Thursday, April 28, 2016

What is New at Home -- Gaia News Brief 28 April 2016

Several weeks ago, my friend Jean said, 'buy new carpet--make it cheap--but buy it new'.

She's my coach in a way with all the home things I have on my plate.

Sometimes when people talk directly to your soul, you know it. It's like Spirit has a layer of energy in their words. And I listened. I ordered the new carpet.  It's just for the stairs and one small area.

The old one was stained up really bad from when Anthony was a baby.

I can't begin to share with you the lessons...from the WHOOSH of refreshing energy once all the furniture was out of that Anthony helping me move the furniture, and be a little more grown the dolly my dad had insisted I keep, and only while moving the furniture did I figure out WHY he told me to keep it...

While I meditated yesterday afternoon, Ross told me he wanted a certain piece of furniture out of the house.

I took it downstairs by myself. I put it out front and said, 'free'.

Anthony helped me move what Ross wanted there instead--all the way onto the dolly, then end over end up the stairs. Anthony commented on how it's nice to use his strength, and to 'grow up a little'. (Those are Ross' words, not mine, and it's nice to know Anthony is listening.)

Between the two of us, Anthony and I interpreted what Ross wanted on this piece of furniture where it was.

It's gorgeous, and gives me great peace, and is a total improvement without paying one penny!

Last night, in meditation, I 'managed upwards'--and I held a stone with the word BLESSED on it, and sent my love and gratitude up to my guides.

If you can't say anything...

I'm not going to whine. It's a good message. For some people. I guess.   I don't like the picture--it does nothing for me. (As a former kitten, who looked in the mirror and saw a cat's face where my own should be, every time!, due to the 'training'--in fact this image is frankly offensive.)

I'll focus on my happiness in my household and my family. I'll leave all the rest of the predictions and interpretations to whoever cares to interpret them.

I did have a terrible nightmare last night. I'm a little shaken. It reminded me of the ones I had from 1992-1996. They were so horrible I willed myself not to dream. I don't even want to say what it was, except there was the same weapon and the same theme. Except this one was different. The person with the weapon was taken out by someone she had trusted.  I was so confused I didn't know whether to run or play dead myself. The person who took her out was shady, and hard to read on the energy, but I gathered it was someone like a double-agent.

I was grateful. And I'm using the nightmare code on me now too. It really helps.


Carla's happiness is important to me.

So is yours.

All you have to do is listen! Just like Carla and Anthony. And I can assist.

I work for free.

Not like Carla and her bracelets! 

Those are 'almost free'.  (he smiles mysteriously--ed--he knows I give away more than I sell, and all donations go to purchase more beads, which a generous donor couple helped me to buy yesterday. It's my outreach. My paypal is, if you ever want to help me keep the whole thing going. It's the postage that really gets painful when I send overseas. It's thirty-three dollars now for a tiny priority mail box to go out of the country. That's like one bracelet and a card and nothing else!)

Carla is not begging for money.

A lot of people offer, and ask her, 'what can I do to help?'

Carla is not going to ask them, and neither will I.

We'll let you figure that one out.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins and Couple