at it and make effort--to be like me and you.


Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

(p.s. Carla take a shower and then wake up Anthony! I have a little surprise for breakfast for you both. Read and post and go!)